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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bloggers Girly Day Out!

Hip! Hip! Hooray! (3x)

3 Cheers For Our Blossoming Friendship.

 It was wonderful day out with my blogger girlfriends today at Paradigm Mall. 

It has been a while since I did a huge group of girly outing.

Here's Our Sex In The City Moment! 


Ngam Ngam 4 of us. 

Too bad Claudine & Edazz could not make it. 

Nvm ladies, there's always another time.

WOW! Next time 6 orang it cannot be Sex In The City anymore and I gotta think of new theme.

So it's still CNY mood at the mall and here is their deco. 

Have a Beary New Year!

Tons of bears decked the mall.

 We met at Sephora.

These 2 lovely ladies already had bags with them. Shopping has begun!

Selfie while waiting for one more person to turn up.

Look at the amount of make up on display!

 Arpita wished she had a walk-in wardrobe like this!

Posing with one of my favourite packaging which reminds me of "CANDYLICIOUS"
Looks so yummy like as though I can eat it.

Finally Shivani came. Hug Hug Kiss Kiss! Muacks!

Wah! Lama tak jumpa. Apa khabar?

Semua geng dah sampai. 2 orang MIA.

Kita pergi ke Guardian Warehouse Shopping. Look See. Look See only.

Sambil shopping, Sambil berborak. Time is precious.

Mmmmm...this smells good.

Each of us posed with a baju.

Saw this Red Dress that I like in Nichii but looking at the price tag, I quickly put it back.

Gaya shopping Shasha, Shivani & Arpita. 

Everytime I see Shivani she is in blue. So this time must get her to pose with a blue top.

Dah jalan-jalan rasa dahaga pula. 

We headed to Coffee Bean for a drink.

Empat Sekawan

Edazz, Claudine wish you were here.

Kalau I tahu photoshop, boleh photoshop u girls in here. 

Hehehe! *Wink

I took Shasha to a new place to explore. I introduced her to "Chung Kok Foong" 
(Fun And Cheer) in Kelana Jaya.
She was amazed with the amount of things sold here. 
Pic time again.

Wah! I have not seen so many Chinese Deco in my life!

Wah! Banyaknya tanglung disini!

 This golden tortoise caught my eye. One last piece but it was broken. I bought it anyway cause I know I can fix it. Something "ONGMALI" for this Chinese New Year!

Tadaa Fixed. So this will be my New Year Lucky Charm. 
It was love at first sight.

Day ended super fruitful. 
Hope more to come, eh Ms Organizer Claudine?


  1. very nice! love the post hun! =)

  2. It was so much fun! Can't wait for the next round!