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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

PGMall for my Online needs

I am a shopping queen! I can never get enough of online shopping. Online shopping has now become a norm to many of us, and even more so during the MCO period. I tend to shop more online during this period as it is fast, easy and convenient. Products are delivered right to my doorstep.

Today I wanna share with you a new online shopping platform I discovered. Enter PG Mall, Malaysia's No.1 E-commerce platform, established since 2017 and the only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia.

PG Mall is ranked top 3 at Iprice insight report

Hey if you are new to PG Mall, remember to claim and utilize their new user code that enables you to enjoy a RM 15 off with a minimum spend of RM40.

I have set my eyes on a new oven toaster which retails at RM 104.90. After applying the new user code NEW15OFF, I was given a RM15 discount. Berbaloi sunguh!

Get More with Maybank QRPay cashback 

* 20% off capped at RM20 with minimum spend RM30
* 2x usage within the campaign period
* Promotion period:  4/5-26/6/020
* Durian runtuh : 2 times x RM20 = RM40 per Maybank account to shop on PGMall

Get more and get rewarded with your e-wallet payments too. PG Mall is the only platform that accept all e-wallets.

PG Mall also introduces a Consumerchant Concept with:

* shared referral link with friends

* forever cashback up to 3.5%

The Consumerchant Concept is a genuine profit sharing economy business model that empowers consumers and shoppers, young or old to be entrepreneurs and build a permanent business empire with PG Mall.
PG Mall offer their customers continuous cashback rewards in return for their purchase and continued support, through their very own “Forever Cash Back” program, in which they will also be rewarded for referring new shoppers to shop with PG Mall through this first of its kind referral program in the world.

PG Mall shoppers not only get to shop for a wide variety of goods at irresistible price, but they could also earn as they shop and share their awesome shopping experiences with friends and family.

Cashback rewards can be earned once a successful transaction is made through personal or referrals’ purchase. The more the referral spends the more cashback to be earned by the referee (introducer), on top of cashback earned from personal purchases.

You can start by signing up through my referral link too!

Let the shopping spree begin at PG Mall!

About PGMall:


Facebook: PGMallOfficial ,

Instagram: ,

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A ‘greener’ ice cream float business potential

Malaysians create ‘greener’ ice cream float

with unique marketing and branding options

Startup company Carpe Ri Sdn Bhd is set to take on the challenge of offering unique marketing and branding options for companies through its eco-friendly ice cream product, the ‘Float On Cone’.
Orange Soda – Float on Cone 

Co-founded by Joon Tan and Danieul Mudali, the company offers customisable delicious ice creams which are able to carry colours brilliantly, allowing clients to customise the dessert and use unique dessert offerings as part of their branding exercise.
Joon Tan with Float on Cone's flavour of Sakura Cherry Blossom

“Take AirAsia or Grab for example. We can create confections which accurately reflect their logo colours and even incorporate their unique backstory with the use of appropriate ingredients," Tan said.
Danieul Mudali
As the company plans to embark on its next chapter of growth, targeting to become a US$100 million (US$1=RM4.34) company by 2030, both Tan and Mudali are looking forward to work with clients, especially global quick service restaurants (QSRs).
“We are in the midst of negotiations with a few brands in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia, but we are not at liberty to reveal more as we have existing non-disclosure agreements,” said Tan.
She said the 'Float On Cone' has a very small carbon footprint as there is no need for paper, plastic cups or straws.
The entire dessert can be consumed except for a small paper sleeve for the cone.
Tan said the main market for the product will be QSRs such as McDonald’s, Jollibee, A&W and Marrybrown.
She said the product’s commercial potential attracted Malaysia’s early-stage start-up influencer, Cradle Fund, which had picked Carpe Ri for its ‘Coach and Grow Programme’.
Besides being eco-friendly, tasty and unique, Tan said the product could help reduce QSR's frozen dessert costs by between 25 and 40 per cent.
"This is also where Cradle Fund sees our potential. We have the potential to grow into a US$100 million company within 10 years,” she said, adding that to-date, the company has spent RM350,000 of its own funds on research and development.
Carpe Ri has a patent pending for their halal 'Float On Cone', which gives them access to the global frozen dessert industry soon.
"We have registered with the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia and will be extending our patent worldwide through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
“We'll be filing for PCT in three months," she said, adding that the patent application process was made easier as they were guided by experienced international consultants.
On the production side, Tan said Carpe Ri has signed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) deals with regional ASEAN manufacturers, with no plans to build a factory as yet.
“We do not have any direct competition and plan to co-opt as well as work with all stakeholders in the industry.
Cola – Float On Cone

