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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Dreamy Korea Trip (Part 2)

Korea- Shopping Paradise

Things appear more expensive due to the exchange rate compared to my country. I did not buy much but managed to capture awesome things on sale in Korea, mainly the different kind of bags, shoes and fashion style that Korea has to offer.

Korea's Underground Bus Terminal

For bargain hunters the best place to shop with a huge variety and affordable prices is this place called the Underground Shopping at the Express Bus Terminal Station. I was fortunate have my Korean girlfriend who is a local, who brought me around one night to shop here and I actually get to experience riding their subway which is a rare thing for someone like me going on a tour. I truly appreciate it, Eun Young.

Mom and I posing with my Korean Girlfriend

The fashion in Korea

Cute cat pillow. So REAL!

Random Items on sale 

Shoes style

Bags, Bags and more bags. These Korean bags style are a hit with youngsters. 
Even my brother asked me to get him not one but two! It's design is trendy and comes in bright colourful colours. The cheapest I can find so far is 10,000 won (RM32)

 Eun Young helping mom to choose the right bag as gifts.

Korean Jewellery

This place is huge and I have so little time. Most of the shops closes by 9.30pm


Mum bag hunting.

Saw this cute bag with a face.An attention grabber!

Cute Pistol Embedded Bag. Who wants to carry this to rob a bank?

Mom's favourite piece of clothing but too expensive. 
I think it costs about RM150-200 just for the black outer coat.

My favourite beauty shop - ARITAUM. 
Bought my favourite IOPE Brand here. Trying out their cushion BB.

Girlfriend taking us for a subway ride after the shopping area closes.

Ads in subway pillars

Look at mom's bags of shopping!

YAY! We finally get to ride the subway in Korea.

 After the short less than 2 hour shopping stint at the underground bus terminal, my Korean girlfriend took us on a subway ride to have savour some authentic Korean street food. In between we also took a cab. She brought us to an older part of Korea.

Dongdaemun at night 
Our shopping escapades continued after the Express Bus Terminal and makan as we headed to Dongdaemun by midnight. We went to search for bags and found this bag wholesale place. You won't believe your eyes Tons and tons of bags of many sizes, colours, styles and textures were seen here. This place is open for shopping at night till 4am I heard.

Life continues to be as busy as a bee by nightfall. 
For me double joy with more shopping even after 10pm. Hooray!

But of course i could not visit the shopping malls as they close by 10pm. 
Gotta cover that the next day.

We found this place that is a wholesale for bags

Posing for a shot in between shopping routine.

Nice bags on display

Apa jenis bag pun ada. All different styles and sizes and  colour and materials! 
Feast your eyes on these!

Fell in love with this! Such a unique piece! Made of leather.


I'm somehow attracted to the eyes. I love exotic things.

Doota by Day

 Doota by Nightfall

My REAL shopping only began on Day 5 when I visited Dongdaemun & Myeongdong

Went back again the next day officially with the tour group.

Group shot with shopping buddies from our tour group.

Our very first stop

Ground Floor sells clothes.

Level 1 sells bags

Went straight to the top floor and I was thrilled to be able to see so many Hanbok Designs.
I love all things traditional. Here's a quick look at some of the different kind of Hanboks available.

Hanbok styles

I bought one of these. It's actually for children. But I'm wearing it anyway.

Traditional looking shoes to go with the hanbok attire.

Mum's favourite piece. 
In search of the ideal Hanbok for my sister who craves to have one.

Children's Hanbok on sale too!

Imagine we were given 2 hours to cover one simple street in Dongdaemun and we only managed to cover 1-2 shopping malls, padahall the whole street there were almost 5-6 big ones. Mana sempat jalan semua. Korea, I will be back!

And lastly when I had only 10 minutes left around Dongdaemun, I made a quick dash across all floors at Doota. How can I not go in when I'm already in Korea! So here is one interesting piece of clothing & shoes which I find unique. Manage to tangkap gambar.


Another underground shopping area
walking distance from Lotte Duty Free to Myeongdong
Mum trying on some high-quality Korean frames just for fun.

Cross a busy street and I'm in Myeongdong already. I was so ready to spring into action.

They actually have LUSH in Korea!

And the famous TODAI which I first experienced in Singapore!

Interesting window display. WOW! so sexy!

At my favourite stall again.

Me striking a pose in Myeongdong

End of the day, these were or Haul, mostly bags.

And I rewarded myself with this awesome looking purse. 
Needed one badly. Old one koyak already.

Lastly I leave you to drool at these lovely caps. So Korean! But did not buy any.

Till my next blog post update on the things I did and places of interest that me and my mom visited. Stay tuned!


  1. omg korea!!! I've always wanted to go there for a shopping spree! so nice having a local to bring you around =D

  2. Thanks for commenting Charis dear. Lots of bags pix to see here if u r into bags.

  3. So wanna go Korea now after seeing all these bags...

    btw, is it easy to get plus size clothes in Korea?

    1. Most of the clothes are small to medium size. However if you hunt for it, you may find, but it's a bit limited. Most of the sizes are catered for average built women. 80% are small in size. Coats are aplenty. We did not buy a single piece of clothes cause the price for some is too steep. Good quality clothes ranges between RM150 -RM200 per piece.

  4. I love that street full of beauty shops! My sister told me about that and that will be a must-stop for me in Korea. As for bags, I'm not too interested but there are so many bags for sale - it's really quite impressive. I do like that Air Mail purse you picked up. Great find! I would have hauled that too especially since it comes in leather! I cant wait for Part III of this series now.

    1. Part 3 is done. But mostly about selfies of me and mom. Hope you don't find it too boring cause it's focused more on the museum visits. Glad you enjoyed reading it.
      Buy cosmetics at the airport cause it's cheaper. But in beauty streets you will get to request for samples. Price difference ranges between RM4-RM15 depending on product. Hope you get to go to Korea soon. It's a beautiful country.

    2. Absolutely top tips, Choy Peng! I'm so glad you're telling me to buy any cosmetics at the airport because I would have assumed they would be more expensive AT the airport but now I know. And the advice about bringing your own towel...very useful info. Some countries are like that!
      You're making me so excited about visiting one day...can't wait now!
      I love Part 3 of your travel diary too - not boring at all - you and your mum are so cute and I think it was so nice of you to take your mum with you!

    3. All these I had a quickie course from my Korean friend. a little help from her to prep me up before my trip and where to buy, what is cheap and ask for samples! According to her, the locals get more full sized samples whereas tourists who do not know anything with just get sachet of samples. I was informed earlier at Myeongdong that they gave away free masks by just visiting beauty shops. ALAS I was wrong. Now they are a bit more kedekut. Some places shopping at the airport duty free is more expensive. If you're into branded bags, maybe it's cheaper there but I did not study the price cause not into super branded bags. Not my kind o thing. Funny that I ended up not buying loads of cosmetics and BB creams in Korea. Instead bought more bags than anything else. I must admit I'm a bag person.