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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Are you ready to BURGEMBIRA?

Thanks to Vera Soo, my girlfriend who shared info about this event with me.
I wanted so much to sink my teeth in these yummy burgers.
Finally the day arrived!  20 of the best burgersin KL and PJ made their way to Padang Timur today. Yes, It's a one day affair only!

A very well organized floor layout plan was sighted on Fried Chilli's facebook page to inform potential patrons to the event and even guide them in a very detailed manner on where and how to buy the food vouchers, events happenings of the day, contest, screenings of short films on burgers...etc 

The crowd was overwhelming at about 2.30pm when I arrived. See the lines. I was hungry and kena beratur long queue before I can sink my teeth in a juicy burger. 

Honestly, the queue was so long that I decided to settle down else where. Netherless, I took some nice pictures for those who did not get a chance to catch a glimpse of the action at Padang Timur today.

I loved the idea of tables being set up for the convenience of patrons to eat there properly.
It was properly shaded too.

The sky looks clear blue. But trust me it's panas terik to the max!!!

And this is the stage. When I was there they were preparing for a burger eating competition.

I would say it's a very well organized event. I didn't realize so many people love their burgers!
It was a huge turnout and a great success I would say!

Sempat tangkap a gambar (although my stomach sudah growling) to prove that I was there. 
Siap pakai topi dan sunglasses because it was so hot! I was telling myself. Don't wear black! Nanti lagi panas because black absorbs heat.

 The below was one of the stalls that I wanted to try for the longest time. Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw. I have heard so much about them. Abang Burn Burger Bakar was another stall that I was looking forward for. Tapi sayangnya, queue panjang sangat and I was not willing to wait like 20-30 people for my burger. Oh well! Maybe next time. 

Look at the Queue at Burger Kaw Kaw.

 I sneaked in to the front to take a picture of their preparation. 
I must say, I memang salute semua workers of the burger stall today. 
They have sacrificed so much in our super Hot Malaysian weather and braving the sun to make us delicious burgers. Bukan main senang. Setengah jam kat Padang Timur pun saya dah melt. 

Thank you Fried Chillies for bringing the best burgers in town to us!

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