"For example, for soft drink manufacturers, we'll use their syrups (for the ice cream). So, it is a win-win situation for all as we share savings through the value chain," she replied when asked about market competition.
Carpe Ri has been involved in the ice cream industry for four years, reaping the benefits of the recession-resistant business.
Taking advantage of a highly sought-after durian variety, the Musang King, the company sells Musang King ice cream to the Hong Kong market, which is the most expensive variety over there.
"The frozen dessert business is recession proof and worth about US$100 billion annually, with QSRs and convenience stores accounting for 20 per cent of that market," Tan concluded optimistically.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Back to work

WOW! It's been almost 2 months of staying at home since the MCO began on 18 Mac 2020.  Well, I am reporting back to work tomorrow (some industries are allowed to open already)

However we all still have to practice social distancing and take precautions at all times. Do not let your guard down.
So what's gonna happen when I report back to work tomorrow?I  guess there will be lots of cleaning and disinfecting at our work stations. Probably gonna spend half a day cleaning.

Gosh! I miss my colleagues. Tapi tak boleh hug them. Still kena stay apart and keep my distance.

Now since the MCO, our lunch time eating habits will will no longer be the same. Must bungkus (tapau).  I wonder how will it go for the rest of the months. I have suggested to do group orders and one person manage the orders from one restaurant. Each one take turns to order food per day.  Well I guess there will be lots of Grab Food and Food Panda ordering. Tapi boring lah makan kat dalam office. Dah lah terperangkap there whole dah, want a breather during lunch time pun rasa macam susah. Lagi-lagi stay in the office. How lah! 

And tomorrow I will start taking the LRT again. Let's see how are they doing the control part and how long it will take for me to get scanned/check before  can board the train.

Gonna be prepared for work tomorrow. Packing my bags, my laptop and bringing some snacks to the office to treat my colleagues. Can't wait to see them again! We have so much to catch up after 2 months. I remember we were so excited to see each other on a whatsapp chat among the 4 of us after one month. We miss each other badly. Our team is strongly knitted and we have a very good working relationship with each other. Well it's not easy to find extremely compatible colleagues at work. We are bersatu hati and we help out each other in times of need.

Well, gearing up for my work again oh yes and that reminds me, I gotta re-dye my hair to look more presentable before I start work tomorrow. The MCO has taken a toll on my unruly  and faded hair colour. Sampai kena sendiri do touch ups. Thank goodness I have all my colouring essentials. Well time to put on make up and my working clothes again and a little bit of grooming is needed to look polished and smart at work!

Can't wait to go back in to the office to clear some back log stuff and do some follow ups. My company (well not my company, but the company I work for) has announced a 30% paycut beginning this month till further notice and a reduction of my leave from 22 days to 14 days. I believe many companies are also suffering.

Well, life must go on......

Praying and hoping for the best. I guess no more travels for me in the coming 2 years or so and with the paycut I guess I have to start to watch what I spend.

I do hope our economy will start to revive again with 2 months of lockdown and many businesses affected. Many may loose jobs and wages. Life ain't gonna be easy and it's a long road ahead before we can fully gear up and rise up one more.

Wishing you all the best, dear readers.
Take care and stay safe!


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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Lucky or Unlucky

So, in Malaysia we started the MCO Quarantine on 18 March 2020 and will be extended to 14 April 2020. It has been 3 weeks now.

On Day 1 of MCO my family and I had a close call. After a thunderstorm on the very first day, one of our tree branches fell down on our parking hallway. Mom and just barely parked and moved our car closer in like just 3 minutes before disaster strikes.

Lucky or Unlucky?

I would say it was a lucky escape. Thank goodness our car was not damaged and no one was hurt. OK! So Day 1 of MCO didn't start of well but we had a lucky escape.

Initially from this photo, you would have thought the whole tree had fallen. 

