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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Naughty Nuri's New Menu and First Ribs Master

Naughty Nuri’s has found their first Ribs Master! The challenge which begun on 1st of September 2018 required participant to eat one signature BBQ ribs in the fastest time to win FREE ribs for one year!

The final showdown took place at the Atria outlet on 9th November 2018 with the top 8 finalist vying for the grand prize. 

And the Winner is..... Troy Thistleton

His remarkable feat was 2.37 seconds! 
For those who missed out in participating this year, don't worry as there will be another challenge next year. 

Here is a scene before the start of the ribs eating challenge.

And here comes Naughty Nuri’s with a brand new menu! I had the opportunity to take a sneak peek.
Naughty Nuri’s is well known for its mouthwatering Balinese style pork. I am super glad to hear that they will introduce more new items from time to time. Being a loyal customer at Naughty Nuri's I have always been looking forward for their new additions. 
Guest will discover the true flavours of what Naughty Nuri’s restaurant has to offer and will be pleasantly surprised at the portion and pricing as well – another reason why Naughty Nuri’s became so popular ever since it was opened in Malaysia back in 2014.

Here's a quick look at some of their new refreshing menu.
Introducing, the all-new scrumptious Naughty Nuri’s Signature Flaming Iberico Ribs(RM49)! Dipped in their homemade sauce and flamed to perfection, guest will find the meat to be incredibly juicy and tender.
It's the Flaming Iberico Ribs!

Other new items are the Sizzling Iberico Belly (RM28), 

Grilled Iberico Skewers 
(S: RM20,L: RM30)
Juicy and succulent Iberico Skewers 

Iberico Burger (RM32)
What a tall burger. I had to take it apart to enjoy it layer by layer, bit by bit.

 Signature Vegetarian Salad (RM23)
I have always loved Naughty Nuri's Salad. Their dressing is always so appetizing and the salad comes in a burst of colours. This works up my appetite.

 Signature Balinese ‘Sop Tulang’ (RM24.80)
Heart warming soup for the soul.

 Indonesian Style Mee Goreng Basah (RM25).

Balinese Inspired Ayam Bakar
Naughty Nuri’s has always been known for its huge serving portion meant for sharing in large groups. Understanding customer's needs and through observation, there are quite a handful of diners who come in smaller groups. Some even individual or just 2 persons. With this, Naughty Nuri's will introduce two different serving portions on selected items on the menu with S and L serving size to accommodate various appetite.

And if you are thinking of celebrating your birthday somewhere special, Naughty Nuri’s is definitely the hallmark place to celebrate. They now have a custom birthday packages for 5 pax (RM250), 10 pax (RM500), 15 pax (RM750), 20 pax (RM1,000). To top it all off it comes with a huge 3 feet cake and a vibrant birthday dance to make it more memorable day for you and your loved ones.


Here's a glimpse on the new menu and what is to come. Be prepared to have an Oinksome hearty meal!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Great Looking 2019 Planners

The 2019 Planners by Uni Paper are gorgeous.
Last year, I shared this blogpost about some beautifully designed planners by Uni Paper. 
This year's A4 Planner designs are so full of bloom. I love both designs. 
I have been getting some enquiries from readers on where to get them. Right now I can share with you that they are available at all Popular Bookstores already. Full list of Popular Bookstore branches are here
Don't wait till a few months down the line to get them cause they will run out of stock. Yesterday I called up the Popular Bookstore at Sunway Pyramid. The A5 planners were all sold out! Hence, I made a trip to Empire Shopping Gallery's Popular bookstore last night to get my stocks. However, the stocks are limited. These are what's left for the A4 Planners.
Oh! What JOY when I found them!
And the stocks of the A5 Planners (Half of A4 size). I swear by these A5 Planners as they are easy to carry around. Just the right size and not heavy at all.
Why I love them
I have been using their thin and super light cover planners for the last 4 years and I find them rather handy and useful to organize all my work and play schedules. The pages have pretty big square boxes for me to fill up my activities and it is very well presented monthly.

This is my favourite design.
 Followed by this design. Somehow this year's A4 designs appeal more to me. I may have to consider carrying these A4 instead of the usual A5 books then since they look so pretty!

The inside front intro page is also so lovely, filled with a garden theme.

These are the back covers for the A4 planners.

Now let's take a look at the A5 designs. When asked around my designer friends, most of them seem to like this minimalist design.

If you are planning to get your hands on 10 books you can even order online. 

It's just a slight difference in terms of price.
I paid RM7 a book for the A4 size and RM5 a book for the A5 size. 4 years ago, the A5 book was just RM3.90. Now it's RM5 each. Talk about inflation.

Hope you find this blogpost useful for your 2019 planning.
For more amazing products from Uni Paper, check out their facebook page or log on to their website.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hello November!

Can you believe how time flies? 
It's barely 2 more months before 2018 floats away. 
If you are working, it's time to clear some of your leave and plan for some relaxing time with your loved ones. Don't forget to cherish your loved ones around you. Time to take a break and enjoy the year end holidays.

Have an awesome November!

Lotsa Luv,