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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Bangkok Trip July 2009

To go or not to go.....We were all excited & scared at the same time. Because of the recent rising cases of the H1N1, we were skeptical about this long time planned trip. This trip was pre-booked & planned last July. Yes, July 2008! You must think we were crazy.

Anyway, right till the 11th hour, a day before our flight only did I get confirmation from my 'gang members' on the go-ahead green light. Like them, I wa also worried if I made the wrong decision. All went really smooth as we take flight as early as 8.20am.

Upon arrival at the LCCT at 7am, we were told our flight was delayed....sigh* for 3 HOURS!

Gosh! After waiting & lepaking at the airport fo about 3 hours, we finally boarded safely.

So many were seen wearing masks at the airport. We were one of them. Kiasu mar....
It seemed like hours before we arrived at the Bangkok International Airport.
Now to search for a cab. Prices at the front desk were sky high @ 1200 Baht (RM120). We walked further out to 'tahan' taxi, but we find it also very costly 7000 Baht (RM700). We finally managed to get a taxi guy who came up to offer his services @ 5000 Baht (RM500), thanks to Mei Chin our leader in negotiations!

Off we go to out hotel located at Siam Square. Novotel looks posh. At the hotel, we took off our masks and headed straight into our rooms to rest. We took a quick shower and headed straight off to explore the much talked-about Bangkok, a shopping paradise.

And thus, begins my journey of Day 1 in Bangkok......

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