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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Sweet Escape to Singapore (Part 2) : TODAI

Upon sharing this blogpost with my copywriter friend, she just has a way with words that I simply love....
I would like to share her "punny" words with the readers of my blog. 
Lyn, thanks for writing this:

"Because sometimes copywriters just want to have pun :P

Those crab legs look Todai for.
So shellfish of you not to bring some back to share.
I shell visit someday and sea for myself just how big those legs actually are.
Pictures do not do them anemone justice!
Feeling crabby now ‘claws I’m hungry from staring at all that food."

This was my second visit to Todai Singapore and I loved every moment!
Todai is located at the Marina Bay Sands.
Todai serves International Cuisine, Seafood and Sushi Buffet Style.
Todai is also known as the Mother of Seafood Buffets by Elmer Dills, a famous Los Angeles Food Critic.

Here's a quick look at their charges and operational hours before I zoom into the food and ambience. 

The main entrance is just amazing. It's like a hotel concierge. So classy. 
The most outstanding piece is the boat on the ceiling. What an awesome piece of art! 

Love the glass-like waves in blue. Such detail in deco and so tastefully done.

FULL HOUSE! and it's only lunch!

There are multiple choices when it comes to the food selection, so cleverly categorized into these type of food selection:
 Western, Chinese, Italian, Ovenfood, Deepfry, Churrasco, Korean, Pastry, Coldfood, Sushi & Roll, Salad Bar...etc

I don't even know where to start!

Under the Italian section there are a few types of pizza and garlic bread for patrons. The garlic bread was perfect. Crispy with a tinge of sugar.
Thin and crispy. True Italian style and my kind of Pizza!

Didn't attack these Western & Chinese cuisine much as I wanted to save some tummy space for their famous crabs! Scroll down to read more about these crab legs 

 They even have a bar!

Love their ceasar salad. There were so many types of Salad around. Another one of my favourite is the Jackfruit salad. Now that gave me plenty of ideas how I can make interesting salad.

Got a sweet tooth? Sink your teeth in these delightful pastries.

Tons of interesting sushi's around. I can only eat so much.

Korean fried egg (popiah style) and pancakes

Grilled sausages and meat

Full already just by looking at the different food sections?

Don't be because here comes the BEST part. Todai is very much known for their Alaskan crabs. But of course these dare just for display. The real ones are below. And they serve only crab legs!

Check out these. OMG! Lots and lots of meaty crab legs. No one fights here as they replenish the stocks pretty frequent.

That's me posing with the super long legs

Let's compare it with my hands. Almost as long as my arms!
This is how you eat it. A pair of funny looking scissors will be provided to you to cut the legs so that the meat is easily removed.
Time to grab more legs. Yummmy Mummy all smiles looking at the crab legs.

 I will be back, Todai! Now let me dream of those sexy crab legs. So sweet....

Better call up for reservations because it can be pretty packed.
Here is their location
For more info, surf their Facebook page


  1. i ate twice adi! no doubt its one of the best buffet i tried so far for tge money n good quality! singapore buffet reli wsy better than those in msia! im goin tatsu tis sat hope its as delicious as i remember...

    1. Have fun Cindy! And thanks for commenting.I am going to conquer Bangkok Shopping over the weekend. Nyek Nyek Nyek. Will blog about Bangkok next week.

  2. Wow, those crab legs are so darn sexy lol
    I love that picture of you about to tackle into them.
    The Todai buffet is impressive and it's actually not too expensive. I think we have plenty of more expensive and less impressive options in KL.
    Keep traveling, girl! I love your travel/ food posts. You obviously enjoy the wanderlust life.