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Friday, May 16, 2014

My Dreamy Korea Trip (Part 3) - Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up with Mum

Grab and Go Session In progress. Everyone was so egg-cited to try out the traditional wear. 
I was too!

Mom grabbed her piece in exquisite colour

The male version. 
Everyone was so busy playing dress up.

Selfies in the mirror

Mom looking cute again in her full Korean attire

Love both of these shots with mom

Chinese Girl dressed in Traditional Korean Attire posing with
Authentic Korean Boy in plain clothes.
Hahahaha! Terbalik.

Cutie mum striking a pose

I believe I can fly because I have wings

One of the Poster backdrop

Pakai headgear in different colour.

3D Art Museum

It's playtime for mom and I

Uncle Leong striking a pose saving the pour soul.

My version of CHARGE!!!

Mom's Version of CHARGE! She's a great actress. 
Running away from disaster.

Gelagat mum yang lain. She really knows how to have fun!

Mom horse riding
Mum's Award winning moment with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Ganasnya mak saya. Nak steal branded Chanel Bag.

CP wannabe Spidey

Can you believe it, this is actually a doorway.

Another creative doorway. These guys are so imaginative.

XXX- I'll just leave this to your imagination.

Teddy Bear Museum

Mum aid she must pose with this bear because it's soooo sooo BIG!

Told mum to pose with me and I hug her. She is as cuddly as the teddy bears.

 My new band members


Snow White Bear

Mum looking so cute


 Sitting on a Gigantic Sofa with gigantic teddy bears

The chasing game. Main kejar-kejar

 Oh you poor teddies being dressed up. Kelakar betul bila nampak teddy pakai wigs.

 Teddies of the world

Scenes from Korean movies. So artistic!

 The Prince & Princess. Fairy Tale Wedding

Merchandises for sale. But expensive.

Cutest Doggie Plus toy ever. Looks li,ke I've found my favourite!

 More teddies for sale

 Here's a closer look. Teddy in Korean National Costume

Interesting Umbrella but super duper expensive. I think it costs something like RM700-800 after conversion. I couln't believe my eyes!

Ice Museum 

Brrr...It's really cold in here. We were given a simple blanket and was told we will pusing one round and come out selepas 20 min. I thought why so fast. After one round I know why! 
It was freezing cold inside and one cannot last for more than half an hour unless you live in the Antarctic.

REAL FROZEN FISH! The beku the poor fellas and put on display.

Creative Ice Sculptures 

 There's a REAL SLIDE made of ice there and I so wanted to play. Mom said, nope, it's for kid's play but I saw so many adults playing. Potong stim. Aku tak main la.... Hence, did not get to experience sliding down this thing.

Lights that changes colour to bring out the mood

We also went for a Panoromic 5D show. It was awesome! The screen was 360 Degrees, meaning we were surrounded by it. Awesome experience.

It was a day of pure fun fun fun and I never knew mum had great acting skills. Looks like she had a blast too. Mum let's do it again!

Hope you had a great time going through all the pictures. 
That was the day's adventures.
Till the next post. 


  1. Another great installment in your Korea travel diary! Loved this part too - I actually really like these quirky kind of museums and the exhibits are fantastic at all of these.
    Your mum is such a great sport and it looks like you had the best mum-daughter time.

    1. I heard from the tour guide there were more than 100 over attractions in Jeju itself and these were just some of it! It's crazy!