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Monday, November 4, 2013

One Utama Halloween 2013

Mother Nature Wrecks Havoc 

For those who were eagerly waiting for my posts, sorry to disappoint you as I did not get to attend the ALLIANZ Halloween party due to a great big storm and hujan ribut taufan at my area.

I am still going to do a cover story for Halloween but this time I shall focus on One-Utama's cute display for those who missed it. Lots of pictures to see the creative Halloween display at One Utama Shopping Centre. Are you spooked by it already?

I find this the scariest of them all......followed by the ghost house (scroll down below to take a peek)

One Utama never cease to amaze me. 
The theme for this year's Halloween is Gosuto Day. Gosuto means Ghosts in Japanese. 

                                                               Activities of the day

And here's a quick look at the entire interesting display.

  More masks on sale.

This Japanese pillar reminds me of the anime cartoon HELL GIRL - Jigoku Shoujo

 From top view. Lots of bats flying

 Cute pumpkin hats

  Witch Hats for sale. Apa-apa style pun ada. Take your pick!

 The haunted house. Let's go and take a peek what's inside. Prepare to be spooked.

 Before I end, may I present to you my Halloween look of the day. 

Seen here is my sporting mum being spooked! 
Happy Halloween readers and friends.

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