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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Poh Kong Dazzles With New Line Up of Collections

Fashion Jewellery Showcase by Poh Kong

Poh Kong, Malaysia's leading jewellery brand unveiled exquisite pieces from its latest collections and introduced its new brand D'First at an exclusive fashion showcase. Centered around the theme "ETERNITY", the fashion show featured a lineup of new pieces.
The latest collections from its brands, namely Happy Love, Anggun, Tranz, Auspicious and Hemera were presented in a glamorous catwalk showcase. The models donned extravagant outfits to fit the theme of the brands while showcasing some of its most refined pieces from each collection. 
At the launch event Caricature Artists were hired to draw guests in Poh Kong jewellery.

Happy Love is inspired by Confucian tradition and boasts a selection of elegant oriental gold jewellery, which can be passed on as family heirlooms. The new Happy Love series boasts elegant gold jewellery imbued with Oriental touches that speak of culture and rich tradition. The collection is also inspired by western elements but can be matched with traditional or even modern wedding dresses.
Ooooh I love the flying phoenix neclace.

Anggun features Asian-inspired designs of floral motifs. These splendour floral motif is a symbol of demure and gracefulness, truly a representation of Asian beauty. In the latest Anggun series, Poh Kong has included traditional elements design that captures the art of beauty of culture, harmony and nature.
Stunning Piece!

Tranz collection of jewellery is sublimely designed to match the tempo and dynamic flair of current fashion trends. Tranz jewellery enhances your wardrobe with artfully versatile and eye-catching designs to give you the look that you truly want, every time.

The Auspicious collection is one of Poh Kong’s in-house gold jewellery brand which showcase a series of well-crafted masterpieces designed with Fengshui elements. The Collection uses premium quality gold and A-grade jadeite incorporated with meaningful designs, definitely adding a symbolic touch to your individual style.
The Peony design is one of my favourite.

Poh Kong also introduces the Lucky Golden Canine Series in conjunction with next year's Chinese New Year - Year Of The Dog. The canine of prosperity features a body composed with ancient coins. This is a symbol of protection and wealth retention, granting its bearer a prosperous New Year.

Lastly, Hemera is the world’s most brilliant diamond with 101 facets, a true reflection of perfection with its superior light performance. Hemera translates to 'goddess" of daylight' in Greek and just as the name suggests, the gorgeous HEMERA diamond is poised to lift any gloom with its unique brand of perfection. 
To set the mood during the Fashion Show, these models got into their roles too. How sweet!

To make the event more significant, Poh Kong also unveiled its latest and newest brand D’first to guests and members of the media. The D’first Diamond Collection by Poh Kong is so unique as it is an affordable luxury, where matchless beauty, quality and luxury add meld together to give you the diamond of your dreams. It has a triple excellent cut while its 8 hearts and 8 arrows pattern complete this exquisite gem of sublime symmetry. The collection features excellently crafted pendants, earrings and rings of beguiling splendour.

Speaking at the event, Christine Choon, Director of Poh Kong said, “41 years in the business, Poh Kong has always been dedicated in providing jewellery of exceptional quality and meticulous craftsmanship. Today, we are thrilled to reveal a new look and feel to our collections and at the same time, introduce to you the latest addition to the Poh Kong family - D’first.”
With a collection for every occasion, treat yourself or captivate your loved ones with Jewellery by Poh Kong. 

Thanks for having me! 

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