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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Healthland Spa at Renaissance Hotel KL

Recently my friend discovered this deal on Groupon and invited me to come along with her, which I never regret going.
Here are the fine print for the deal.
The deal that I bought was a package for 2 person on a week day, priced at RM 108. Hence per person is only RM 54 which is so worth it!

I tried the 90 mins Aromatherapy massage which was heavenly. My masseur did a fantastic job with her strong pressure hands. I just loved it!

Thereafter my massage, I went for a dip in the hot tub and I also get to enjoy the sauna and steam room for up to 3 hours. However there was no food included. Just drinks.
Check out the photos below and be blown away by the serenity of the place.

The entrance

Classy deco

I sat and chill for a moment while waiting for my assigned masseur.
We were given a foot bath and scrub here before my massage session begins.

90 mins massage in progress....aaaaahhhhhhh......
Do not disturb. Shhhhh...
Sorry no naked pictures here.

So let's continue...after my super fantastic massage, I was led to this area where a hot jacuzzi tub awaits me! Like a little girl jumping excitedly, I quickly showered and hit the tub.
The water was hot and I had to take it slow and steady.
I was given a simple one piece dress sarung where I can wear it in the hot tub.
It was so...relaxing. I wish I could stay in here forever!
However it only lasteed like 15 minutes cause I was feeling dizzy already.
Time to get hydrated. I drank water first before hitting the sauna and steam room thereafter.
The view. Aint it a paradise? A great place to rejuvenate. I felt so good after the spa session.
My spa day would not be complete without me lazing around these super comfy lounge chairs. I swear it's damn comfortable! I just want to sleep here. Lights are low and level of noise is as quiet as a mouse. Ahhh...peace and quiet at last!

After posting my spa day pictures on facebook, I have so many friends asking me about this place. So friends, here's deal.

See REAL DEAL here

For more info, log on to

Instagram handle: healthlandmy

Healthland Wellness Centre, 
Renaissance Hotel, KL Branch is located at: 
Lots LGF, Lower Ground, LL12 & LL13,
Lower Lobby, Renaissance KL Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2724 0915/ 0916


  1. Replies
    1. U mesti cuba Mr Choo. Simply best! Miss massages eh?

  2. Nice one! Love SPA & Massage a lot! Maybe Winson could treat us to this lol

  3. Hey do they have some zen-out kinda in-house music?? that would really help me to relax.

  4. Hey do they have some zen-out kinda in-house music?? that would really help me to relax.