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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A delightful dining pleasure at Rani's Organic Chicken Farm

A few weeks ago I joined a group of girlfriends and embarked on an adventure like never before.I was invited by my dear friend Hooi Khaw to an organic farm visit with some of her friends. I jumped at the chance since I was free that week and all the while I thought I was going to some plantation or organic fruit farm. I never thought that I would end up visiting an organic chicken farm!!!! I was so glad I came along.
Watching chickens run can be something out of the ordinary. Well it's not an everyday scene.
This was sighted at Rani's Organic Chicken Farm in Kuang, a small town located in between Rawang and Gombak. 

Tons of Chickens Resting. Awww..... Aren't they adorable?
All the chickens here look so healthy. Some macam ada muscles. LOL. We saw chickens in many possible shades of whites, browns and black.
The chicken droppings here don't stink.

We even caught sight of one very handsome rooster and he has about 7-8 hens aka "his wives" trailing him around.
Watch the end of my video to see that part.

This place is full of serenity with lots of greenery and away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Let's take a moment to admire the beautiful scenery surrounding this place. I am super fascinated by this place!  Especially with the sight of this beautiful duckweed pond!
Duckweed can be used as Chicken Feed. Yup! They feed their chickens here with duckweed organic feed which is a high source of protein feed.

I am in dream land...This shot feels a bit dreamy eh?

Getting there
Set your waze to Rani's Organic Chicken Farm.
You will know you're in the right place as soon as you see this cartoon chicken sign. This sign is also seen at the gate as you enter Rani's Organic Chicken Farm. When you drive here do take note the roads are narrow. So be careful.

The restaurant is set in a village/kampung style covered porch with 5 acres of land surrounding it. It can be crowded on weekends. We had to call up and order our dishes a few days in advance. If no reservation is made......sorry no chicken meal loh.

Here comes the magic word....Foooooooooooood.
Not just any food, but Organic chicken. Hmmmm you might wonder how does organic chicken taste like. I can tell you that this kind of chicken's texture I have never tasted before. The meat is super firm and I mean really really firm. Kena kunyah a bit longer yah.

The Rendang Chicken tastes great! The meat is so flavourful with aromatic spices.

The Roast Chicken dish is the best dish to evaluate the quality of the chicken's texture.

The Fried Chicken is a must try dish. Topped with the cebis-cebis part, this is a finger licking good experience. We sapu everything at the end o the day. This is the most favourable dish of them all!

They don't only serve chickens. Besides chicken you can also order some vegetables.

 Meet my girlfriend, Hooi Khaw, a veteran writer and a foodie at heart. She also captured her experience here

The vast land of the organic chicken farm.
Chicken Run

Here I would love to share some of the details that you may find useful before planning a trip there.

Things to note: 
Business Hours and contact details as below:

Items available on the menu. 
More like the various chicken cooking styles that are available.
Yup! You have come to the right place for research. 
Below are the cooking styles for the organic chicken. Be sure you know what you want to order before calling them up.
And the pricing for One Whole Chicken or Half a Chicken.
Friends and laughter, Go together,
A great meal with lots of chatter.

Uncle Rani's Organic Chicken Farm is located at: 
Lot 1280, Lorong Dato Abu Bakar, 
Kampung Gombak Batu 20, Kuang, Selangor.
Tel: 016-227 7011

(Be sure to call and place your meal orders in advance)
and this place is Halal.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Baan Thai 2 Seafood Restaurant at Kuchai Lama

Not Halal

I recently discovered a new place to dine authentic Thai Food at Jalan Kuchai Lama when my mom's friend took her to celebrate her birthday this year. This is their second outlet and it's only 3 months old. Their first outlet, Baan Thai is located in Cheras.

It was indeed an eye opener.
Upon stepping in the restaurant, I was dumbfounded! The size of the restaurant was huge and there was massive space. It somehow felt like dining in one of those restaurants in China where there was so much space! 
pic from Baan Thai 2 facebook page

The best part was, not only the food is deliciously good, but the ambience is just breathtaking. They have ample manpower with plenty of staff attending to customer's needs.

Diners were treated to a beautifully landscaped pond as they dine at Baan Thai 2 Seafood Restaurant.

Look! There is even a ship on display at the end of the mini pond. 

The ship is as tall as me!

What a view!

Smacked in the middle of the restaurant was a mini pond beautifully decorated with mini baby elephants that sprouts our water from its trunks. How cute! 

There were also plenty of Koi's swimming around. Talk about good feng shui!

 Mini Koi Pond within the restaurant!

The owners do have a great sense of humour too. I do enjoy reading these humorous and cheeky signs around the restaurant. Do take some time to read and appreciate it too. Have a good laugh.

Let's take a walk thru together in this video.
Baan Thai 2 Seafood Restaurant 

So here the few dishes that we ordered and they all taste sooooo goooooood. My favourite was the BBQ Grilled Pork Skewers (moo ping) at RM4 per stick. The meat was tender, soft and meat was succulent. 
(Pic credit : Võ Tú Thư facebook page)

Fried Enoki Mushrooms (RM20)
Stir Fried Kai Lan with Salted Fish (RM25)
Salted Grilled Fish (RM50)
Red Tom Yum Soup with Chicken (RM20)
Omelette (RM10)
Thai Red Rubies (RM5 a bowl) 
However this was not found in their menu. We saw the other table ordered and we requested for these. Not sure why these Thai desserts were not featured in their menu at all.
I love the taste with a slight saltiness and it's not too overly sweet. Quite a generous portion of nangka and red rubies.
A quick glance at their price point.

I am also amazed at the variety of papaya salad and mango salad they have here. However I did not order any.

There are some VIP rooms available for some privacy when you dine here. A total of 9 VIP rooms!
Huge fans to keep diners cool with the great air flow.
Can you believe it! Even the toilets were airconditioned! 
I could really feel the coolness when walking in. This really caught me by surprise.
The toilet's interior is also done in great detail. The owners really spent a lot of time in doing up this place perfectly which was just a piece of land initially and they have built it up from scratch. One would never imagine walking in to an airconditioned toilet (very cooling) with spanking clean toilets and beautiful tiled walls. The toilets are brightly lit.
The artistic approach of this restaurant amazes me. A line up of bamboos form a wall design towards the back of the restaurant.

I do hope to come back for more! 
Do check out their Facebook  for more details.
Baan Thai 2 Seafood Restaurant is located at:
Lot pt 15288 A, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
(It's just next to Sekolah Kebangsaan Seri Setia)
For reservations call 
Tel: 03- 7972 9003