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Monday, November 18, 2013

My Recording Experience with Carefree

Thanks to PINK DAISY I was able to make one of my ultimate dream come true.
That is to own my very own piece of composed song and not sing covers all the time.

I jumped at the opportunity when I came across this contest that offered me a chance to do just that! 


When I shared with my friends the prize options, many said that they would have flown the Cesna plane. But I chose do the recording anyway. It was something that I really wanted to do for the longest time. Thank you PINK DAISY for realizing my dream.

This was the moment when I saw them announced me as one of their winners. I was thrilled. Could not sleep till recording day! So egg-cited.

The people at PINK DAISY were so kind to allow me to share this great experience with a friend. So, I invited Ryeniko, one of my band members to join in the fun. She helped me enhance the song and she is a great harmonizer. You can hear her do the harmonizing in my song. Thanks so much Ryeniko for your help! I really appreciate your presence there!

So ladies and gentlemen, here's the song that I have recorded. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can watch it here

Lyrics to the song if you wanna sing along. 
Credits given to Siang Xi and Jocelyn who gave life to this piece of music.

And here's a sample of one of the entries for the contest. I submitted 10 entries. Thank goodness one of it was a lucky strike! Am I kiasu or what!!!

Here are some shots of the day to share with you. See how happy we were.

Mic test! Mic Test 1,2,3

Thumb's up! OK! Set and we're ready to roll.

Thank you Billy of BOSH Music Productions and Siang Xi for making this possible for me.

They are really hard at work, crafting a beautiful piece for me and everyone's listening ear.

A photo for remembrance with the client with Shu Ling

Ryeniko and me

You can also see some of my other crazy singing videos on my youtube channel:

End of the day I had a BLAST and an experience of a lifetime! 

Thank you once again PINK DAISY 

You've certainly made my day!


  1. wow quite a good experience right :D

  2. listened to you song :) you've an amazing voice CP! congrats for winning and making your album!

  3. very nice sing so well!!!!

  4. Thanks guys..Awww..I'm so touched.

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