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Monday, July 7, 2014

TVB Artists In Town!

Feast your eyes on these Hong Kong TVB Hunks!

  While making the grand entrance

Joe Ma, Him Law and Benjamin Yuan are in town!

Here are some of their moments on stage. 
They were asked to share with the audience about their upcoming TVB drama,
 Tiger Cubs II  飛虎II

Here's a snippet from my you tube channel. 
Enjoy! Or view it here

I leave you to cuci mata and drool with this handsome young man. 
Took tons of pics of him. Here's just a handful to share with you, my beloved readers.

Any fans of Him Law here?

His rosy cheeks, pink lips and radiant complexion makes a girl's heart melt.

Smile for the camera, Him

 Amboi...manisnya senyumannya
Sungguh memikat hati.

I was lucky enough to have a picture moment with him, thanks to ASTRO.
My 30 secs conversation with him was about the dress I was wearing. 
You see, I was wearing a baju kurung and explained to him that I am a Malaysian Chinese in a Malay Traditional wear. * I just melted.

And now a proper pic with both of us staring into the camera.

The other manly guy here is Joe Ma. Also another auntie killer. 
This guys is super tall and well tanned.

 Benjamin Yuan is also one cool chap. Here he is seen taking a picture with a fan.

So which TVB Idol is your favourite? 

At the event, ASTRO also announced a line up for the second quarter of this year with these upcoming TVB Dramas

These standees were at the hall before the REAL THING arrived. 
Who needs these when we can have the REAL MEN!

Siow Hui Mei did an excellent job as emcee for the day.
She is a famous Chinese host on  ASTRO and she amazed me with her fluency in English. She can master both languages so well! Hmmm...I've never seen this side of her. Kudos Hui Mei! You did a great job!

Thanks to the orang kuat dari ASTRO and TVB my dream in meeting these guys in REAL LIFE has been materialized. I can now dream of them tonight especially you know who.......

For more pictures, please view at instagram #ilovetvbdramas


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! I wanted to go the other day in Paradigm to see them. Where's Oscar Leung tho? Thought there were 4 of them? Him Lawwwwwwwwwwwww FTW! *melts*

  2. Thanks for commenting Von. Oscar was no where to be seen. Yeah melts too! He melted so many girls' heart yesterday.