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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas 2014 at 1 Utama

We're in December already and I can smell Christmas already.
Christmas is my favourite time of the year. 
It is when friends meet up and catchup.
It's also the spirit of giving (and receiving)
I usually look forward for decorations around the malls.
Here's 1 Utama's 2014 Christmas deco this year.
Special thanks to my girlfriend, Lee Yong for these awesome pics. 
She was there over the weekend.
Here's a glimpse on what's in store. Enjoy!
The overview.
This year, 1 Utama's Christmas is surrounded by animals. 
It's a gathering of cute looking animals. 
Time for some wefie with the animals?
From hedgehogs to penguins, to bears, lions and elephants and the fox.
It's so "meriah' to see all these animals coming together.
 The floor sticker is like frozen ice age. 
There are also kiosk around the centre court for all your shopping needs.
Head on over to find your perfect gift for this season.
 Check out the die-cut animals. Don't miss out taking pictures with them.
 They are just so adorable. So which animal is your favourite?
Mine would be the meerkats
 In the Christmas mood already? Well I am.

These Racoon looks so cute too.
One will never be lonely surrounded by a party of animals of all kinds.

Have a blessed Christmas, my friends
Shop till you drop and 
spread the love and joy this Christmas.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ding Emperor Steamboat in SS2

Eating Steamboat is never the same again once you step into this place. 
It's called Ding Emperor and is located at the heart of SS2 
(just next to KFC at SS2, behind Public Bank)
    You can tell from its furnishings that this place looks expensive. It's like fine dining.

Check out the detailed design elements even from the front porch of the restaurant.
And the door reminds me of a traditional Chinese wedding or opening. 
The usual Chinese customs.

The wall is pretty unique shaped like a vase (probably a Ming Vase)
The place looks like I was transported back to ancient China. Wait till you see the waiter's uniform. Sneak peak from the guy walking.
The deco is so oriental! You simply cannot run away from China's influence here.
It's like from those Dynasty days.

This piece of ancient China deco is places in between the Vase looking walls.

Here is a look at their seatings
Clean and very neat
Chinese Oriental influence at the backdrop and everywhere else.
The manager may not be experienced in the food business cause she did not allow customers to settle down and digest the menu before ordering. She straight away came to our table and wanted to take our orders even before we had a look at the menu.
Maybe she didn't know we were first time customers.

The menu design blends in with the theme of the restaurant.
First, you select your soup base. We opted for the twin flavours (RM18.00)
And that's just for the soup base. Other add ons are priced separately. 
Here's a look at my twin flavour soup base.One side is malat and the other is cheng tong.
Taking a sip, I can tell you that they use quality ingredients in preparing the soup base.

On an average, per plate is about RM 8 and it comes in either half or full portion.
Neat looking makan utensils
Here's a look at the add ons we ordered.

Karage Chicken
Check out the waiter's uniform. It's like from the olden days of kung fu fighting.
The malat soup base can be quite spicy. Be warned!
In goes all the items we ordered.

To complete the meal, you can create your own sauce. Just go wild. 
Mix and match as you like. Be adventurous.
Here's my combination. The manager made it for me.
Somehow she seems like the guardian of the sauces too. I wonder if customers can do it on their own? Hmmmm...I had the impression since all ingredients are so expensive here she may not let customers touch cause we may take more and it's cost for the company.

According to the manager, all the sauces are thick and are not diluted. 
The sauce acts a a dip to the vege, meatballs, mushrooms..etc
For those who still do not know, which restaurant is this
here's a glimpse of the outlook of the restaurant. 
But too bad, it's all in Chinese and I can't read it!
Only from the back of the menu I found out the name of this place (see last picture below)
Overall, the ambience is good with lots of rich Chinese ancient culture to see on the deco.
I was runnning around taking so many interesting pictures for my readers and even planning a blogpost to help promote this nice looking restaurant. The manager thought that I was a spy in disguise studying and eyeing on the restaurant. Kelakar betul!
And here's the address if you want to give this place a try. 
Food is good but can be a bit heavy on the pockets.
Don't bother surfing the website cause it does not work.
Only opened two months for business. I guess their website is not ready.