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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Walk To Remember: SetiaWalk Puchong

Howdy my lovely friends.
Since today is a holiday, me and my girl pals decided to visit a place that we've never been before. We headed to the beautiful SetiaWalk.
Surrounded by lush greenery and water element everywhere, it's a feast for the eyes.

With an innovative concept of LIVE, LEARN, WORK, PLAY, SetiaWalk has so much to offer.
All under the same roof, there are retail outlets, offices, apartments, SOHO's and entertainment centres. 

A moment to remember. Notice we pakai baju colour sama? Yes, it was intended! 
You will know why later.

Tiga Sekawan. Me and my childhood friends for more than 20 over years. 
It was bright and sunny and a great day to catch up. What better way to spend with my friends with a place full of scenic view. Jalan-jalan cari makan and tangkap gambar together buat kenangan.  All these pictures you see here were taken with my Canon G15.

 It is indeed a sight to behold with beautiful water fountains and waterways 
A truly relaxing place to work, shop and dine. Nice place to chill after work, eh?
Imagine having a home here. After balik kerja can still take a walk and relax by the water. Or catch up with friends here minum. Relaks aje...Best kan?

 Water Water Everywhere

My eyes feel so soothing just by looking at all the waterways.

Posing with a huge statue that is part of the deco at SetiaWalk.

RED ALERT! Alien/Terminator looking creature sighted

As we walked we noticed tons of interesting restaurants around the area.This one is a nice Korean BBQ place. Nice deco.

And these papan deco were taken at Tokyo Kitchen.
 Some people can be so creative! I really admire people who can draw so well! 
One message at the papan below that caught my eye. I Love you Stupid XXX. 
What a cute way to confess to your loved one.

As we made our rounds, we walked towards the SetiaWalk Mall. I have heard so much about a Shanghai looking place here and I'm going to see for myself today. 

Hence, me and my friends all wore RED because we know we're going to take loads of pictures in Shanghai Street and we want to "blend in" with the theme.

 We made our way to the 4th floor. And to my surprise, it turned out to be a makan place with a Shanghai theme. Inilah dia...I thought it was a combination of makan and shopping.

Vintage Chinese Deco filled the place. I felt like I was transported back in time. The music played was also Chinese Oldies and sets the mood for the Grand Shanghai theme very well.
I appreciate each deco piece. 

This was one of my favourite corners. 
Love the painting of the Chinese girl. 
Notice an old telephone on the table?


Tada....I give you Shanghai Street!

 Picture time with the Vintage Car

There are some nice looking restaurants in Shanghai street.

 To compliment the entire environment, vintage posters were seen decorating the pillars and walls to give it a more classic feel.

 Tampal old iklan on wall.

 I just love looking back at these old ad executions.

Walking halfway, a coffee place pops up out of the blue. 
Macam tak blend in. But that can help satisfy one's coffee thirst.
Their coffee cups on display are so cute. All hand drawn.

 This restaurant uses sangkar burung/ bird cage as lamp decorations. How unique. Back in the old days, a lot of uncles will keep birds as pets. This restaurant really does stand out and gels so well with the Classic Shanghai concept.

Here's a closer look at the cage lamps

As we continue exploring, we discovered a food court area so full of people! 
So it's not just about individual restaurants here. 

At one of the corners, we discovered a hidden treasure. A shop that sells snacks that brought back memories.

Here's a look at what are the nostalgic items on sale.
Ahhh...the white rabbit sweets.  There is this thin white layer paper that wraps around each candy that melts in your mouth. Who remembers this?


Saw some interesting Doremon and Angry Bird snack food packaging.

 And these sweets bring back memories too. I used to have this back in primary school when sweets were not so innovative yet. These are basic milk based candies with coffee, rose and chocolate flavour.
Remember these nostalgic looking sweets, anyone?
Dinosaur Eggs Candy. Another candy down memory lane.
 Me looking all happy with my treasure finds

 Posing macam bunny with my rabbit sweets
 Picture moment with Ida my girlfriend
 Next up : Game Time! Trying my luck to score some freebies. 
I was given only 5 secs to scoop up a duckie. Mission: Failed!

 Next try: Ring Toss Game

Vintage bottles on display. 

Tried my luck. Mission also failed!
Not as easy as I thought!

Ball in basket. Oh! Oh! No more proof of purchase receipts to play this one.
Better luck next time.

Overall it was a fun day outing. Will be back next time Setiawalk.
Shall bring my parents the next visit. 


  1. Wow, I had no idea this was such an interesting and pretty place and it's just around the corner. Thanks for posting about this. Love it!