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Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Grace of Swan Lake

Last week, mom and I attended the Gala premiere of Swan Lake at the Genting International Showroom, thanks to the awesome people at Milestone Entertainment.

It was certainly a memorable night, catching up with great friends who also attended the media night. 

There, I made some new friends too.

A special pre-show cocktail was specially prepared for the invited guests. The food was amazing and looks super presentable.
There was also Royalty in the house, DYMM  Sultanah  Pahang  Sultanah  Hajjah  Kalsom.

From Left to Right:
Gillian  Barton  – Founder and  Director  of  Ballet  West  International  Touring  Company
DYMM  Sultanah  Pahang  Sultanah  Hajjah  Kalsom
Audrey  Kwan–President  of  Dance  Artistry  International
Shannon  Lee  –Director  of  The  Dance  Company

The show Swan Lake adventure is a 150 minutes show including intermission. Here is a glance through on the ACTS. A beautiful tragic love story told through the music of Tchaikovsky and graceful ballet dancers.

Here I would love to share some amazing and captivating scenes and shots at the mezmerizing Swan Lake show. As we were not allowed to take photographs and videos, here I am sharing shots taken by their official photographer.
Pic Credit: Ryan James Davies

The scene opens up with a Disney-like castle on a hilltop far far away. And dancers in colourful attire greets the crowd.

Next, the beautiful backdrop with a full glowing moon setting is my favorite scene! The backdrop is not a stand still and it has movement of realistic looking clouds. Of course when the bad guy comes out the moon was then covered. The scene changes with the music and with a well told story and plot.

Graceful dancers men and women conquered the stage with full confidence and danced the night away, telling the tale of Swan Lake.

The White Swan (Odette) played by Natasha Watson, dancing so full of grace.
Kudos to the team of dancers who performed with such beauty and grace to entertain us.
The overall dancing, choreography and timing was spectacular in every way. A classical ballet at its best with a story well told. Such a beautiful timeless masterpiece!
Thank you once again for the wonderful show!
There was an up close and personal moment when the show ended. As we walked out, we manage to catch a glimpse of these darlings who tirelessly put on a good show. Well, it's not easy dancing and standing on your toes all night, you know.

Uyu Hiromoto (Odile) as the Back Swan and Jonathan Barton as Prince Seigfried

The show is still on till 2nd Sept 2018. 
You can grab your tickets here.

 I have also featured in detail in my previous blog posting here. Read it for a full story behind the Swan Lake and its talented dancers all the way from the UK!

Show Date
24th – 26th August 2018
31st August – 2nd September 2018
Show Time & Venue

8pm, Genting International Showroom

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's a game of CAT and MOUSE at UMYANG BATIK in Melaka

As I stepped into the shop, a gracious lady by the name of Ha Mi Seon greeted me full of warmth and smiles. Ha Mi Seon is the Korean Artist behind the brand Umyang Batik in Melaka. 

Let me share with you some of her amazing work of art. It's all about a CAT and MOUSE GAME  at Umyang Batik, literally. You will see many images of cats and mouse portrayed through her work across bag, cotton T-shirts, dresses, pillow cases, decorative glass bottles and even clog shoes! How creative!

These are her signature cat and mouse artwork. Aren't these cute? These 2 are my favourite pieces.

The painting is actually from this dress as seen on this model. I wish they have it in my size.

Hand painted pillow case with the image of a cat for cat lovers everywhere.
Ha Mi Seon is one talented Korean artist. Having stayed in Malaysia for more 20 than years, she has truly embraced the Malaysian spirit. You can also see how she adapted her work of art in the form of a batik. Her creation, batik with cat images. Something uniquely done that your don't see every other day.
I took some time to browse through her shop and admire all the little details she made. Sitting at a corner were these beautifully hand painted bottles that serve as a souvenir. I seriously don't know how she does this. 

