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Sunday, March 27, 2016

It's a celebration of colours

Happy Holi! Friendly strangers greeted me and wiped some colours on my cheeks as I walked in to the gates of the Shree Lakshmi Narayan Mandir temple at Jalan Ipoh yesterday.
Holi is the most colourful and vibrant festival and is a spring festival in India or simply known as festival of colours. 

In India, Holi announces the arrival of spring and the passing of winter.

The highlights of this festival is bright coloured powder known as "gulal" are thrown on people's faces and followed by splashing of water. It is a celebration of triumph of good over bad. This colourful festival falls on Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon) which is usually in Febuary/March.

Here are some of my photos taken from the merry festival. It's my first time attending this and you will be surprised that many expats also join in the fun! And even my expat friends can tell me so much about this festival.

 It was a huge turn out and a great success at the event.This event even made it to the Malaysian Book of Records for the largest Holi Festival at 6000 pax. Wooohooooo!

 Hmmm...this makes an interesting hair dye (just kidding)

 In high spirits

 It was certainly raining colours and everyone was coloured bombed at the scene. No one escapes! Hahahaha! Look at me all drenched in colours! After this I had to throw away my shirt. No point washing it. My very first experience of the Holi Festival was indeed very memorable. I did some reading beforehand on some FAQ and what to expect. We were asked to bring minimal items and waterproof our phones or our valuables because you'll never know if you end up wet from top to toe. It is best to bring spare towels and clothes to change after the event. Good job organizers!
View more fun photos of participants with the following hashtags on instagram

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Jurlique My Precious Hands

Jurlique hosted a handful of bloggers a wonderful get together session at Destino Cafe on Saturday. During the event we were brought closer to the brand's latest luxurious hand cream collection. 

These formulation feels rich on my palm, yet it absorbs quickly, maintaining a level of moisture in my hands. It leaves my hands feeling soft and supple. It moisturizes and restores smoothness on my skin.

The brand relaunch their luxurious hand creams that now comes in a new and recyclable plastic packaging. 

With their new and recyclable plastic packaging, it helps reduces their enviromental impact by around 28% and eliminates around 70% of wastage during production. Each year, their new and recyclable hand cream packaging will help save:

* 1,351,000L of water
* 27,300kg of solid waste
* 40,500kg of carbon emissions  

The hand creams are available in four soothing scents
They are Rose, Jasmine, Lavender and Citrus.
The Rose is my favourite scent. I love how sweet it smells. 

Eddie Wong, the sales and marketing manager addressing his opening speech.

 Sweet Illy of during her sharing session.

 And me sharing stories of my precious hands. Thank you for the opportunity, Jurlique.

Some of the gorgeous bloggers that came.

We were invited to discover the importance of our precious hands session. I was truly touched with this video. Great cinematography and mood effects!

Nature is the heart and soul of Jurlique, so it’s no surprise that the inspiration for Jurlique's hand creams came from the garden and their co-founder, Ulrike Klein.

In the same way Mother Nature nurtures the plants, soil and life force around us, Ulrike has always believed in the power of nature to nurture us.
This principle is the very essence of the Jurlique farm, where we use holistic biodynamic† farming methods to care for the Earth as it cares for us.
After long hours of working the soil at the Jurlique farm, Ulrike found that her hands were often very dry, and in need of extra care.
So she decided to develop a hand cream that would not only give her hands the deep hydration they needed, but also celebrate her deep love of nature.
The result was Jurlique's now-iconic Rose Hand Cream, which is rich in Rose extracts and our exclusive biodynamic† blend of potent farm ingredients. Its unique rose fragrance enlivens your senses as it reconnects you to nature. And its deeply hydrating formula leaves skin as soft and supple as the rose petals that inspired it.
  Jurlique's Hand Creams (40ml – RM103 & 125ml – RM202) contains a rich blend of potent herbs, all of which are grown and extracted at Jurlique's farm in the Adelaide Hills.

• Calendula: Soothes and rebalances sensitive skin
• Chamomile: Hydrates and calms dry skin and restore radiance
• Daisy: Refreshes skin and rebalances oiliness
• Pansy: Soothes the skin
• Echinacea: Rebalances oiliness and soothes skin
• Sweet Violet: Rebalances delicate skin
• Marshmallow: Intensively hydrates and softens dry skin
• Rose: Softens balances and restores the skin.

The result: Beautifully soft, smooth and delicately scented hands.
At the end of the session we all had fun making our very own personalized terrarium.
Look Ma! I have greenthumbs!

 My very first DIY pot of terrarium which I proudly brought home.

 Other fellow blogger friends hard at work creating their own masterpiece Terrarium.
Posing proudly with her very own terrarium is the beautiful and sexy Rane of
 With Illy and Yuki whom I just met. What a great Saturday afternoon this was. Making new friends and meeting long lost friends for a great catch up session.

 A true Malaysian beauty at heart.
Meet the cute and bubbly Sabby Prue of

 And finally a group shot for remembrance. Thank you Jurlique for hosting this blogger session which is so meaningful with some great learning.

For more info, follow Jurlique on these social media platforms.
Instagram: @jurliquemy

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunway Pyramid: School's Out!

School's Out!
Hooray for school holidays!
Discover and explore at Sunway Pyramid this March's School Holidays!

Sunway Pyramid celebrates the March School Holidays through an adventure filled time with Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers!
Starting from 11 March till 20 Mac 2016, Sunway Pyramid brings you Discovery Explorers at the LG Blue Concourse. 

Families can expect a fun-filled time with four very different games and challenges. Not only are the games fun, they are educational too!
Aside from Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers, check out the other fun events in conjunction with the school holidays like Horlicks NutriQuest (10 – 13 March) and The Kinder Wonderland (18 – 20 March)!

Bring the entire family for a fun time of learning & adventure with these educational activities!

10-13 March: Horlicks NutriQuest @ Orange Concourse
11-20 March: Discovery Channel’s Discovery Explorers @ Blue Concourse
18-20 March: The Kinder Wonderland @ Orange Concourse

More pictures of the event here
 A whole new world of experience and igniting the child's curiosity.
Some interesting games for quality time with your children.

Digging for gold and get rewarded


With the hype of Virtual Reality these days, Sunway Pyramid is proud to let children and adults alike experience it with their very own eyes!

Kids and adults alike love the virtual reality experience.


It's fun and educational for the whole family.
Picture time!


Dressing up as a builder

Curious little minds at work

For a fun filled adventure, look no further. 
Come on over to LG Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid today!

Freebies, exciting activities and maximum fun awaits!

Follow Sunway Pyramid's Facebook page for more exciting activities and updates.