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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Watsons 1 Minute Free Shopping at Watsons

Last Friday was a very "Kan Cheong" and Egg-Citing Day for me! It was the first of many things for me. It was my first time stepping in to the new Sunway Velocity Mall and also my first time participating in a 1 Minute Shopping Spree at Watsons. I am very thankful to be one of the 10 lucky winners in Watsons'  Switch and Save Instagram Contest.
The shopping spree was held at Watson's latest concept store in Sunway Velocity Mall in Kuala Lumpur and was graced by celebrities like Amber Chia, Fuying and Sam who are also Watsons Celebrity Friends. Everyone was waiting excitedly for their appearance.

And so...since this mall is very new to me, I decided to arrive an hour earlier to explore the new much talked about mall and surely it didn't disappoint me.  After exploring the mall, I began to explore the Watsons store at Velocity Mall and tried to familiarise with the merchandizing display of all the Watsons Brands products. I was already strategizing in my head which products to go for, which station to head on to first, what are the great buys there...etc...etc..etc,,, Basically doing your homework first counts.
Here are some of the range of products offered by Watsons Brand. The Watsons Brand has a long standing legacy of  providing affordable, high-quality and value for money products for any household. 

From shampoo, conditioner, bath creams, bath gels, body scrubs, skin care to mask, oral care such as toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouth wash, tissue, cotton, hand creams, earbuds and even condoms. Watsons Brand has it all!

Watch how the lucky contestants spring into action here for their 1 minute shopping spree at Watsons.

 Basically we get to keep all that we can grab in that 1 minute. How exciting. My heart was pounding already even before we began. Some tips from my media friends also help because they advise me what are the best deals to grab! Thank you Bosco and Steven for your tips!

Posing with some of the stuff I sapu.

Here's my haul!

Some memorable photos with the gorgeous Amber Chia
And my blogger friends, Fish and Elana. I love this shot with us in three very different hair colours.

Jude Benjamin was the coolest emcee I have ever seen. He got the crowd super excited too.

And here's a cute photo of Fuying and Sam, the Mando-Pop singing duo. They look kinda alike here. 

Seen here in red is Caryn Loh, the General Manager and Country Head of Watsons Malaysia together with the Watsons Celebrity Friends.
Check out the massive crowd.
Winners Take It All!

My two load full of Watsons Brand Goodies. Yay! Some to be shared with my colleagues at work too. I win = they win too!
The 1 minute happened so fast as I made my dash across 6 different stations. One second I was here, the next second I was at another aisle. Looking back it was one heck of an awesome adrenaline pumping and heart beating experience!

Another lucky winner whom I made friends with. We even sempat exchanged an item!
I gave her a body scrub and she gave me a new conditioner range which I had also wanted to try but could not get to that aisle on time.
At the counter where they would check if all the items are Watsons Brand. Luckily I know Watsons Brands well enough that I do not have other brands in my trolly. Otherwise kena return balik.

My super looooooooong recepit that came up to almost RM 666 for that 1 minute shopping spree. This was the ultimate once in a lifetime experience shopping almost RM666 in 1 minute! Geng or not?
Lastly we were all entertained by the singing duo's remarkable performance.  There was also an exclusive engagement with Amber Chia and Fuying and Sam whcih includes stage games and the opportunity for photograph and signed postcards by the celebrities.

The Switch and Save campaign with Watsons Brand is an ongoing initiative by Watsons Malaysia to ensure VIP Members and customers receive the best quality of products with affordable price. For more attractive promotions, log on to or visit their facebook page at


  1. congrats, love your choices :D

  2. OMG!! so many products!! Nice!! <3