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Monday, September 30, 2013


Yup! You read it right. That was my conclusion for this awesome event which I attended with blogger friends thanks to PinkNProper for sponsoring the Hed Kandi event.

At the lobby my girlfriend and I were greeted by darling angels! We were ushered our way up to the pool area and given VIP treatment! Kudos to the organizers.

Made a dash to the pink beanie bag and did my "relaxing" pose. Ahhhh...lega rasanya.

Ahhh....lagi...I couldn't ask for more...Sunset by the pool! AWESOME!

There were some guests already playing in the pool. Check out the cute floats.

Activity of the day:

A) Check out PinkNProper Bikini Collection.

This one is a Monokini (one whole attached piece) This is my favourite piece! Caught my eye he last time. Another vibrant piece sighted (blue monokini). These are high in demand and super trendy.


B) Pose with coke cans to join their contest #sharemycokelah.

Here's one cute pose with my new found BFF, Edazz. Ain't she cute!

We were busy taking pictures when this guy appeared out of nowhere from behind and thus he was in the picture with us! Fooling around I guess.


C) Next activity (my own activity) was to tangkap gambar for another contest.
Talk about preparation & maximizing time!

Love this colourful shot groupie! Thanks ladies for assisting. If menang will share prize with you all.

D) Taking more lovely pictures with all the leng lui bloggers.
We are so colourful.
Seen here is Chency & Amelie.


E) Making new friends
F) Mermaid Sighting
Yes, our very own mermaid and she swims really well. A super leng lui too! She was kind enough to hop on land for bloggers photography session. 
Splish Splash she was making a dash!
G) Group Photo Time
This shot reminds me of a poster from a movie or something.
The bloggers that came & rocked the party that night! All so hot looking!
H) Getting Wet
All the bloggers ended up in the pool getting wet! We girls sure know how to have fun!
Picture credit: pinknproper
Day ended with 101% satisfaction!
Thank you for inviting me to your party, Pinknproper.
Video courtesy of LUMA LAB here


  1. This time more fun la....Love the mermaid!

  2. love love love hanging out with all of you!

  3. great to meet you that night!
    Everyone get wet at all!