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Sunday, April 20, 2014

MBUJI Coffee Appreciation Class (Level 1)

MBUJI - A Safari themed coffee place. 

For Urbanites wanting to enjoy a cup of great coffee (or light pastries) surrounded by a jungle or safari-like ambience - Look no further. 

MBUJI is the place where you will find great quality coffee.
Only AA and AAA grades only are sold here! 
MBUJI outlets can also be found at TTDI and IOI Mall.

Some of the other light snacks and food sold here.

Here's a quick look at some of their mouth-watering pastries and cupcakes sold here.

Yummy Macarons

Delicious Cupcakes

Catch a glimpse of their safari-themed interior. These pictures speak a thousand words. 

The comfy sofa in leopard prints.

Zebra fabric themed sofas.

On a Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege to attend MBUJI's Coffee Appreciation Class (Level 1) at Tropicanna City Mall. 

At the end of the class, we were told that we will be able to identify coffee beans from which Continents or parts of the world. I'm certainly amazed!

Selfie mode on!

This was my OOTD. 
Zebra themed blouse with zebra-like pants. Sitting on a Zebra sofa.
Yes, I'm blending in with the environment!

Some of the participants.

So...let's get started.
On each table were notes to introduce coffee beans from various Continents.

Brownies were prepared for us to wash and neutralize our palate in between coffee tasting.

Ms Chow was the emcee for the day.
And Dr. Alice is the founder of MBUJI. A woman with great knowledge of coffee beans.

Dr. Alice took us through some history of coffee beans.
Did you know that the first coffee beans were from Abyssinia, Africa. 
And the first commercial coffee were from Vienna.

Well, I just found out too!
 According to Dr. Alice, coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world!
Brazil produces 30% of the world's coffee.

There are two major types of coffee in the world
a) Arabica 

- from the Arab Region.
- consist of 0.8% caffeine
- grown on high ground
- more expensive

b) Robusta

- planted on low flat ground
- quality not so good
- consist of 4% caffeine

Coffee Beans comes in different tones.

A lighter shade of coffee beans

We were each given a cup like this to try.

 The bottom one was not done in its full potential. 
Coffee made the right way will have a visible white ring on top (just like the above picture) 
That's a perfect cup of coffee made the right way.

Look at my face after minum the black coffee. I'm not used to taking it black. 

Before terus minum the coffee, one must learn these 4 S's to appreciate the coffee.

SLURP (connects smell to the mouth)
SWIRL (garcgle male sure it's all around your mouth)

We tasted coffee from these regions:
South American
Pacific Island
Sumatran Blue
French Roast (but not from France)

In summary, the taste of African coffee tends to stay in your mouth longer compared to South Amercian. It's what they call full body and consistent. Goes well with milk.

South American coffee Beans gives you the initial UUMPH, but does not stay in your mouth. The taste goes away very quickly. Goes well with milk. It's for those wanting a "wake up call". Bitter on first sip.

I also learnt that not all coffee goes well with milk. Pacific Island Coffee beans are sour-ish, hence when milk is added the sour taste persist. 
The kind of milk used for coffee is also very important. choose milk from Australia & New Zealand. They are the best!

The most bitter coffee of all was the Sumatran Blue. It's either you like it immediately or not at all. Personally I do not like bitter coffee, hence this was my least favourite.

Marrying the South American and African coffee beans and Pacific Island Blend brings out the best in these coffee breads. MBUJI (House Blend) is just that!

Coffee is done via these 2 methods:

Dr. Alice shows us a tool where coffee is being extracted from.

Next for home use, one usually uses a plunger device (like on the table) and infuse the coffee)
Infused coffee does not taste as good as extracted coffee. Handling the plunger also takes knowledge. One must pump it straight hard down. Tak boleh tarik naik turn, naik turun.

We were also taught different milk + coffee portions = different coffee types.


My day ended with a great amount of knowledge on coffee. And this was only level 1 class. 
I never knew coffee could be so complicated.

Here's a group shot for remembrance with MBUJI STAFF and their volunteers from past classes who became baristas for the day! 
How cool is that! 

The session ended. 
But that was not the end for me. I stayed back to enjoy my favorite flat white. and my favourite cuppa.

I also tried their Affogato (Espresso + Vanilla Ice-Cream)

Seen here is MS Chow shoing me the correct way to minum the Affogato. 
Yes,was my very first Affogato.

 First pour the Espresso over the Vanilla Ice cream and voila! You have a float like coffeee in ice-cream called Affogato!

My Verdict: Two thumbs up! 

A taste of sweetness and slight bitterness from the Espresso
A perfect combination. Guess I've found my new perfect drink at MBUJI!

The day ended with great fun, and abundance knowledge.
Last picture with Ms Chow for remembrance before I dash off to do my shopping. 
I spent nearly 4 hours at MBUJI that day! 
I was super fulfilled.
Ms Chow, thank you so much for your hospitality and invitation.


  1. good info on coffee though I no go any before. :D

    1. Glad you learnt something about coffee too, Sherry.