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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sweet treats from KitKat

First there was only dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Last week KITKAT Malaysia launched the 4th type of chocolate known as KitKat Ruby. It has a distinctive pink hue developed completely without flavouring, colouring additives or genetic modification. 

KitKat was the first to use the Ruby chocolate sensation worldwide, which was made by Swiss chocolate and cocoa processor Barry Callebaut from specially-selected Ruby cocoa beans found in major cocoa-growing regions including the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.

It has an intense fruity flavour and a lusciously smooth texture. And it's currently only available at the KitKat Chocolatory at F048, First Floor Mid Valley. Wait! if you can't go there, you can also order online from Lazada, Shopee or 11Street and have it delivered to your doorstep!

So how does the new KitKat Ruby taste?
Members of the media were the first to sample this incredible new chocolate sensation, this new innovative creation by KitKat. This inspiring new flavour from Kit Kat is sour and fruity with an intense natural berry flavour . 
Members of the media got to sink their teeth in the latest KitKat Ruby presented in many beautiful forms.
Members of the media were taken on an interesting walk through with the rich history of KitKat where it all began since 1911. Can you believe it? It has been that long!

Media Walkthrough - KitKat Showcase

Up till now KitKat has still been a hit with everyone from all walks of life. There's plenty of innovative flavours besides their conventional classic ones. I will share with you in this blogpost later. Trust me, it is indeed an eye opener.
We got up close and personal with key ingredients when producing chocolate.

Speaking at the launch and addressing members of the media was Mr. Sachin Goel, the Business Executive Officer for Confectionery Business Unit (ASEAN Markets)
 And it's all available at the KitKat Chocolatory Store at Mid Valley where you can also customize you own KitKat flavour right up to the packaging.  
Personalizing my very own box of KitKat

After you have selected your chocolate type (choose from intense dark, smooth milk or creamy white chocolate), you can select up to 3 different toppings and ingredients with a mix of nuts, fruits or even caramel crunch or pink rose petals. There is no right or wrong. Just customize it based on your preference.
And here's my personalized KitKat with my preferred packaging. 
My first visit to the KitKat Chocolatory at Mid Valley. Yay!

I have to admit, this was my first time stepping into the KitKat Chocolatory at Mid Valley.
There, I got to try more KitKat innovative flavours which were amazing! I never knew these flavours could taste sooo goood.
The KitKat Chocolatory Store in Mid Valley first opened its doors to consumers back in 2016 and customers can create their own customized KitKat from over 10,000 different combinations of hand-made chocolate and toppings. The new KitKat Chocolatory also features an open kitchen concept where consumers are able to witness the creation process.

So this is how your persoalized bar of KitKat is made. 
Yup! Everything is handmade.

Besides personalizing your own KitKat if you are in a rush, you can also try some of their specially crafted localized flavours. The Special Edition costs RM13.99 (4 KitKat Fingers) while the ones you personalize costs RM27.99 (you'll get double the portion, that's 8 KitKat Fingers)

So earlier I mentioned that KitKat has evolved and innovate throughout the years. KitKat now brings you localized flavours with an interesting twist. Yup! There's even a Nasi Lemak and Ais Kacang KitKat!

KitKat items are also great for gifting.

From Hampers to personalized gift boxes for your loved ones. There's a KitKat for every occasion. 

KitKat also introduced the Milk Tea and Rose Bandung flavour which I personally find interesting. When they launched the Milk Tea flavour I knew I had to try it and hence I went hunting at the supermarket. Later during the event I found out they have also introduced a Rose Bandung flavour for a limited time only just for this Chinese New Year. I tried the Rose Bandung flavour and immediately fell in love with it! Will be getting my hands on this KitKat Rose Bandung and treating some of my friends this Chinese New Year!

It was an amazing KitKat adventure and indeed an eye opener with so many amazing KitKat flavours to savour. Thank you for having me.

And lastly, I leave you with a glimpse of all the Special Edition KitKat flavours at the KitKat Chocolatory at Mid Valley. Just Drool Away......

My personal favourite is the Cherry Blossom

 So many interesting flavours to choose from. 
Rambang mata I.

It ain’t easy satisfying the ever demanding consumer palettes who are always in search of something adventurous to satisfy their tastebuds. KiKat offers just that! Creative creations with a twist to satisfy everyone's needs.

Found myself a beautiful super Instagrammable corner at their KitKat Chocolatory Store and I was snapping away with some of my dear friends.

Now, Let's Go
Have a Break, Have a KITKAT!

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