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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market (Part 4)

This blogpost is specially done for Ms Goo, who has not been to Thailand and will be visiting in a month's time. This is a must go place as you can get a variety of stuff at local price!
WARNING! Should your daughters see this, they might ask you to go on a shopping frenzy.
You will definitely shop till you drop!

Chatuchak is just about 5 minutes' walk from BTS Mo Chit Station (Sukhumvit Line) 

Chatuchak is the largest market in Thailand with more than 15,000 stalls and is divided into 
27 sections. 

Chatuchak market is huge! If you travel with a group of people, do stick together as you can easily get lost here.

If you see something you like, do not hesitate. Just buy it because it may be tough to locate back the stall later. 

Look at all the categories of items in their sections. 
So much to choose. So little money and so little time. 

I have been to this market 3 times, but can never finish walking.
  • Clothing & Accessories (sections 2-6, 10-26)
  • Handicrafts (sections 8-11)
  • Ceramics (sections 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 25)
  • Furniture and Home Decoration (sections 1,3,4,7,8)
  • Food and Beverage (sections 2, 3, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27)
  • Plants and Gardening tools (sections 3, 4)
  • Art and Gallery (section 7)
  • Pets and Pet Accessories (sections 8, 9, 11, 13)
  • Books (sections 1, 27)
  • Antiques and Collectibles (sections 1, 26)
  • Miscellaneous and Used Clothing (sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 22, 25, 26)

It is advisable to visit the market on Saturdays and Sundays as most of the stalls are open.
Another tip is to be there early to avoid the heat and crowd. Best time to go is about 10am. Most stalls will be open already by then.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is open

WED-THU (Plants & Flowers) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.
FRI (Wholesale day) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.
SAT-SUN (Miscellaneous) 6.00 am - 6.00 pm.

But please be careful of your bags here. My last trip two years ago, my bag got cut. But luckily nothing was stolen as it was too heavy. The weight of stuff in my bag made it hard to fall out. The cut was pretty big. So please, please be careful of your bags because you will never know when they will strike. If you can bring a bag that cannot easily be cut by a blade. Maybe a thicker bag. Netherless, you must always check your belongings from time to time. Jangan asyik beli aje and loose track. Be alert. 

Dug back my old photos.

This was me back in 2012, not realizing my bag kena potong.

Also it will be packed to the brim at some stalls. Wear flats so that you can walk at ease. Bring a cap or a payung as it will be hot with the matahari panas terik. Stay hydrated. There will be stalls selling drinks everywhere. Remember to drink and stay hydrated.

Wear comfortably. Preferably in cotton and cooling material. You will definitely sweat.

Here are some pictures just to give you an idea. It's an open market.

 Items for sale ranges from shoes, to clothes to bags and accessories. 
If you buy 2-3 or more, do remember to negotiate for a better price. 
You will be surprised what they could offer you. 

Tons of footwear. 

These hand crafted soaps are so pretty. According to the vendor, each of these takes up to an hour of crafting work. Too pretty to use. Great as souvenirs. But mesti simpan baik-baik. Jangan nanti get crushed.

Ini lagi interesting. 200 Baht for 3 pieces. You can choose from the many designs.
There's mangoes, coconuts, durians, bananas etc..
You can view what I have bought from my older blogpost here

 If you don't want to carry individual bags, just get one of these and put everything in. It comes with wheels. Tak payah carry berat sangat. It should cost about 350 - 400 Baht (RM35 - RM40)

Beautiful and unique butterflies baju. Belakang so sexy looking. Depan is plain.

 Love these cute dog and cat bag. About 250 -350 Baht each

Remember to stay hydrated.

 Lots of bags for sale. Fah Hoi Ngan Kai...So banyak to choose until you dunno what to buy

 Mini Pouches. Kalis air.

Shoes but not leather. That's why so cheap.

 Other things that I find so beautiful are the lights

And dreamcatchers. Click here to read what are dreamcatchers.

This Rainbow dreamcatcher  is as big as my face!

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  1. Fantastic travel post, Choy Peng. Thank you for taking me along in my armchair. I'm not a great traveler preferring the creature comforts of home but I do like to visit places vicariously. The best thing about your travel posts are the very practical tips. Keep traveling!

    1. Am so happy to hear that! I just love taking pics of items that I feel interesting which I did not end up buying while travelling. My colleague's kids jaw dropped and told their mum to buy based on what they see on my blogpost. Hahahahaha! Enuf of travelling so this year. Next half of the year recuperate first. But I somehow love to write about my travels. Now will limit to local travels first. Drafting next blogpost. A visit to the zoo.

  2. love chatuchak but it's so hot to walk around there.....i prefer going platinum mall lol!

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