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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Eversoft Skinz UV-White Blogger Get Together

It was a glorious Saturday morning and I was invited to attend a Girls Get-Together Event hosted by the brand EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White

A group of bloggers united during this event held at Rondaevoo, Ativo Plaze to introduce the EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White range in a more intimate and personal setting. 
This place was just right for this kind of get-together event.

Some of the lovely guests at the event. 

I also made some new friends here at the event. 
Yay Yay! Dapat kenalan baru juga. Bestnya.

Alexiss Ng, the Product Manager for EVERSOFT SKINZ introduced EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White range of products and shared with us the 3 key benefits of the product: 
Radiant Fairness, Spots Lightening and Active Skin Repair.

The Emcee for the day was none other than the beautiful and talented Choo Mei Sze

Emcee Mei Sze proceeded with the demonstration on the right techniques of applying the 
5-steps regime of the UV-White products  

Step 1: Cleanse, Step 2: Tone, Step 3: Whiten, Step 4: Moisturize, Step 5: Protect.

And I was so excited to get a hands-on experience on EVERSOFT SKINZ UV-White's 
full range of products today.

The 5-Step Japanese Skincare Ritual for Radiant Procelain White Skin is finally revealed!

STEP 1: Cleanse

  A pump of  Eversoft's Deep Action Micro Cleansing Oil on my palm is enough to cleanse my whole face and helps remove impurities and make up. I then emulsify it with a  little water and massage gently on my face. Once it turns milky, it's time to rinse with water or wipe it away. Now my skin is clean as can be!  Next, comes the purifying facial foam.

 Step 2: Tone

With just a few drops, pat lightly on skin for maximum absorption.

Step 3: Whiten

 A pump of intensive whitening serum helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots, revealing a brighter and radiant skin.

Step 4: Moisturize

 Here I'm using Eversoft's Whitening Day Moisturiser with SPF20PA ++
Alternatively for night use, you may also try out their Intensive Night Moisturizer.

Next, renowned Image Consultant, Josephine Lui of Imaging Image Consultancy
demonstrated and highlighted on the importance of the 5th step – Protect with EVERSOFT SKINZ’s ‘Star Product’ the PERFECT WHITE BB Cream SPF 30 PA++.  

I have tried on the Perfect White BB Cream with SPF 30PA ++
The texture was moist and feels amazing on my skin. My skin tone was evened out almost immediately.
 If you're searching for the right BB Cream, I would recommend you consider this.
Here are some of the product benefits.

And here comes the best part. 
Kami 3 sekawan have very different skin tones. This photo was taken right after our application of the BB Cream and see how that one-tone-suits-all of our skin tones. 
It's just amazing!

Ms Lui also share with us on tips on how to choose the right color that compliments the skin complexion and get the best out of your confidence.
She highlighted on how we can improve with our self-image by manipulating the colours that we wear every day to bring out the best in your confidence. 
Before this I didn't even know there's a WARM RED and a COOL RED. 
Demo time!
So which do you think suits me better?
The answer is...I'm a Warm Colour Person! 
And I have a warm personality too! 
If you see me in an event, don't be shy to come up and say hello to me.
A picture perfect moment with the "orang kuat" behind the Eversoft brand.
 Edward, the marketing manager and Alexiss, the product manager from Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. looking radiant and glowing from within.

Edazz and I posing with the products.

Group shot

Lastly, thank you so much for having me at your event. 
It was a truly enjoyable event with so much to learn from the experts.
Plus all the pampering. 
I also truly enjoy using the Eversoft range of products and I'm sure I will love them all!

For more info, logon to: or visit

Till we meet again in my next blogpost!  

Monday, September 15, 2014

Makan Malam Bersama Scha Alyahya

Siapa peminat setia Scha Alyahya? 
She is one of my favourite artist.

Join this contest now to have a chance to dine with the beautiful and talented Scha Alyahya who is an actress, model and talented TV host.

Details in this poster. 

Good luck!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Say YES to WATSONS Brand - A Pampering Journey

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be a part of Watson's Pampering Journey with some of the Top 50 Glowing Personalities and top spenders which was held at Amani Wellness Centre at Scott Garden. 

