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Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's A Bird. It's A Plane. 


It's Plus Size Kitten's Birthday Bash.

Thanks to TGV and I was one of the privilege few to attend. 
I scored two seats from the Instagram Photo Contest and the movie was shown in the BEANIEPLEX. 

YAY! My very first experience at TGV's latest Beanieplex. 
I was so excited and  looking forward to it. The movie screened was Man of Steel aka SUPERMAN. Got there super early and the table setting was awesome. Tammy, Regina from TGV & team put so much effort into making it a successful birthday bash. Awww..Tammy Happy Birthday! Look at the table setting. We were all spoiled with sweetness, all so colourful & edible. So much thought was put into the concept to blend in with the show. 
I must say. GREAT JOB!!!


Food presentation was done in great detail. 
Check out the cupcakes!

  Yummy Cookies.

 Colourful Jelly Beans & Sweets.

More Munchies.

The Goodies & Props.

This was how I "relaxed" at the Beanie seats. AAahhhh!

MY Partner for the day

Group Shot (Opps I closed my eyes)

One shot with the hostess, Tammy.

Was one of the best dressed winner. Won a bagful of prizes sponsored by Olay. Now I can go back & hadiahkan to my mom. HEHEEHE!

Got to know some new friends there at the party. Chency ( & Amelie (  2 lovely bloggers. We were having so much fun at the after party.
Check out the pics below.

Love your blue hair, Chency! And your lashes, Amelie!

Rainbow colour cake by BISOU.

Cake Cutting Ceremony.

And the conclusion to my costume.

You will need:
1) A Blue Superman top
2) A Red Skirt
3) A red shirt to fold behind as a cape.
4) A DIY Hairband with Iron On Sticker

VOILA, you will have my supergirl look. 


Day Ended with more shopping & strolling till 6pm at One Utama. 
What an awesomely fruitful day!


  1. thanks for coming and being such a awesome reader Choy Peng!!! u really got semangat for all this.. tengok your costume dah tau! You deserve the best dressed!!!!!! but why u bagi ur mom?!!! sob sob........

    1. Wah! It's been almost a year now and I've grown so much as a blogger. Looking back at this post I baru started blogging....