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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


One of my favourite celebration besides Christmas is HALLOWEEN!

Yes.... I get to play dress up & do a little bit of friendly scare. To welcome the HALLOWEEN I'm posting some of my HALLOWEEN LOOKS. This year is gonna be special cause I'm looking forward to attend a REAL HALLOWEEN EVENT and PARTY with my Blogger Friends (courtesy of Allianz) 

Guess Who or What am I dressing up to be?

Playing dress up as the DEVIL! Am I scary or what! A decent looking DEVIL.

Here's my other look. Macam wanna kill somebody....Now that's what I call scary.


Picture & Props taken at One Utama Shopping Centre

GIVE ME BLOOD! Asking for blood donation instead of sucking them dry.


 I name this picture: Damsel in Distress

This is my favourite shot! I was trying to scare my colleague & told her to put up a scared face but instead she gave me a "GELI LOOK". *Pengsan.


Kena Tumbuk
Kena Stranggled

Kena "Killed" by a Cross made out of two ice-cream sticks.

Kena Tendang
End of the day my mission was to bring some fun to the office.
I was the only one wearing a costume running around & taking pictures with all my colleagues. We had so much fun.
So folks, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Look out for more post from me from the actual HALLOWEEN DAY! Have fun shopping for the right props, guys!
Props sold at One Utama 


Past year's deco at Tropicanna City Mall
 HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all! Enjoy playing dress up!


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