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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Butterfly Bloggers Movie Screening : How to Train Your Dragon 2

Spent a joyful Saturday morning with the Butterfly Bloggers
thanks to Shizens and TGV for this movie screening
How To Train Your Dragon 2

Oh! I was so happy to be able to meet all my kaki blogger friends again after soooooo long. This was a great time to catch up!

The butterfly volunteers of the day!  
They all did a great job in ensuring a smooth registration. Kudos butterflies!

Registration process was as smooth as silk.

Revealing a new me! With a new hairdo! I surprised many of my friends with the new C.H.A.N.G.E
Many asked why!!!

The answer is: Hot la...Yeah! Blame it on the El Nino.

 Collected my tickets and it comes with free soft drinks and popcorn. 
All fully sponsored. Double joy!

I'm impressed. butterfly logo was seen printed on the tailor made special screening ticket. 
How detailed!

Here are some pictures before and after the movie screening. Catching up with some blogger buddies and meeting new ones. All thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia in hooking all of us up!

You can tell from these pictures, we galz had loads of fun! 

It was a great catch up session.
The show was good. The company was great!
Looking forward for more in the future.

A movie definitely worth watching I must say.
Loads of humour and unexpected surprises and touching scenes. 
Go see it.


  1. ahahahhaha oh my gosh.. see everyone posing like mad makes me smile.... how i wish i was there to see the movie with everyone! thanks for sharing pics here, I just needed to see how everything was.. it's a relieved you said smooth sailing, good job to the volunteers!!!!!!

    And your hair!!!!!! I do like u with long hair but short hair makes u just so young and carefree! I cut my hair too. It's just too hot in this weather.

    1. Thanks Tammy. How is your leg? Hope you recover real soon. U got tons of great volunteers. U can retire ady la.

  2. hehe.. second time see the post hehe.. 1st on phone :D

    woot.. so fun ya.. :D I was away else I join lio :D