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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dove Girl Search Voting Phase (10th February 2014 to 21st February 2014)


Here are all the lovely 11 shortlisted Dove Girls! They are all so beautiful & so full of life!

So now comes the exciting part! The voting phase.
Voting is from 10th Feb - 21st Feb 2014.
Vote for your favourite Dove Girl every hour to help her win the title and RM10,000 and for your chance to win RM100 worth of Dove products! VOTE NOW!
Can you spot me in the picture?
Hint: I'm wearing Blue.
These girls are just so amazing and super talented! Check out all of their videos.
I am amazed too!
JAW Dropped!
You can cast your votes (EVERY HOUR) via the link here
Don't forget to vote for me, Choy Peng 
Thanks for your support!
KUDOS to all who made it to the finals! You are all awesome!

Here's a quick look at all the finalists (in random order)




And yours truly! ME!


Keeping my fingers crossed!
Thank you Dove for making me one of the finalists to compete.
I feel so ALIVE!!!!
The opportunity of a lifetime.....Ahhhh......
You wanna know a secret?
I have my favourite too! I shall vote for her too! Shhhh....
We have almost similar initials.
The Grand Prize winner will win RM10,000 in cash and
an opportunity to grace the media inclusive of a video & photoshoot.
There are also 5 prizes worth RM100 of Dove products for the top 5 voters.
So vote away & good luck to all!



  1. Thanks for commenting, Syaza. Yeah! Loads of HAIR!!! Wishing you a day of HAIR-PINESS, Fun and Laughter!

  2. Best wishes. Looking good there.