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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Starcruise (Penang)


We can check in as early as 5.30pm! Ship leaves at 9pm.

Casiono gambling starts at 10pm when the ship is in INTERNATIONAL WATERS.

THE ROOM. With a tiny window. Double bunk beds that are hard to climb up & down without proper ladders. Option not to have a room : Standing pax at RM152 per head.

Starcruise's service is execllent! Staff mainly comprises of workers from The Philippines & China. They meet our every needs (without any discrimination)

Had a wonderful trip exploring the whole ship although my stay was just for a day. At 3.30am after completing my 4 hour karaoke session, I walked the deck at level 10 and tried to "feel" the breeze. The sea breeze gave me the chills and I could not stand it for more than 15 mins. Wonder how ppl can take it. It's freezing out there. Brrr....And pitch black. at night, cannot see anything. But daytime it's a different story. It's so great to see the sea in great light with clear blue skies. Wind at my face, the sun at my back. This is an awesome SHORT vacation. Took lots of pics. Here are some to share it with you. Overall satisfaction 9/10. Room for improvement: FOOD!

Make sure you bring your swimwear for a dip in the pool.