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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cough Be-Gone! Please....

It's two weeks before I fly off to Korea. And I'm just barely recovering from flu and cough. Oh Dear Me! My cough has been prolonged for almost a week. I have been taking almost 3-4 types of cough medicine and looking for a quickest possible cure. Finished my medicine supply the doc gave me a week ago and I'm still sick.
All I want is just go home and rest and recuperate fast!
I even gave away my Jersey Boys tickets (courtesy of Star) because I'm not in the mood to watch it! 
Some of my friends just got lucky!

I must get well before I travel. I'm eating all sorts of things. As they say, cough has no 'direct' cure. ALAMAK! Macam mana ni!!! Panicking already.....Counting down the days before I fly off. My close friend says this is so not me. I have not packed. I have not changed my currencies and certainly I do not feel the travel bug biting me yet. Oh! Well, maybe it's still too early.

Well, hopefully I will recover in the coming week. I have 1 more week for a speedy recovery. Or else...Now I feel like buat apa pun macam takde rasa. Mood tak ada.

Hope I will feel better in a week's time and hope to be myself again, the chirpy, bubbly, energetic, choypeng springing back in action! 

I hope to be Super Speedy SONIC by next week. 

Wish me luck!

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