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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Superstar Gemini, a Sea of Delight

Getting on board the luxurious SuperStar Gemini was a dream come true for me and my mom for we have never experienced a proper cruise that covers so many nights and sailing into different countries. Our closest was just a cruise to nowhere in Penang which we took more than 8 years ago.

Superstar Gemini, a Sea of Delight

Mom and I went on a cruise holiday one day,
And take all our stress and worries away,
We embarked on an nautical adventure,
A cruise expedition like no other.

“Sea” the sights at Superstar Gemini Sea of Delight,
Where spectacular live entertainment shows shine so bright,
Enjoying a tantalizing feast of gourmet delights,
At the 11 dining venues I have set my sight.
A memorable trip that would make me feel,
On top of the world, at the deck so full of thrills.

Me: Witnessing the beautiful skyline on top of the deck as we ride the smooth sailing seas

Hail the Superstar Gemini, the superstar of the seas,
As I listen to the rhythm of the waves dancing in glee,
This is where I truly want to be,
At the luxurious Superstar Gemini where I long to be free.

We hear the ocean calling and the deep sea roaring.
We got to admire the endless horizon of beautiful sunset and skies filled with stars at night.

We experienced the biggest playground on the ocean where gentle breezes blew kisses to our cheeks.
Mom and I finally took a dive in to our cruising adventure.
It was a pleasurable vacation that I will always remember,
A treasure full of memories that is so spectacular.

What an unforgettable cruising adventure we had, sailing majestically, on the SuperStar Gemini.
Our next aim is to try out a "more atas" cruise, possibly the Royal Carribean. Gotta save up for now first. :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Getting crafty with Embroidery Patch

"Give Me Wings and I Shall Fly!"
 I saw this Angel Wings backpack on the internet one day and had wanted to my very own version. I have always been fascinated with angel wings. They are somewhat magical.
Inspired by the above photo, I wanted to DIY my very own Angel backpack! Bought myself a pair of glitter angel wings and a soft backpack to experiment. It may not turn out as well as I've expected due to its flimsy nature. So I may end up putting the angel wings to good use, elsewhere on a jacket or a shirt. Have yet to decide. But I am sure it will be a show stopper if I ever walk out in those angel wings.

 Wanted to also experiment the angel wings on a carrier bag. Well since it's an iron on material I doubt it will work here. But it does look kind of nice though!
I bought 2 pairs one in silver and one in gold to play with. 
It's not very expensive. I paid about RM12 inclusive of shipping for 2 pairs (bought from Shopee). Just search Angel Wings Patch and the search will turn up.

Here are some ideas to share with you on what you can do with Angel Wings Patch. I so wanna own a black jacket with wings on it. Gonna DIY my own. Here are some pics that I drew inspiration from that made me buy my own Angel Wings iron ons.

Next, I have been drooling over these beautiful bomber jackets which I saw from the internet. Aren't they a beauty? I do admire Japanese art very much and I love FISH! Very Hou yee tau " Nian Nian You Yu" .

Inspired by these embroidery patches I began my own DIY project.

 Bomber Jackets can really cost a bomb! So I decided to buy my own embroidery and try to make one myself.  Yipee! My Fish embroidery finally arrived today and I'm gonna iron it on my jacket. Later on I will enhance it with more flower embroidery. Just hope it turns out well. Here's my beautiful and very detailed iron on fish embroidery patch which I bought from Shopee. These cost me RM12 only (including shipping) Just search with the word Koi Patch and you will see many fish options. Take your pick and happy experimenting too!

There's also a gold koi. I initially would prefer an orange koi but I have been searching everywhere and it's nowhere to be found. So I had to settle for black Koi's.

Saw these beauties at Ali Express too! There are more designs in Ali Express but I prefer to buy on Shopee, my more familiar platform.

 I was first attracted to Bomber Jackets when I first set my sight on these at 2nd Street Trading and they ain't cheap. 
For a preloved Bomber Jacket, it costs between Rm250 - RM650 and I'm not joking. I was literally blown away when I saw the price tag. A brand new one with beautiful embroidery can cost more than RM1,500. I have also seen some onlien for RM200 but my biggest issue may be the size. If you order online, you may have to take a risk of not getting the perfect fit. I do admire all the workmanship and detailing especially when it comes to fish or dragon or sakura flowers as elements. Check out the beautiful embroidery on these bomber jackets from Japan.

Me modelling some Bomber Jackets from 2nd Street Trading in SS15.
Hope my very own DIY Bomber Jacket turns out well. It may not look as exquisite as these but for the time being it will do. I am not splashing a couple of hundred bucks on just one jacket. Wish me luck!

*** Updated 17 June 2019

Here are some photos that I would like to share on my successful DIY attire. Hooray! To new pieces to my wardrobe!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Good Catch at Sek 17, PJ

If you love steam fish, this place is for you! Located at the other end of the mamak (nearby Seventeen Mall), this place is a hit especially for those who love healthy and simple food. Mom and dad first discovered this place and finally took me here for dinner one day and I fell in love with its simple dishes.

Address: 1270-1271, Jalan 17/31, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Their menu is not fancy with many choices but good enough for a decent healthy dinner.
They open as early as 5pm. Be there early to beat the hungry crowd.  My recommendation would be their Steamed Leopard Coral Goruper and Steamed Dragon Goruper. Sometimes these fish can go out of stock if you go too late. My first visit was at 8.30pm. It was still crowded but not that much as compared to my second visit at 7.30pm on another day. I had to walk off cause there were just too many tables unfed. Lesson learnt! Go earlier to beat the crowd.

The crowd at 6pm.

This was the first fish variant I tried there. The Steamed Leopard Coral Goruper. It is slightly more costly for this fish but it's worth every penny! This portion alone came up to around RM60. The meat is super fresh! The killer sauce is what makes this dish sooooo gooooood. Yeah! Some secret sauce the Uncle use for all his fish dishes is amazing! 

 This is the Steamed Dragon Goruper. I had this on a separate visit. This 500g cost about RM60 too. Meat is also very fresh and as good. I stole a glimpse at Uncle's fish stock in the cold ice bucket. Here are his catch! All super fresh!

The other must try is the steamed egg. It really does melt in your mouth!

The secret behind these great tasting dishes besides its killer sauce is because it's steamed to perfection in this multi-layered steamer in high temperature.

 I would certainly recommend this place if you love steam fish but do go early as it can be really hectic waiting for your dishes if you are hungry due to the overwhelming crowd especially during peak dinner time!
Hope you'll find your good catch here too!