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Monday, June 30, 2014

Bangkok: Shopping Haven (Part 2) Things we bought

My weekend gateway shopping in Bangkok was awesome. I managed to get a pair of new shoes, some fancy earrings, necklaces, 3-4 T-shirts, simple souvenirs and some snacks.

I did not do any massive shopping in this trip because this is my third time in Bangkok.
Anyway, here's the stuff that me and my mom bought just to share with you.

Saw these Ongmali Frog earrings and it's has a tinge of feng shui element. 
Something I could not resist.
Bought these to pakai for next CNY.

Of owls and butterflies. 
You can see that I love butterflies and owls a lot leh...

 Super awesome T-Shirt that is oh! so true. Mom got it for her best friend.

 Mom also bought a nice red bag for her BFF

Some nice looking handkerchiefs looking oh! so sweet. My fav one is the black cupcake. Bought 2 of the same because I'm gonna keep one and one for a girlfriend in Penang because I think she is as sweet as the cupcakes. Hope you love the one I selected for you, Racheal.
We have been exchanging souvenirs in our last few trips. 

Mom's stash:  Wonderfully crafted handmade soaps. How clever!

My fav is the cute looking mangosteen. Too sayang to use leh.

 The coconut soap is also nicely crafted with details.

 And I my very first dreamcatchers. I have been wanting my very own dreamcatchers for the longest time. Now I have not one but three!

It's all about elephants in Thailand. 

Naraya is one the the best places to shop for bags. It originates from Thailand. Their signature products are items like bags and wallets of all sizes made from cloth. It is so much cheaper to buy Naraya in Thailand than in Isetan, Malaysia. One can save up to RM20 to RM30 per bag (BIG BAGS)! 
Yup. I did a cost comparison.

 In my last trip I bought 9 huge bags! So this trip, I'm just gonna minimize. 
So here's what I bought which I find it very useful. A coin pouch that comes with a tissue pocket.
Masa nak keluar lunch or jalan-jalan just bring this sudah memadai.
One pouch fits all.

 A supergirl must get a Superman T-shirt. I've always wanted a blue one. So here's one to add to my collection and it was on Sale!

Also bought a raincoat-like windbreaker for 200 Baht at Platinum Mall

Saw these comfy shoes and it seems like everyone is wearing one these days. 
Hence, another buy for me. I love walking in flats. I'm not a heels person.
This pair costs me about 550 Baht after discount.

Snacks Gallore! 
I will usually invade stores like 7 Eleven in other countries to find snacks that I cannot find here. Just bough some minimal snacks to try.  Lotte Panda in Green Tea, Tom Yum Flavoured Pretz and Blueberry flavoured Pocky.

 Being a coffee lover, I end up buying their famous Moccona Coffee (all flavours) and I always go back for more whenever I'm in Bangkok. Trying out the Nescafe Caramel for the first time. And love the pack on the far right (in grey packaging)  that consist of 5 flavours in a pack which comprised of these flavours : Mocha, Espresso, Condensed milk Flavour, Cappucino and Super Rich.

Mom also bought a few of these beautiful bloom hairbands. Aren't they a pretty sight! Feeling sooooooo feminine with these.

Hope you have an idea on what to buy in Bangkok in your next trip!
Happy Shopping!


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