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Sunday, July 6, 2014

CP & CB's Zoo Adventures

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when me and my girlfriend decided to make a trip to our local Zoo, Zoo Negara. She has been wanting to see the pandas so much since they arrived here last month. Hence, we made a trip there this morning. The weather was kind to us. We were armed with caps, sunglasses and I brought my umbrella (which helps a lot in providing me shade from the heat) We also made sure we brought water to keep ourselves hydrated.
We reached the zoo at 11am. The crowd already started to build up at the entrance. But in this pic below cannot see the crowd so much. 

We quickly made our way to purchase the tickets. Since we wanted to see the panda, the price of the tickets was RM50 per pax. And yes, since we are Malaysians, we showed our IC and got a Malaysian Price. Non-Malaysians had to pay RM80 to see the pandas. Here's the price list below. For non panda, it's priced at RM30 (For Malaysians) and RM 50 (For Non-Malaysians)

For those who plan to visit the Zoo soon to see the pandas, do take note on the following. There is a schedule for panda viewing. The viewing session is every 20 minutes. When I was there at 11am, the earliest available slot for me was at 12.20pm. Hence we had to walk around to kill some time first before entering the panda zone.. We were told be be at the tram area by 12pm. 

 This tram will ferry passengers FREE-OF-CHARGE for those who bought tickets to view the Panda. Journey takes about 10 minutes. So be there early to avoid the crowd and so that you have ample time before the panda visit. The tram will take you on a journey where you will pass some pretty amazing animals in their sanctuary. 
Do prepare your camera and snap along the way.

 Around the vicinity of the zoo, information on the animals were seen to be clearly displayed for a better understanding on their breed and nature.

The real thing!

Shaded by my umbrella. It's hot you know.

  Souvenir shops were seen around the corners of the zoo for those wanting to bring a piece of memory from the zoo home. Saw the cute animal headgear and wanted to buy. Thought twice and ended up not buying cause where am I gonna wear that! BTW, there are some price difference. So shop wisely. Same headgear costs RM 19.90 at some shops. But some other shops charges at RM 26 plus. So survey first before buying straightaway.

And to kill time before the panda visit, we made it to the 11am animal show. 
The other session is at 3pm. There are 2 shows daily.

Check out the crowd. Almost full house.

  Here's an overview of the stage before the show started. 
Everyone was attentively waiting for the show to start and grabbed their best seats!

 Parrots displaying their talents
 A great performance by the seal.
 The seal amazed us with its jump.
 And tricks. Kudos to the animal trainers.
 This little rascal a binturong did an amazing job as an opening act.
 Look at him hanging from its tail while the trainer feeds him. Even I cannot eat terbalik.

After the show, our tram took us to the panda zone and these were some of the sight taken while in the tram. We passed by this tasik. A true sanctuary for some of the storks who were given total freedom. 

 Just look at them. Such a peaceful sight! More pics on this later.
 The sight of this cute little hut makes the view more interesting. The tram stops right after this.
 Walking towards the panda area, one can see these banners.
Being a marketeer, I was curious how SenQ came into the picture and asked the caretakers.
It seems that SenQ sponsored this building that houses the pandas. 

Smiling for the camera with the camel in the background
 Here's a closer look at the camel. Chewing something. Kunyah macam orang tua takde gigi.

 This Panda patung was seen at the entrance and my gf cannot resist taking a picture with it. So cute hor?
 Another sculpture
 It was only 12 noon when we reached the panda zone and could not enter yet. Hence we made a trip to the vicinity and we saw these orang utans "monkeying" around

 Chimpanzee sighted chewing on some dry leaves. Tak bagi makanan ke? Poor thing.

 Posing together with my girlfriend, Cheng Bee before the panda visit.