I have full of admiration of her work, especially the mouse creation which can be seen across T-shirts and even small pouches. These may make good gifts during the Year of the Rat or those born in the Year of the Rat may want to keep a piece of this to associate themselves with their Chinese zodiac.

Finally I see an image of a dog! #Doglover here
Here is a sneak peak at her outlet in Jalan Hang Kasturi, Melaka.

The front porch of her shop.
As you know I am very much a bag person, so admiring these in the form of bags give me so much satisfaction.
Make your day brighter with hand painted wearable clog shoes.

She also has designs fit for kids. Key art and designs suitable for children who loves colourful animals on their T-Shirts.

Ha Mi Seon also offer painting classes for those who want to learn painting. Her canvases are usually done on T-Shirts and cotton cloth. For painting class enquiries, you may drop her a PM here.

 Painting Class : T-shirt and cotton cloth as canvas
Ha Mi Seon, thank you for your hospitality and showing me around your shop and all your great pieces! It is indeed an eye opener.

More designs and info on their facebook page. 
Visit Umyang Batik Mi Seon Ha
Location: 6, Jalan Hang Kasturi,
75200 Melaka
Tel: +606- 292 6569

Good News for KL-ites! Umyang Batik also has a branch at Central Market.Yay! You don't have to travel all the way to Melaka to get your hands on these creative pieces.

In Central Market, they are located at:
Central Market, M-32, 
Mezzanine Floor, 
Jalan Hang Kasturi, 
50050 Kuala Lumpur.

Hmmmm...wondering the similarities. Umyang Batik is located at a Jalan Hang Kasturi in both Melaka and KL! Talk about coincidences!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Analisis Kek Lapis

CP memang peminat kek lapis. Masa melawat ke Kuching dulu, CP beli kek lapis kat tepi jalan @ RM10 each tapi dengan banyak warna. Tapi taste kek lapis kat tepi jalan masa kat Sarawak tu ok juga. Miss juga Kek Lapis kat sana.

CP pun pernah cuba Kek Lapis yang dijual kat flea market The Curve. Ia moist tapi tersangat moist sampai it breaks easily dan macam tak boleh disimpan lama. Within 1-2 days rasa macam nak basi punya feeling. Bukan main murah juga CP beli kat sana. Teringin nak makan kek lapis then choice lor.

Then lately, last month, kawan CP yang ada rakan local kat Sarawak tu introduced CP to Kek Lapis from Taka Cake House. Kononnya famous kat Kuching. CP tumpang dia belikan 3 untuk CP cuba. Not bad also tapi lepas cuba dad kata it's a bit dry dan mak tak suka flavour masam manis. 

Then recently CP discovered the ultimate Kek Lapis. Kek Lapis Arkel's inilah yang CP rasa paling hebat!

CP nak sharekan pengalaman CP lepas rasa Kek Lapis Arkel's ini. Kek Lapis Arkel's ini adalah homemade dari ramuan premium. I boleh rasa kelembutan dan keharuman kek lapis ini. Flavour yang CP rasakan ialah Kek Lapis Pandan dan Kek Lapis Sarawak Cadbury. Initially I thought this kek yang diperbuat daripada coklat it's gonna be really really sweet. Tapi rasanya tak manis sangat sebab inti coklat Cadbury tu bukanlah overwhelming sangat. Lagipun percentage of the cake part melebihi Cadbury. I was told this is one of their best sellers! No regrets here! Mom pun minat sangat kek ni dan suruh CP reorder nanti.
 Kek Lapis Sarawak Cadbury ini best sekali,
Mesti cuba dan CP idam nak makan setiap hari.

 Kek Lapis Pandan dengan ramuan asli,
Wangi, lembut dan memikat hati.
Bagi sesiapa yang nak order, bolehlah message Arkel's Kek Lapis Sarawak di laman facebooknya atau whatsapp ke 011-27442215

Mereka ni dari Penang. Dalam sebulan sekali ada singgah buat penghantaran kat KL so bolehlah you all stalk facebook Arkel's ni untuk tinjau bila mereka buat delivery kat KL dan bolehlah order. COD kat KL RM4 aje. Berpatutan sungguh. Bagi you alls yang kat Penang lagi best. Tak ada delivery charges. 

