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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Magnum Gold - Pure Indulgence

I have always wanted to try the new MAGNUM GOLD. So after lunch today I decided to buy a stick to try since our Malaysian weather is so hot these days.

The usual Magnum costs RM3.90 and the GOLD one costs RM4.50

So after my first bite, here's how it looks like on the inside. Slight chocolate coating from its inner core is visible.
It tastes more like white chocolate to me.

Upon flipping back, it is revealed that the GOLD VERSION is actually a Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream with Seasalt Caramel Sauce Coated with Golden Coloured Chocolate.

VOILA! I'm done with my ice-cream. Feeling fulfilled. 
And I'm left with this memento, my naked ice-cream stick.
Have you had yours yet?

For more info, log on to: MAGNUM's FACEBOOK

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