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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be Entertained by The Entertainer

The Entertainer threw an exclusive party at Jiro KLa couple of nights ago, launching over 1,200 1-For-1 Offers. I was very excited to be a part of it. Guests include the media, social media influencers, partners, and sponsors.

Thank you for your kind invitation, Rio.

I have been familiarizing with The entertainer since last year when I got hold of the mobile app and the printed copies. I even shared some vouchers with my friends who truly appreciate it. Read about my blogpost on how I shared with my friends here

For those who do not know, The ENTERTAINER, the region’s leading Buy One Get One Free incentives brand.   

Available on the company website or through the ENTERTAINER App, the ENTERTAINER Malaysia 2017 is now packed with over 1,200 Buy One Get One Free deals offered in hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs, attractions, leisure activities, spas, fitness, retail and more. For only MYR 145, ENTERTAINER members are poised to save up to MYR 415,000 in exclusive savings with this new set of offers available this year in the country’s most celebrated venues, such as ANTE - KL’s Premier Pork Steak Restaurant, Tanzini, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Wondermama, San Francisco Coffee, AsterSpring, Mandara Spa to name a few.

This year, the ENTERTAINER also introduces Cheers Malaysia 2017, which includes 1-for-1 offers exclusively redeemable on drinks in the hottest bars and restaurants. Offers range from single beverages to bottles of wine  spirits / buckets of beer, double cocktails, pitchers and more in popular nightspots such as COMO, Torii, View Rooftop Bar, Jiro KL, Paus Craftbeer Bar, Myra's and more.

Did you know - In 2016, ENTERTAINER members in Malaysia used over 16,000 digital offers, with the average member saving over MYR 520.  The most recent update on the App is the introduction of ‘Smiles’, a virtual currency system that allows members to earn and spend rewards throughout the year. Rewards include offer top-ups, for when you’ve used all three at your favourite spots, extra Pings and more.

With the purchase of all 2017 digital products, ENTERTAINER members will also enjoy exclusive access to ‘Hotels Worldwide’, which includes Buy One Night, Get One Free offers at over 500 hotels across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Choose from hotels, resorts, hotel apartments, bed & breakfasts and lodges in over 30 popular destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Indonesia and many more. Hotels Worldwide includes international hotel brands such as InterContinental, Marriott, Fairmont, Sheraton, Radisson, Sofitel, Shangri-La and Hyatt. Whether you are looking for a relaxing staycation right here in KL or an overseas adventure, Hotels Worldwide is your ticket to great savings.
“Our 2017 products deliver incredible value at the most extensive range of outlets available, giving our customers the opportunity to save money, go out more and spend quality time with friends and loved ones,” said Donna Benton, Founder and Chairman of the ENTERTAINER. “The newest update to our world-class App offers more benefits and value than ever before, so there is truly no better time to be an ENTERTAINER member.”
The ENTERTAINER 2017 App is available to download free on iOS or Android app stores.

Log on to for more details.

Here are some of the happenings on that night with all my fun-filled photos. Enjoy!

The Entertainer Team

Me goofing around.

It was a really wonderful party and I had a blast! I got reunited with some blogger friends whom I have not seen in ages and also got to meet some new friends. 
It was indeed a wonderful party! 
Hic! Hic! Hooray! Cheers to The Entertainer.

Monday, January 16, 2017

San Remo's 80th Birthday Bash with Dato' Fazley

Happy 80th Birthday SAN REMO!!!
 The beautiful cake celebrating San Remo's 80th Birthday.

This was the scene at SukaSucre Bistro owned by Dato' Fazley when I arrived to celebrate San Remo's 80th Anniversary. 
Goodies for the invited guests.
Me posing at the main entrance of SukaSucre with a garden-like arch.

The stage was set and we're all eagerly waiting for our VVIP, Dato' Fazley to turn up. Will the REAL Dato' Fazley please stand up! Some of the guests taking their places at the jamuan makan-makan bersama Dato' Fazley our Malaysia's Masterchef sempena menyambut San Remo's 80th Birthday.

I came with my mom, my aunt and my dad. Pertama kali CP melangkah ke Bistro SukaSucre ni. Tempatnya cosy dan selesa, tapi agak sempit sikit sebab kan ramai orang hari ini sempena sambutan Hari Jadi San Remo. SukaSucre memang meriah hari ini,

Packs of San Remo's Spagethi on display around the bistro.

Dato' Fazley Yaakob's Wall of fame at his restaurant. Siap framed up buat kenangan. Dato' Fazley selaku ambassador kepada jenama-jenama terkenal di Malaysia dan usually associated with food since he won the title Masterchef in Malaysia not too long ago. Bukan calang-calang ornagnya, Dato' Fazley is multi talented. He is a singer, a motivational speaker and now another feather to his cap, he is a celebrity chef. How does he do it all? He is certainly one hardworking man!

Emcee for the day

Seronok betul Mak CP selepas menang hadiah dari Q&A Session. Nampak mukanya berseri-seri.
Bekas serbaguna ni memang buat mak sangat happy.
Akhirnya, Dato' Fazley sampai. 

Dato' Fazley addressing the crowd dan introduced his mummy dearest to the stage. Nampak Dato' Fazley memang sayangkan maknya. Rasa kasih sayangnya reminds me of how I love my mom too. CP amat terharu dapat ke majlis makan ni bersama mak saya juga.

He even entertained the crowd with his songs. 
He wasn't feeling very well that day but he still sang for us.

He even attempted a Chinese Song called Pang Yau (Friends) and he nailed it!

He even has a special recipe book in partnership with San Remo. Inside this book are his very own recipes where he localized the spaghetti with his very own creations. We were fortunate to be able to sample some of his creative localized dishes using San Remo spaghetti.

This is one amazing dish that he introduced that day. San Remo Spagethi Lemak Bungkus. It's basically nasi lemak minus the nasi and replaced with Spagethi that is filled with the aroma of santan.

He did a live demonstration on how to make that Spaghetti version.

Sampai my air liur also meleleh already.

Next he taught us how to "bungkus" ala nasi lemak style.

Lucky guests had their chance to craft their very own San Remo Spagethi Lemak Bungkus.

Guests getting ready to serbu the makanan.
There were desserts and spaghetti as the main dish but made in a very localized way. 
All with these amazing names.

Here's a look at the innovative dishes.

We even had Soto Pasta!

And it looks like this banjir with Soto Soup
This is my favourite. It's called the Caramelised Banana Spaghetti  and it's sweet. Part of the pencuci mulut. Memang Best! Reminded me of fried Yee Mee somehow. It's crunchy with an aromatic Banana flavour made with REAL Bananas of course.

San Remo's Group Product Manager, Siew Yuen menyampaikan hadiah buat kenangan kepada Dato' Fazley.

Gambar ni masa light up San Remo's Birthday Cake. Meriah sunnguh semua orang nyanyi Birthday song sempena Ulangtahun ke-80 San Remo.

Sempat CP dan mak bergambar dengan Dato' Fazley buat kenangan.

Adegan Lucu Guess the type of San Remo Spaghetti.

Sebelum berpisah, ucapan terima kasih disampaikan dari pihak San Remo kepada pemenang-pemenang yang dapat menjamu selera bersama Dato' Fazley di restoran SukaSucre beliau.
Lepas ni, CP boleh host Spaghetti Party kat rumah masa Chinese New Year sebab di atas generousity pihak San Remo, kami balik dengan tangan penuh. Semua dapat hadiah sumbangan  daripada San Remo yang amat murah hati.

Ikutilah San Remo's Facebook Page untulk pelbagai peraduan dan aktiviti yang menarik.
Jangan ketinggalan!

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