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Friday, August 5, 2016

My Hadyai Trip (Part 5) - Where I stayed

Thank you friends who have been anticipating my Hadyai series of blogposts...macam tengok movie kejar episodes.....and yes...all these exciting places I visited I share via my blog in parts cause it's just too many stories and pictures to share all in 1 blogpost! Good question, Sherry on where I stayed. I have saved this piece for the last of my Hadyai blogpost series.

VL Hadyai was the place I stayed. It's located next to the Kim Yong Market where you can do some morning market shopping pagi-pagi in the morning.

 The hotel looks like this!

The room is clean and fuss free and comes with a nice view of Hadyai Town
The view from my hotel room

Overlooking the mini stalls selling snacks, clothes and fruits.

Cashew nuts are aplenty and a must buy here. A pack is around 100 - 200Baht (deepending on the weight you choose). There are raw and roasted ones for your to choose from. I usually buy the cooked ones.
Creative selling. Traders attract buyers by "beautifying" their fruits with these leaves. Made me look twice. These are not the actual leaves for the grapes, but rather some sort of deco to make it more appealing and attractive to the buyers or subconsciously it made the grapes look fresher I guess.
As we walked through passing these stalls, we reached Kim Yong Market with loads of fresh vegetables, flowers, snacks and at the corner is the wet market where you can buy more stuff like meat and sausages. Fresh flowers on sale. I actually bought some Jasmine home for my dad to put in his car.

Super fresh har mai (dried prawns). Just look at the colour (in bright orange)
Loads of fresh vegetables on sale.

One of the attractions at the Kim Yong Morning Market is this Yow Char Kway Stall. It's a must have and goes really well with kaya. Their kaya is slightly of a different colour compared to the ones I have back home. It's slightly orange in colour. The kaya are sold separately. A perfect match made in heaven!

Other fried stuff 

Sausages sold inside the wet market. Bought some back home for mom to try. 
 It's soft and tender and super nice!

Obsessed with sausages, I bought these two more packs from one of the local stalls at the Kim Yong Market as it was also recommended by my friend. It costs about 100 Baht each.
Some of my haul from Kim Yong Market. Mostly for mum.

I bought the longan oh so fresh and a packet of sausages,  hak loh mai and their local sugarcane sugar. According to my friend who is a great cook, he highly recommends the hak loh mai (black pack) cause it's nicer quality in Thailand.

Hadyai is truly a food paradise but I find that Bangkok has much more to offer in tems of shopping options. Overall it was a satisfying jalan-jalan cari makan trip. When I visit Bangkok, my shopping lagi gila than in Hadyai cause there's just so much more to see and shop there. #gilashopping

This will be my last post for my Hadyai Trip. Hope you've enjoyed reading all 5 "Episodes"


  1. good info here as many yrs no go... think last visit is 3 yrs back

    1. Now u can easily go....with ETS and a van ride.