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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bengkel Cosmo 101

On a Sunday morning, I woke up early and attended this Cosmopolitan Event.

It was held at Blue Med Restaurant, Mid Valley. It was a nice place with a great ambience.
Cosmo team, you chose the right place!

Event line up. 
Full day from 9am - 4pm. FUYUH!

Ahhh...the sight of goodie bags for all the 30 participants

Session 1: Kose

Me posing with sponsor products, Kose

Look at their extensive range of products!
From skincare to BB Creams. Hmmm..I never knew Kose had BB creams.

Kenalan baru semeja saya, Shida.

Posing with new found friends, Samantha, Grace Tan and Nicole Lee

Lompat ke meja lain untuk mengenali kawan-kawan baru, Liza, Ana dan Leena.

Shida dan Shirin antara participants di bengkel Cosmo 101

Orang kuat Cosmo, Editor, Eena

Jo from Kose doing her presentation on how to achieve beautiful bright skin with Kose.

The extensive range that Kose has :

Daily Basic Care - Toner, Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, Cleansing Cream
Daily Special Care - Serum, Essence
 Weekly Support Care - Mask (used once to twice a week to boost up skin function)

Me posing with Kose's BB Cream and Sekkisei 

The Benefits of Sekkisei Lotion

Demo by Kose trainer.

Cherry sized portion of cleansing gel

Sapu pada muka (ada tekniknya)

Next guna Sekkisei Lotion to replenish moisture 

Followed by mask 
(either guna Kose's ready mask sheet or 
rendam capsule mask into a cap-full of Sekkeisei lotion)

It will soak up the Sekkisei Lotion and bila buka, VOILA, you have a mask sheet!

BOO! Do I look scary or what! 
Leave it on for 10 min's for the benefits of Sekkisei lotion to meresap ke dalam kulit.

 Directions of use - Sekkisei Lotion Mask

Next put on the Sekkisei Emulsion

End with Sunblock

And BB Cream to finish look

So, Am I Glowing yet?

Like our polished look? Glowing with radiance, right?

 CP's somments on Kose's BB Cream. 
Love the bright, light weight  and texture of the product.
Shades Available
01 - For Fair Skin
02 -Natural Tone

I used 02 tone here.

Lucky me!  Menang hadiah from Q&A Session

Inilah hadiahnya! Thanks, Kose for the Esprique Make up set.

Session 2: Schwarzkopf

Session 2 was presented by Schwarzkopf, the haircare professionals.

Their range of styling products , OSIS+
that are categorized into 3 categories:

They have 18 types of styling products! That's incredible!

We were also introduced to the Scalp care BC BONACURE range by Schwarzkopf

I'm amazed by their range of products.

There are 3 types of shampoo, namely:
Deep Cleansing
Dandruff Control and Sensitive Soothe

Lina Tan of Schwarzkopf guided us with a scalp test with these:

My Sebum level was pretty high that day! I have an oily scalp!

Lina Tan was so full of fun ! 
This mighty lady also has a  great sense of humour when presenting. 
I love her style.

Tengok gelagat-gelagatnya yang mencuit hati. Banyak tips-tips yang dikongsi bersama kami.

or link here

Sayalah orang paling happy dapat cuba product dari jenama terkenal ini. Ini antara product yang saya menang dalam segment Q&A. She was so generous in giving out hadiahs to participants and kind enough to give me a scalp therapy shampoo (DEEP CLEANSING RANGE) to try to aid my oily scalp. I will do a separate product review on this later.

For more details sila layari

Gambar buat kenangan: Sempat bergambar dengan Lina Tan.

Session 3: Skechers

 Antara rangkaian kasut Skechers yang menggabungkan stail dan keselesaan.

Samantha posing with her favourite pair

Inilah favourite pair saya (gambar atas)! Pelbagai warna! These shoes look so comfortable!

Looking chic and fantabulous!

           Jacky Hussein the deputy editor of Cosmo in action. Inilah orang kuat Cosmo juga.

Jacky Hussein the deputy editor of Cosmo in action

Suka sangat kasutnya. Hebat bergaya, bukan?

Jacky and her models of the day. 
She shared with us on how to match an outfit with the right shoes. 
Skechers have it all. Marrying comfort with style.

The one and only Kelly Wedges that goes well with almost anything. 
Tapak kasutnya yang stable menjadikan walking a breeze.

Watch her video here

Samantha and Jacky having a light moment!

Dalam segment lucky draw, Jacinta menang juga! Congrats girl!

Session 4: GAP

Kami beralih pula ke GAP di Gardens, Mid Valley untuk sesi seterusnya

Gambar buat kenangan bersama Jacky Hussein selaku Deputy Editor Cosmopolitan Malaysia

Photographer hard at work. Tangkap gambar behind the scenes.

Peek -A -Boo with Jacinta.

3 peserta bertuah yang dapat styling dan midas touch daripada Jacky.

 Check out the crowd of participants. 

Jacky showed us how a denim-over-denim look 
can be enhanced by using accessories and a belt.

Tak sempat tangkap gambar 2 model lagi...Sorry ya! Sebab kena rush ke tempat lain.

Watch her video here

Last but not least, tangkap one more gambar with Fabian dari team Cosmo.
Thank you Cosmo for organizing such a fun and informative bengkel. 
Hope more to come in the future.

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