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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Part 2: Parkamaya, My Personal Experience

The clock strikes 12pm. 
The stage was set. 
The crowd which consists of winners & invited guests arrived.
It was the prize presentation moment to reward PARKAMAYA's loyal customers.


The guests all seated and ready for the announcements.

Welcome address by Kesh Sandhu the Marketing and Communications Manager.

And the prize presentation begins....... Here are some of the winners. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Lucky Family posing with their winnings of an Iphone and a Samsung Note 3.

And this is me. Jumping for joy, receiving my prize if a mini ipad. 
Could not contain my excitement. Steady...steady...Jangan jatuh....

Love is in the air winners

Group Shot of all the winners. See all their happy faces. 
YAY! Shopping time (for those who won shopping vouchers)

After the prize presentation, comes the egg-citing part. 
The Parka-Match Speed Dating Session.

SPEED DATING (Parka-Match)

Parkamaya was decked with lovey-dovey deco and it felt like Valentine's Day all over again.

I just love the way the mannequin was displayed with an anime art piece (notice the head work of art). So creative!

The tree of love standing tall with banana & orange die-cuts hanging on the tree. 
Well, here's the mechanics of the game that leads to my story on the Parka-Match Speed Dating.

The best part is that there are also prizes to be won here! 
Before the game started there was this cardboard placed on the table to guide us.

The table setting...In da mood for L.O.V.E

So, the seats were filled up with participants and it looked like this!

Getting to know you...Getting to know all about you.....

This was my first partner when the speed dating started.
Mr. Famous here won Mr. Congeniality. Congrats!

We were given heart stickers to stick on the backs of our favourite guy/girl.

The tools - Scorecard , Questions, Stickers (to rate your partner)

Posing with some of the questions.

And here are some fun moments with some friendly people I met.

Kesh has his hands full of teddies.


             Mr. and Ms. Congeniality both won a fluffy teddy bear each. sweet.

Wah! sudah jadi Mr. Famous. Now kena interview by reporter.

Star Reporter hard at work.

Lepas tabulate score card, we were 'matched'

And here's my matching partner! 

Wah! Tengok...banyak love dia dapat leh...

Q&A Session to test how much we "understand" each other

Here are some gelagat of some other couples during the "test" session. So comel.

Winning couples posing with their prizes. Eh! Eh! Jangan hentam saya...

Looking sweet and lovely with her cute miniature toy.

Howdy Partner! We did great and won the Grand Prize. 

WINNING COUPLES Photo Opportunity

Overall, I had a jolly good time! Made lots of new friends. 
Below are some shots buat kenangan.
Great to meet all of ya! *wink

Lastly, thanks for having me, Parkamaya. I had a great time and will be back for more! does feel like Valentine all over again.

For those who have not been to Parkamaya. What are you waiting for?  

Parkamaya is the latest Asian Fashion Retail Store with a difference. The home of the coolest and quirkiest brands from style of capitals in Asia.

The Rules Are Different at Parkamaya.

Parkamaya is located at:

3rd Floor, Farenheit88,
179, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Photo credit: Some photos in this blogpost are provided by Parkamaya.

Parkamaya made it to the news in The Sun today! Dated 13th Mac 2014. Congratulations!


  1. wow so fun!!!if i know i wud hv go play also hehehhe

  2. After a few friends saw this post, they also wished they were there to join in the fun, Cindy. NVM there's always another time. Let u galz know when there's new activities next time.

  3. OMG, you are so brave to try speed dating!

    1. Not my first time @shopgirldiary. So sudah ada experience sikit on what to expect & how to "manage". It was a great experience.