 My panda visit is almost time.
 I am amazed at the live computerized scanner system which detects the number of people entering. Maximum capacity at one time is 150 people. They scan the barcode on the band strip and immediately you can see the number of people keluar masuk live. So canggih!
 Just some basic rules outlined. Off mobile phones. Off your camera flash... and most importantly, keep quiet at all times. The pandas need a very quiet environment. 
 Lepas masuk, they screened a video on the early preparations that were done while transporting the pandas here. The video was silent. It could have been better with audio. 
Just saying. But the environment was  noisy with kids (as usual). 
The guide told us all to shhhhh..... The sound system of the guide also was not very clear. *Muffled sound. Could be improved.
 Here's the crowd from my 12.20pm session
After the video presentation, we were told to head down the stairs to the panda area. I find this not a very user friendly stretch for people on wheel chairs and for the elderly people. Quite a lot of steps to walk down leh.
 And so , I reached the first panda. It was lazing around without making a move.
Another angle:  Tengok macam mana this fella sleep. Ada style. Ada gaya!

The walkway with people viewing the panda from above.

 Here's a quick look at its sanctuary

 Look at my paw!

 Panda Mugshot

 Selfie time with the panda sleeping at the background.

 How adorable. This is my second encounter with REAL pandas. 
My first was at the Singapore Zoo.
 Their playground. I wonder if they really play cause all they do is sleep.
 Next panda sighted but was also sleeping all the way

 The food they eat

Heading out after our 20 min session, there's this panda souvenir shop that sells all things panda. I did not buy anything here.

Linking the souvenir shop is an eatery place called Panda Cafe.

The Panda Cafe comes with a concept in mind. They sells panda related food items.

Lollipops and biscuits in panda theme
 Panda biscuits anyone?

The Panda Cafe is also decorated in huge Panda posters

My favorite item here is the cute Panda Baos priced at RM4.90 each. 
But comes in only 1 flavour- Tau Sah Pau.

 Cheng Bee and I shared a Nasi Lemak Rendang that looks like this. It's about RM11. 
But the dish is cold and not so nice. The food system here is by numbering, just like Chatime. After you pay, you gotta wait for your number to pick up your food.
 One little boy in his panda headgear posing for my camera.

So after the makan, we went around sight seeing again. 

Here are some of the animals we saw.

See the porcupines that were flaunting their duri at me.

 Kangaroo with a baby stuffed in its pocket





Kerbau nampak so strong and tough

Saw one birdie near the kerbau.

And this is a puma

Look at these beautiful flamingos. Kaki so panjang. They are in bright pink/orange

White bengal tiger cleaning itself

Our very own Malayan Tiger



This  is my favourite part of the zoo. Storks were given the freedom to roam around the lake.
Some were flying freely but I also noticed some of the same breed were in captivity (caged)
These fellas are so lucky to be in this sanctuary

 A closer look

 Some were seen on trees. A whole bunch of them were on trees too.

Oh I just love the greenery and surroundings here. So calm and peaceful

 This stork was seen taking a slow swim at its own pace. Such a calm sight.

Walking down further this little fella was showing off its wings to us and held in that position for almost 3 minutes. Memang wanna show off.

 The scenic view and its surroundings in lush greenery. Ada bunga lotus juga

 We saw this stork walking out. Tak takut orang.

My girlfriend went near it and wanna tangkap gambar.

 Look at the beautiful patterns on their feathers

Spotted Deer

Cheng Bee with tyhe tall giraffes

So before we left, we realized there was another animal show at 3pm. 
Hence we went to catch the show again.

The turnout was even more than the 11am show!

 Similar acts but this time we were seated closer to the stage

Ok this is new. Obedience test.

This is also new! The seal doing its balancing act. Bravo! I must say these animals are super intelligent and are so well trained! Malaysia Boleh!

Overall, I had a great time at the zoo. It was not even school holidays, but I noticed the crowd was overwhelming. Will I be back? Well, maybe not so soon. 
Afterall I have seen what I wanted to see in this trip.

Zoo Negara opens daily from 9am - 5pm

Remember to arm yourself with a hat or umbrella. It's hot!

For more info, logon to:


  1. Cuteee! Wanna go visit the panda! ^^

    1. Thanks for commenting dear. the pandas zzzz all day long.

  2. Thanks for commenting Tenshi. Pandas zzzzzz all the time. No action.

  3. I went to the Zoo last Sunday and it was great. I didn't have enough time to see the pandas because I was only there for half the day - had to go to work - but I think Zoo Negara has improved a lot over the years.
    Love your photos, CP. Glad you kept the camera ;D