Delivery to my doorstep.

Setiap biji kek lapis Arkel's ini weighs di antara 400-470g dan it's all homemade. Only 6% of flour is used in their kek lapis. The rest are horlicks, marie, sri kaya, butter and the texture is moist.

CP teringin sangat nak rasa their pandan cheese dan kalau boleh kesemua flavour lain yang menarik. Singgahlah ke facebook mereka untuk maklumat lanjut. Trust me, you won't regret having this Kek Lapis!!! 

Ada 7 perisa  kek lapis sarawak buat masa sekarang dari ARKELS

1) 🍫🍫 cadbury
Rm 28 satu block

2) 🌱🌱 evergreen (pandan+kelapa santan) rm25 satu block

3)👡👘 selipar jepun (sweet coffee) rm25 satu block

4) 🌈🌈 masam manis (ada asam hawflakes) rm 25 satu block

5) 🌱 Lumut cheese
( Rasa pandan(no santan) dan light cheese) rm25 satu block 🆕🆕

6) 🌈🌈 Keklapis cheese (cheese,srikaya,horlicks,susu)  rm28 satu block 

7) ❤ Keklapis RedVelvet. ( koko, blueberry yogurt, cream cheese)
RM 25 satu block 

🌈🌈 promosi 💥💥
Satu loyang rm 95 sahaja 
Harga asal rm100

* Satu loyang can cut into 4 blocks.

Cadbury dan cheese satu loyang rm 105.Harga asal rm112

berat satu block 400g-470g & satu loyang +-2kg 

Click ⬇ to order now😀

I hope this blogpost has helped you find your dream Kek Lapis Sarawak too! I am so happy I have found mine and they now have a loyal customer who eats and breathe their Kek Lapis. Repeat purchase on the way!

Friday, August 3, 2018

The New Robinsons

Do you know that there is a new Robinsons just next to KLCC? It's called the Robinsons Four Seasons KL. It also houses a Four Seasons Hotel right next to it. I was all excited going there and checking it out for the first time about a month ago. Here' I found the most posh Starbucks that has a super instagrammable entrance. With my 2D OOTD I find this the perfect spot to take some shots.

Inside Robinsons, I found this piece of artistic wall that screams for attention and it goes well with my 2D OOTD too. 

My favourite floor has to be the lower ground floor as they house beautiful cafes, restaurants and eateries. Let me share with you some random shots I took when doing my rounds at the lower ground floor of the new Robinsons. I was captivated by the exquisite interior. Here I just wanna share some random shots of various restaurants and cafes I visited at the lower ground floor.

And this is my favourite among the rest. 

Also, I love the open concept shopping here with cafe shopping combined as one.

The next must visit place is the Malaysia Boleh food court which serves various variety of local food and I can tell you all the food there has standards and are super delicious. 

The best so far "peng leng jeng" is the chendul. It's a simply must try. Quite a few friends recommended this to me and I certainly agree with them.
The fried oyster was done in perfection too. I seriously enjoyed this dish. So much better than other places I have tried. Check out the beautifully painted mural at the food court, done with a local touch. The food court is spacious with plenty of variety.
Enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone.

I just love how they decorate this place with lots of bird cages to add some nostalgic touch to this place.
Just take your time and go around the stalls and explore your taste buds.

Walking around this place, blooming with flowers caught our attention. Time for some shots.

What a lovely bouquet to brighten up your day!

Striking a pose in between these blooming beauties.
Happy exploring the new Robinsons and may you have a great shopping experience there too.

Star also ran a story to introduce this new place. 
Take a read here

Wishing you a fruitful weekend!