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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Dreamy Korea Trip May 2014 (Part 1)

I was super egg-cited for this year's Korea trip, thanks to KFC Malaysia for sponsoring my trip.
Read how I got to go on this Korea trip here

Now to document this memorable trip and share it with all my readers.

The first thing I noticed at the airport. How convenient it is for travelers. 
Charging Platforms. But they are 100% full house. Kena tunggu kalau mau charge.

Selfie with mumzie at the airport.

This is our tour guide. 
This guy is 100% Korean 
and speaks fluent Mandarin having spent more than 10 years in Beijing. 
And I have trouble communicating with him!
Glad that after the many hours of flight, we finally settled down in the bus.

 Check out the huge branding painted on the walls of the building. How clever!

In Full Bloom. 
More pictures of beautiful flowers to come (scroll down for more later) 
I promise you won't regret it!

Mom posing with the leaves and flowers of many shades.

First stop, Chinatown.
 And noticed they sell this huge biscuits.

Inside is hollow and crispy on the outer skin. A pack costs 5,000 won (RM 15)
Tasted some samples but I find that it's a bit too dry for me.

China Town in Korea at a glance. All things sold here are mostly made in China. Hence I refrained from buying. Takkan datang all the way to Korea beli barangan buatan China. 
More interesting souvenirs that are made in Korea will be share with you below. 
Scroll down for more pics later.

Turkish ice- cream. This guys speaks fluent Korean language! Salute!

Some other biscuits berinti which I did not try nor buy. Saving my tummy for LUNCH!

These cute swirls are actually ice-cream cones. Hung that way to attract customers.

Mom & I posing in Chinatown

How can I miss taking a pic with this fella. Grab a Korean guy and tangkap gambar with him :)

Adorable kids waiting for ice-creams

RING! Lunch Time. And here are some of the food we ate.

Lepas makan, balik bus and along the way I saw these intersting shops with huge signages. 
So BIG macam orang buta pun boleh baca!

 Interesting Architecture. 
Each building is unique on its own.

Rent- A Bike. Ride the streets. So neat & tidy.

Places of Interest:  Nami Island 
This was my first stop after China Town. And boy, the bus ride was soooooo long.....

Beautiful weather with clear blue skies. Oh! What joy.

Waiting for my boat ride and it was so packed!

A picture of me enjoying the moment.

Cute kids posing for pictures.

Dream Catchers For Sale. Would love to have one. But did not buy any.

Asked mom to pose near the Korean flag.

Such lush greenery. A sight to behold!

Lepas jalan Nami Island, our legs pun sudah tired. Beli minuman dan relaks lah sikit dulu.

 Interesting Packaging Designs of Products In Korea

Love the rounded yellow bottle. But the famous one (banana milk) is actually the other one but I tersilap beli a green bottle. 

Tengah makan and came across this very nice sauce they served. So cannot resist, tangkap gambar dan beli later. Kena recognize the packaging.

Chocolates which i did not buy.

Coffee Addict Me surveying the Coffee Aisle. Mostly black coffee.
 Tak beli sekarang later cari 3 in 1 tak dapat.

Interesting Souvenirs
These Russian Dolls were spotted in China Town.

 Korean Bling!

KOREAN Traditional gifts.

 These are some of my favourite traditional looking bookmarks. So traditional looking. I was looking at more traditional gifts. Hence these caught my eye.

 Mum posing with Korean souvenir bags. Cost almost RM15 -20 each.

These paper cards in Hanbok looks so pretty.

Korean funny face hats!

 How can we forget PSY. Souvenirs of him.

 Kelakar betul! This was taken in one of Everland's toy shop.

 Korean headband. Costs about RM15 each. A bit oversized.

 Came across these cute socks near the Ladies' Street. I can just melt!

K-Pop themed socks

 Interesting laced headband. Loved this design. So unique.

 These were taken at Jeju Island.

Hope you enjoyed the Traditional Korean Compilation of Souvenirs that I took. 
Did not buy everything here but just took pic as memento.

Now comes the beautiful flowers sighted in Korea.

In Full Bloom.

This is my favourite of them all.


Mom admiring the tulips at Everland.

Enjoying the sights so far? These flowers were taken along the way as I travelled. 
More places of interest coming up in my next blog story. 
Gotta separate into a few parts as too many to cover in 1 blogpost. 
Too many pictures and stories to tell.
Stay tuned. More to come.


  1. OMG... i miss Seoul so much... miss my family too... now you know why luv to go there... signboard kedai always besar2... if you see iklan board kat gangnam... Daebak!!! semua electronik... dah macam tgok tv besar dekat luar rumah lak rasanye...

  2. Yes Now I know why you love Korea so much, Jojo! :)

  3. I haven't been to Korea yet but this is a fantastic recap of your trip and a good insight for future travellers...hopping over right now to Day 2. Thank you for including so many photos - a picture says a thousand words. Love this post, Choy Peng!

    1. Am so glad you enjoyed reading my posts and it warms my heart with your comments. At least I know someone's reading it! Glad you appreciate the write up! More posts coming up and more tips for travelers soon. Bring your own towels when you go next time. :) Hope to meet u in person someday shopgirldiary. MAybe at a butterfly event. Come say hi to me will ya!

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