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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My BFF Lily Indra is Back from UK!

I was jumping for joy when my BFF told me she would be coming back to visit Malaysia end of the week. You see, she has migrated to the UK and is only back every 2-3 years. This blogpost is to celebrate our reunion (after so long) and I will blog about how we spent time together. 

The first thing that caught my eye when I stepped into her hotel room were these killer heels! OMG! How do you walk in these? Well, she always have a thing for heels.

So let me introduce to you my long time friend and BFF, Lily Indra.
Ain't she a beauty? Si hitam manis.

Here's our first few poses when we caught up on Saturday.

Seen here with us is our mutual friend, Marie.

Took her out for lunch and the first thing she wanted was Nasi Lemak.

With our Teh Tariks & Milo Ais.

Next stop Sasa. We went shopping for Korean and Japanese Skincare which is not widely available in the UK!

Goofing around with an interesting "EYEBALL" packaging.

Went shopping at Sungei Wang and we masuk contest together.

Trying to get lucky! If we win, we will fly to our holiday destination together.

Doing her part and praying for the lost MH370

Next I took her to my favourite shopping hangout, Parkamaya at Farenheight 88. 
And look at all these interesting stuff sold there.

The eye bag caught my eye


Oooh I love those pixie ears.

So she finally bought a rabbit ear hairband which looks sooooo cute on her!

As for me...I joined in the fun and pose aje.

I have this thing for overseas beauty products. I ransacked her beauty products from UK and here I am able to share with you some of her interesting items from UK. Not available here.

Group shot of items

Woke up the next morning adn boy was I in for a shock. The haze was bad. This was the view from our hotel room looking towards Berjaya Times Square.

Admiring what she gave me all the way from UK! Chocolates!

My gf has a thing for Movember. So I got her this and made her pose lagi.

Next I went and have my lunch at this Thai Restaurant in Farenheight88

Balik hotel boring and I went to the pool to snap some shots. Beautiful and serene.

View from the pool

The room at Royal Hotel (Opposite Lot 10). 
Priced at about RM200 lebih. Not bad for the location and spaciousness.

Next on our list we met up with another friend, Dennis.

Posing with graffiti wall at the car park.

Dennis brought his whole family and us to Klang for seafood.  He said this is a very famous place. Food is great and very affordable.

Random shots. Camera keluar saje, she is so camera ready, anytime!

Posing with the cute kids.

And here's what we had.

Fried Meehoon with mini lala

Fried Oyster with Eggs

Kam Heong Crabs

Salted Egg Crabs

Ikan Bawal Teo Chew Style

Lazat sampai menjilat (AHEM)

See squeaky clean!


Next stop, Donutes and Coffee in Puchong. Dennis brought us to this 24 hour pastry place which was sooooo packed.

Cute and creative cakes sold here. Highly recommended by Dennis who is an avid foodie.

The ambience is so cozy. Packed to the brim. Nearly no place to sit. And it was like 10.30pm. Let me say this again. This place opens for 24 hours! It's amazing!

Lepas minum, balik rumah Dennis singgah sebentar dan lepak.

Dapat hadiah pulak! Courtesy of Dennis and family. Untung la this trip.

Some random shots of cute kiddos. Soooo super comel!


Lastly, Dennis & Fiza, thank you so much for your hospitality last night. We ate and ate and ate.

Dennis, thank you for introducing me so many makan places in one night . 
You truly are a "SEK SAN" (AVID FOODIE)

We had a great time and enjoyed your company. Wishing you a very happy family and may your kids all grow up bright and beautiful!

Lily, may this be a super memorable trip for you. 
You can look back at my blogpost and think of me when you're back in UK!
I will definitely miss you!


  1. nice shots, hehe.. love all happy faces. :D

    good luck in contest :D

    1. Thanks Sherry. Pictures tell a thousand words...happy happy me

  2. You guys look so happy huh, made me feel happy also. hahahaha!

    1. Thanks for commenting Colney Qing. Glad I made u happy too!