Invited one of my close friends, Vera to join me on this pampering journey. 
Afterall, sharing is caring, right?
We were the earliest to arrive there. And walked around to familiarize with the centre. 
The Amani Wellness Centre comes complete with massage rooms, a salon parlour, a conference hall and some VIP treatment rooms. It was a nice and cosy place for a pampering session and Watsons couldn't have picked a better place.
We were greeted by Abby of Watsons
Here's a quick look at the relaxing room for our pampering session for the day. And me posing and seated like a Tai Tai in relaxing mode for the day and reading Watson's very own GLOW magazine.
 VIP Rooms for privacy. 
The VIP room was decorated with real LILY  FLOWERS and they emit a blooming scent so soft and sweet.  
We couldn't resist taking a "wefie' with the blooming LILY Flowers which our two heads blocked.  Aren't they a pretty sight!
The Watsons Premium Range of Argan Oil and Body Care Range was on display and we will also be able to try out these wonderful products during the pampering session.
The Watson's Naturals Argan Oil and Body Care Range's product review and range can be found in my older blogpost here

As I continued exploring, I walked into the conference area where it was well lit up in brighter lights. 
These were some of the other Watsons Hair Care Range on display. These are the Treatment Wax, Shampoos and Conditioners in yummy flavours. 
A sniff is like sweet smelling heaven. 
My favourite is the strawberry scent. It feels like I'm eating strawberry candy. 
Imagine getting to try on these later, I was super exited.
The premium range which consist of the Argan Oil  and Olive Range were also on display.

Being an inquisitive person who simply cannot sit still, I explored the other rooms and areas and the next place I stepped into is the salon area. I just can't wait to get my hair pampering session done with Watsons products!
Some of the range of hair care and treatment products on display at the shelves there. I just love these bright looking packaging. It cheers me up just by looking at them.

As I explored the place, I came across this nice meeting room at the centre.
Below: Decoration with spices.
We made out way to the presentation area.
The stage was set for a simple presentation later for us to get to know the brand better.
But before that, let's pose for a picture.
The nice people at Watsons have provided this backdrop and cute speech bubbles to make our pictures more interesting.
You can see we were having so much fun with all our poses.

In between we had really healthy food too.  Check out the mountain of salad.
Potato Salad, anyone? 

Yummy Muffins and sandwiches. The people at Watsons really pampered us.

And finally, here comes some of Watsons' Glowing Personalities.
It's super leggy Nadine Ann Thomas and the ever gorgeous Jojo Struys.

Picture opportunity with them.
Chui San, Watsons' Senior Marketing Exec was the emcee for the day.
She took us through some of Watsons' Achievements 
Some of the Top 50 Glowing Personalities and guests for the day listening attentively.
Next, Abby shared with us some new product development and introduced to us the Watsons Naturals Range which consist of the Argain Oil, and French Blood Orange collection.

Next it's time to meet these lovely Watsons Glowing Personalities and get to know what them a bit better. First up is Ferhad. 
Seen here is Ms Jessica Ng, the Marketing and Development Director and Caryn Loh, Watsons GM of Trading presenting a token of appreciation to these lovely personalities.
Watch what he has to say here:
Next, Nadine Ann Thomas was called on stage. Nadine is Malaysia's Beauty Queen.
She is Miss Universe Malaysia 2010.
Watch Nadine in action here:
Next in a Va Va Voom Stunning Red Attire is Michelle Lee. This talented and gorgeous lady is  a host on Astro Supersport and a part time DJ with Hitz FM.
Watch Michelle' up close and personal here:
Next is Megan Tan, the hist of 8TV's Quickie and Kan Cheong Kitchen.
Who doesn't know Jojo Stryus? She's one of my favourite and most lovable personalities.

Some tips from Jojo

And Ms Reem Shahwa whom I just got to know that day. She's a  Part Time DJ at Mix FM.

Celebrity Group Shot. Love all their cute and quirky poses.

You can also watch the other Watsons Glowing Personalities in action on Watson's

And thus, begins my pampering session. I was given my tai-tai treatment in style. First I had my hand massaged and scrubbed using the Watsons Argon Oil Range.
Here's Vera enjoying herself too
My masseur Priyanka carefully explained the Watsons products used during my massage session. Next I get to try out the Argan Oil Scrub on my feet to scrub away dead skin cells. 
Later she applied the Argan Oil body lotion and my feet was soft and good to go.

Next, I get to enjoy my hair pampering session with Watsons treatment and shampoo range.
Here are some random shots of the celebrities getting their hair done too.
Vera and I get to pose with Nadine. She is such a humble person and she looks so beautiful in real person. Her legs go on forever........So tall........

So this is me after the pampering session with my soft and bouncy hair after using Watsons' Strawberry Flavoured Shampoo and Avocado treatment wax. 
Special thanks to Watsons Malaysia for a fun and enjoyable day. 
It pays to be a Watsons VIP member! 

For more information log on to Watsons Malaysia's: 

Facebook Page:


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