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Sunday, October 26, 2014

My New REDKEN HAIR Transformation

I have been dreaming to have purple hair or ombre mixture of colours like these. 
Katy Perry has become one of my source of inspiration. I have always loved not just her talent, but her bold hair colour selection. 

At the Asian level, Miriam Yeung's purple locks make me drool.
 Having done my fair share of purple hair and ombre hair research, I have decided to colour my hair in multiple colours this time with colours liking towards 
blues, purples and possibly greens. It has been almost 10 years since I bleached my hair. 
I wanted something fun, adding a touch of vibrancy to my hair.
Also saw this HK Aunty with purple hair while watching Astro On Demand. 
And I jumped at the chance when I won a RM300 sponsored hair service from Redken.
I picked Antico at Uptown for this task.
In my mind I was still thinking if I should go purple all the way or have a mix of colours.
 I approached the professionals at Antico for a consultation and opinion.

I was given a colour chart to study and pick but these colours does not meet my requirements as I have set my sight on fashion colours 
with heavy preference on purple and blue.
After briefing and discussing with Ben, my assigned stylist, he advised that I should go for a colour mix  of 2 colours plus a base colour to cover all my unwanted grey hair.

My obsession with ombre hair has cost me RM648.
This covers hair colouring (3 colours including my base colour) , bleaching and protective treatment/ residue removal service.  That does not even include a hair cut. 

If I add in the hair cut, my budget will blow even further and I was not ready to fork out RM448 from my pocket for this initial experiment. That does not even take into account the RM300 sponsored by Redken. But I did it anyway. I took it as a treat to myself.
Yes, it is expensive to look good.
 A shot before we start the process.
Bye Bye Normal Boring Hair.
 Step 1: Bleaching
I was advised by Ben to do a "peek-a-boo" strategy for my hair. Meaning the colours will be slightly hidden down under with a now-you-see-it, now-you-don't effect. 
The psychology part here is that people would want to take a peek and see more. 
As my hair was thinning from above, Ben also advised that I should do the colours on the inner parts of my hair where my roots are stronger.
I bought the idea.
 Me with a space ship looking device which is a heater for a quicker action on the bleaching.
 Went through multiple times as my hair colour was a bit stubborn. Did this 3-4 times to achieve the right bleached tone. See my grey hair showing.
 Once this process is done, you can see my original bleached hair. 
 No. I'm not done yet.
 Ben and Steve assisting me with my new hair transformation.

 As you can see the bleached areas are more skewed towards the back of the hair compared to the front.
 Front looks a bit too normal
Next, relevant colours like Blue and Purple were applied onto bleached areas.
The base was a special colour selected by Ben for me. 
He said it's a matte feel, slightly greenish. I left it to him as he is the sifu.

 I hope it's not too green.
 Time to leave in the colours to "set"
Considerate Ben asked if I was hungry and he helped me order food from next door. Imagine I sat there from 12pm - 4pm and yes, my stomach was growling already.
Here's a first look at how the colours came out after the blow dry session.
It wasn't as vibrant as I expected it to be.
Another shot. 
Ben explained this is a hair chalk kind of effect. 
Ben set my hair and I look like a wild thing.
Giving me a slight messy look.
 Can't really see the colours on the front shot.

 But from this top view boleh lah
 Tapi I rasa macam maybe my hair colour is too dark. 
The colour yang I nak macam tak kleluar vibrant sangat.
A slightly mild version of what I expected.
Let's see in the next few days how will this look under the sun.
 A few more frontal shots which tak nampak colour sangat. 
But the good news is that all my grey hair sudah cover.

Last shot with Redken background behind before I cabut.
total time spent at the salon today was from 12.00 noon - 5.30pm.
Hope it's worth it! Sebab to achieve ombre hair like this bukan main murah.
Quoted from a  few salon pun lebih kurang RM600.
I will know in the next few days if my colour stands out.
In the coming months once this colour fades, 
I will have my Manic Panic in Purple Haze to safe the day. 
Standby for the next colouring touch up blogpost when this wears out.
And let's see how Manic Panic fares on my hair then.

Also just ordered this Shocking Blue. 

Let's experiment in a month or two when the colour fades out. 
Stay tuned for my Manic Panic Review.


  1. Sorry to hear that the color didn't turn out as vibrant as you expected .. Anyway looking forward to your magic panic review ! :D

  2. I think the colour was badly done. for rm638 don u think its overprice?

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