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Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Spooktacular and Ghosted Halloween Hair

I just had my hair done today at  APT Starling Mall just in time to celebrate Halloween. It consist of platinum purple hues. It's more like pastel purple under my previous silver coat. It came out looking rather nice and I am super pleased with it. I also chopped off my hair and sported a concave cut that is easier to manage. Afterall my ends are beginning to feel dry. So I am slowly growing back my hair. Somehow I love the fuss free bob concave as it is one of the trendiest looks that is fuss free. I don't need massive styling products. Just a simple blow dry will do. 

To compliment my new ghosted hair in platinum purple, I wore my new black cape-like coat and my maleficent horns, just in time for Halloween. I matched the entire hair and attire with gothic looking make up with dark eyeshadows and dark purple lipstick.

From behind it looks like this. I love how the layering was done and I ended up with 2 shades of evident colours. The top layer is the platinum pastel-like purple shade and at the bottom is contrasting black. It gives the hair more depth with 2 tones like these. Special thanks to Jacky of APT Starling Mall who gave me the perfect concave cut.

And here is the side profile. I have always loved really really structured cuts and I wanted it to have a really really sharp cut. Sporting this bob concave, I look effortlessly chic in my everyday low key and fuss free hair maintenance. For those wanting a simple yet trendy haircut you can opt for this style which is one of my favorite hairstyles of all time. Moreover this is timeless.

 Maleficent CP made an appearance at APT Starling Mall today to spook out some customers. 

Have a spooktacular Halloween.
Till next time!

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