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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quirky Items for me and my pet dog

I am an animal lover as you all know and I lurve dogs. I have a schnauzer by the name of Rascal. Yup! My dad actually named him Rascal. I even create a #RascalYong for him on instagram so that I could reflect back all the good times with him and silly poses he has done. I am proud to say that I have trained my dog well to pose for the camera. Yes, he is camera ready at all times. Tell me about it! Sometimes I love to kacau him and make him pose with some of his food. He would patiently let me capture his poses without disturbing the items in front of him. #dogwelltrained.
Ahhhh...but I have my secret of how to get him look into the camera and hold still. I would have his doggie biscuit in front of me of course! Hahahaaha! Now you know my secret!

RascalYong pandai berposing for the camera.

And I love to tease him all the time and even take his videos.

My dog, Rascal Yong sells fish. This scene was inspired by a story of cat named dog that helps his owner to sell fish in Vietnam. Hence I decided to order some real-looking fish (they are pillows actually)

and have Rascal pose with these real looking fishes. I didn't get to dress him up like that cat cause I did not buy any cute costumes for him. I just made him pose in front of all these fishes and make him look like he is selling fishes!

Rascal now has his own toy fish. An orange KOI fish. Looks real as if he is eating that fish!

You know how you love your pet and sometimes I do waste a little bit of money pampering my dog with "nonsense". After buying my fish, I aspired to get him a toast pillow like this and wanted to make him to a "hot dog", literally. 
But then the joke was on me. The toast bread cushion that I ordered cannot fit that fatty! It was rather to small for him. 
So it ended up as cushion for my butt instead.

Fried Egg Blanket
The fried egg blanket looks cute too. OK! I better not waste anymore money getting him nonsense. I actually love getting creative stuff to make the pics look more interesting. These pics I picked up from the internet while props hunting.
Egg pillows of all sorts. Flat and rounded. I ended up not buying these. But they are just too cute to resist!

I love quirky things. In one of my earlier post, I even bought fugly looking fish shoes
And this finally because some house slippers. 
I can't wear it out walking the streets. But they are fun looking and makes a great conversation piece.
What quirky and weird items have you found online so far? Do share with me in your comments below. I would love to see what else I miss out!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

More than a petrol station

Gone are the days where Petrol stations were just a place you pump your petrol and buy some snacks. 

Stepping into the Petron at the East-West link, Taman Connaught, Cheras (along IKON Shopping Centre) is like walking in to a cafe! I kid you not! With proper tables and chairs and proper meals to satisfy your hunger, this place is worth checking out!
This Petron branch at Taman Connaught, Cheras houses a Quiznos Sub and a coffee chain called The Coffee Brewery. 
 This little cafe kiosk can serve up some rather amazing food and quench your thirst in more ways that you can imagine. 
The Coffee Brewery offers hot drinks, iced drinks and even ice blended drinks like these (they call it slush) to cool down on a hot sunny day. Drinks are interesting. We tried the Pecan Nut Flavoured Coffee in Slush form (RM12.20) and the Roasted Matcha Shake (RM16.00). 

For non-coffee drinkers, there is also something for you. You can opt for the Chocolate Slush (RM12.20) or the Pink Ladies (RM10.30) as a refreshing alternative.

And if you want to have a fuller meal, you can even have a Quiznos Sub. You can enjoy Quiznos in the form of a Sub (sandwich) and in this case I had a tuna sub.

You can even enjoy it in the form of a pizza if you want something light. It is thin and crispy to perfection. This is perfect for me as I am very much a pizza fan. Here I tried the Baja Chicken and the Mesquite Chicken. 

You can even add on waffle fries (RM4.90) as sides.
There are various fillings available. The sub comes in two sizes Regular and Large.The prices will be based on the fillings you pick.

Oh! By the way, for morning rush hours before your head in to work, you can even grab a bite with Quiznos' Breakfast Breakie Bites starting from RM6.00. Quiznos Sub can also be found at Jaya Shopping Centre, Mid Valley and JB Paradigm Mall.

The Coffee Brewery at this Petron branch also offers  pasta and waffles. I tried the classic cabonara (RM10.30)

and their berries waffle (RM15.00). The food presentation looks awesome and it comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's a perfect match that goes well with these waffles.
All these at a Petron? Oh Yes! Cafe styled food at a petrol station.
Wait....there's more......
What! They even serve mooncakes at a Petrol Station now? Yup! You've heard me right! Step right up into this Petron station at Taman Connaught and sink your teeth into some awesome mooncake flavours. Pair these mouthwatering mooncakes with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea at an unbeatable price. They have pretty interesting tea flavours too you know. This Cream Orange Tea (RM9.40) is bursting with aromatic flavour.
For RM19.90 you will get a cup of hot coffee and a mooncake. What a great deal this is!

Coffee and Mooncake Pairing.
These mooncake flavours just made my mouth water. 

 A box of 2 mooncakes are sold at RM38.80 and it comes in this classy packaging. 
5 amazing mooncake flavours are readily available. 

The Golden Gem
 The Golden Gem is my favourite. It is actually a salted egg custard mooncake. Sounds interesting eh?
Wait....I gotta tell you this. The inner egg yolk is actually not your usual hard egg yolk. It is soft and oozing with salted egg. Something different from the usual mooncakes I must say.

Classic Select
 Classic Select consist of white lotus single yolk. You can never go wrong with this. If you are buying mooncakes for older folks, pick this one. I love softness and freshness of the lotus paste in this one. And the best part is, it is not too sweet. 
The green one is the Matcha Tiramisu if you are looking for some unconventional flavours.
 The mooncake festival is coming soon. 
Hope you find your perfect mooncakes for gifting.
Besides this Petron station in Taman Connaught, you can also hop in to the Library Coffee Bar at IOI City Mall, 1 Utama and Penang Gurney Paragon to get your hands on these mouthwatering mooncakes. Or get it at the Coffee Brewery outlet at DPulze Shopping Centre at Cyberjaya.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Living My Mermaid Dream

Right now, I am living my MERMAID DREAM, thanks to APT SALON, Starling Mall. A little bit of Splish Splash with a combination of Blues, Purples and Bright Pink turns me into a walking, breathing mermaid. All I'm missing now is my tail! HAHAHA!
This is Jacky, my hairy-godfather, my hair care taker! I entrust my crowning glory to him and he helps take good care of my hair and making me look good all the time.
I felt a sense of reborn after sporting this hair colour. It brings positive vibes and smiles to people around me and yes, people do turn their heads to have a second or third look.
To achieve this look, Jacky segmented the hair into three parts. The top he filled it with blue. The centre with purple and at the ends a vibrant kind of pink! Wooooooo. I love the colour combination and I would say he reads my mind (and style) very well. I have always loved the blues and purples. I told him that I have not tried pink and viola there you have it! Pink at the ends which completes the colour blends in a perfect way.
Visit APT Starling Mall or call them for your next hair appointment at  03-7662 5933.