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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Dove Girl Search Journey


Recently, I was thrilled to find out I was declared the week 4 winner for DOVE's Girl Best Hair Flicks Search! I am super thankful. I won RM 200 worth of Dove Jewellery & products and the best part is as a finalist & competing with 10 other finalists, I will be in the running to win RM 10,000 & be a DOVE GIRL!

Isn't this cool to start my NEW YEAR?

All I had to do was to submit a picture that depicts a great hair flick and write a simple slogan why I'm the next Dove girl. I have always been taking pictures wherever I go. So I was pretty lucky to have a picture of me doing a hair flick. Photo Credit given to Chien Vee my photographer friend who "ajak" me for a photoshoot one day.
And this was my winning photo!

Now comes the next part of the contest. Every week, there will be a winner for the best hair flick and at the end of the contest period (10 weeks), the final 10 girls will contend for the Dove Girl title and RM10,000 cash.

After being shortlisted, one has to do a video on:
What hairy problems I am faced a with and how Dove has helped change my life.
And also tell voters why I am the Dove Girl.
Hehehe! Stayed up last night to complete my video.
Will update later when the time is right!
Here is a quick look at some other contestants.
There's still four more weeks to go for the contest. Go try your luck if you think you have the best hair flick pictures. Join here and go to the Dove Girl App.
Hurry! Submissions close on 19th Jan 2014 and voting starts by 10th Feb 2014.
Remember to vote for me and Good Luck, ladies!


  1. Congratulations on your winning, hope you win the ultimate prize. Best of luck to you... ^_^

  2. Darling its me Evan! Nice to meet you at the party!

  3. Hello Darling Evan! Pics are up on my FB wall! Go add me and view. But I gotta add u first. The album is not public!