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Monday, June 24, 2013

Note: This was my initial first draft and then my PC hanged and I thought I lost it and I gotta draft again. So since I found it's still here , I might as well post another entry with more pictures. May have repetitive elements. 

It's A BIRD. It's A PLANE!


It's Plus Size Kitten's Birthday Bash. WOOOHOO!

I was so egg-cited when I got to know that I won not one but two seats @ TGV's Latest BEANIEPLEX for my ultimate movie experience, watching MAN OF STEEL AKA SUPERMAN.  It was a celebration for Tammy's  Plus Size Kitten's Blog Birthday! ( Special thanks to TGV for hosting it for her and her followers! And it was my first time at the Beanieplex. I was jumping for joy like a little girl who just discovered candies. :)

Best Dressed Winners! Hooray!

YAY! Cake Cutting Session.

Just a few days ago, I was told by Tammy via Instagram to wear Red & Blue as it will be the theme of the day. I was down in Johor for an event an did a little shopping there.

Got myself not one but two Superman top. I was planning to match it with my red skirt back home but could not decide which colour I should buy so I bought them both.

Was at KSL walking an found this shop that sells imported Iron-On T-Shirt Logo and look what I found? I got myself a DIY Superman logo. Still undecided what to do with it, I thought I wanted to convert it into a hairband or a hair pin. Went home to test it out and didn't want to end up looking like a "soh poh" (Orang Gila)
In the end found a Blue Shiny Hairband and tested it out with blue tac stuck on the logo I just bought and VOILA! I love the effect. I really feel like a superhero with the DIY Head Gear.

Here's what you need to create my AWARD WINNING SuperGirl Look.

1) A Superman T-Shirt
2) A Red Skirt
3) A Red T-Shirt (to tuck in behind and turn it into a cape)
4) Simple DIY Headgear (as described above)

Initially I was quite malu to wear it walking around One Utama. Upon arriving at TGV baru I put on the whole costume and started taking some pictures. Here's the outcome. Love it?


  1. Hey dear can I use one of your pictures for my blog post? I just realized i didnt have your picture and I want to mention you for wining best dress ^^