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Sunday, August 25, 2013

KFC - Are You K Enough? Korean Singing Competition (CP's Journey Part 1)

W O W!

This competition happened on 6th July 2013 and now only I blogged about it.

As part of the Spicy Korean Burger promotion, there was a Korean singing contest held on 6th July 2013. Yup! That was the day of the Finals where the top 10 performed.

I will share some pictures below.

The mechanics:
In order to enter, customers have to come up with one video of themselves or with friends singing a Korean song and then upload to the contest tab in the Facebook page.
They will have to share the video with their Facebook network and get as many ‘likes’ as possible.
The top ten videos with the most ‘likes’ will make it to the finals, where one lucky grand prize winner will be flown on a six-day four-night trip to South Korea.

Source :
(Credit goes to Borneo Post)

My journey....begins when I uploaded this video

By July was informed I made it to top 10. I was thrilled! There were a total of 36 entries.
I was damn lucky!

SATU DUA TIGA Let's Pose together!

 Here are some random shots with some friends I made that day. Yes, they are all very talented contestants, Elaine Chung and Kimberly Yong

(Note how "Plain Jane" I was before showtime)

VOILA! My look of the night after my transformation! Super Bling Outfit.

    Sempat tangkap gambar in front of stage and Fooling around with my third eye before before the competition begins.

Check out of similarities in terms of outfit with the Female Talent in KFC's TVC.

And the show begins with 10 of us vying for the GRAND all expenses paid trip to KOREA!

Some contestants showing off their dance moves and vocals! All were so talented and young!

Talented Elaine Chung with her song We were in love(우리 사랑했잖아) by Davichi & T-ara(다비치&티아라) I just love her powerful vocals and in the end I fell in love with this song!

Talented Kimberly Yong that showcased her keyboard skills topped with singing. I really admire people who can sing & play at the same time. Not an easy task.

And here's one shot of me in action! In a full swing of expressions and in BLING! I sang Because I'm A Girl by KISS. One of my all time favourite Korean song.

Kimberly Wong sang a song by Ailee(에일리) _ Heaven and I fell in love with this song too!
After this competition I have two new Korean songs to learn!

The talented Fatma Wati who is so immersed in her performance & she delivered such a great performance too!

Judges of the day:
Dennis Lau (Malaysia's top Violin Player & musician) 
& Najwa Latif (Malaysia's up & coming songstress)

My heart skipped a little when they announced third place. Congrats to Kimberly Wong who won cash RM1,000. BOOM! I was caught by surprise with the cracker so loud that I covered my ears. My ears were still covered when they announced the second winner, Fatma Wati who won air tickets  for two to Korea.

And then I was still closing my ears when they announced the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!
YONG CHOY PENG! That's Me! I was still closing my ears....(Yes I very takut balloons and fireworks)
It took a while for reality to sink in that I had to go up on stage to receive my prize. I was stunned! I could not believe it! I actually won the trip for two to KOREA! And I was just setting my resolution to go there in a year's time! Thank you KFC Malaysia for making this possible for me! It certainly is a dream come true! And my mom arrived in the nick of time to share my happiness with me.

And here's my winning moment!

Mom looks cute here with the peace sign pose. Like a little girl.

I was practically in tears and could not believe it! I have actually won an all expenses trip to KOREA and I'm bringing my mom. The best moment was that my mom was able to witness my winning and I was just so touched!

MUM, this one's for you. MUACKS!

YAY! We're going to Korea next year! Thank you KFC Malaysia for the wonderful gift. And I will blog bout my trip in Part 2 next year with lots of interesting pictures!
Stay tuned!