But that was not the case. The main tree is still standing strong. This part was only 20% of its branches (Just imagine a right hand patah)

In to our second week of MCO and we encountered yet another disaster which we have not experienced before. Our living room and extended room was flooded after yet another thunderstorm. It seems that the water came seeping through here, the ceiling above from the inside. 
It was madness as we had to pour out almost more than 20 over of buckets full of water. It was a mess with carton boxes filled with baby products like diapers, trolley, my prized possessions, bags all being soaked up. We took almost 5 hours to properly clean up all the water after the flood. And the very next day it was a lot of washing and drying. We utilized all the space we could to dry out all the items, especially my bags inside and outside. 

The Aftermath

This was caused my a clogged drain gutter on our roof due to fallen branches and twigs from our huge tree. The very next day we quickly removed and clear out all the  things that have been clogging up our drainage system and then in the late evening it rained again. Our hearts were all pounding as we prayed and hope no more banjir inside my home!

On a lighter note, by the third week, we welcomed my brother's new kid on the block.
With him around, mom and dad are now joyful grandparents and I am one happy aunty (Now I feel so old- naik pangkat already)
We get to spend some time with this new kiddo as he melt our hearts with his overload cuteness. 

I also see many Facebook friends cooking up a storm and becoming Masterchefs at home. Some really showed off their baking skills. I am soooooooooo amazed and salute them!
Here are some random stuff that me and my family had over the last 2 weeks. 
On the first week we had hot pot steamboat? We had a packet of Hai Di Lao Tomato based soup at home and I just bought a packet of frozen mix stuff and throw everything in. Voila! dinner is served.

On another night's dinner, we had the stir fried Mala using Hai Di Lao's Dry Mala convenient pack. We added mushrooms, Vit's Noodles, Bacon, celery, lotus roots, lady fingers, cheese tofu and stir fried everything.

 There was a day where I longed for Roti Canai. I have seen some friends sharing Roti Canai Recipe on facebook with some talented moms making Roti Canai from scratch. I took the short cut by buying frozen ones and frying them with my aromatic French Butter and eggs.
One of the days we had Spaghetti Bolognese with minced pork, mushrooms and cheese.

 For breakfast we eat light, mom made these Savoury Chinese Pancakes. I fried some for my neighbour too!
 Me and one particular neighbour (an old lady) seems to be exchanging food often. Look what she made for me! A super smooth steamed egg for dessert!

After 2 weeks plus of home cooked food I was craving for Pizza already. I ordered Skippy's Pizza to satisfy my cravings. This is the Ultimate Hawaian loaded with Pulled Pork, Bacon and Pineapples. This was in fact my very first GRAB FOOD order.

And on one of the days I had a Boba Craving. As an indulgence, I got myself a Daboba.

The 2 weeks during MCO I had Berry's Buns and walnut cake. By the third week I had Oreo's Cheese Cake just behind my house from Blossom Deli. Do you know they serve the most authentic cheese cakes. 

An Act of Kindness

Just yesterday, I  was surprised by an act of kindness by my good friends Thai Choon and his wife Joanne who ordered Frozen Dim Sum for me and my parents and had it delivered via a Grab Driver. Ahhhh.....these little things do perk up my day and I am blessed to have friends like these! Appreciate your thoughtfulness, guys!

So what happened during your MCO? Hope it's all good.
Stay safe and remember to practice social distancing. Wash your hands often and keep clean.

Till then!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Celebrate Xiaomi Mi Fan Festival 2020 on Shopee

Global technology leader Xiaomi unveils the global Mi Fan Festival 2020 with a special Redmi Note 9S exclusively on Shopee. The Redmi Note 9S comes in a Limited Edition Grey variant for the 6GB + 128GB model.

In conjunction with the Mi Fan Festival 2020, this limited edition Redmi Note 9S with only 2020 units available worldwide will also have the Mi Fan Festival 2020 logo engraved on the back of the phone. Mi Fans can get their hands on the 6GB + 128GB Global Version Redmi Note 9S for RM899 (RRP: RM949) when they purchase it on Shopee, and receive a complimentary Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 worth RM149.

The celebration just keeps getting better. Happening from 7 to 9 April, the Mi Fan Festival 2020 gives a whole lot more savings back to Mi Fans in Malaysia with mouth-watering deals up to 80%. Stretch the Ringgit further and grab popular Xiaomi products at an exclusive price on Shopee.

On 7 April, stay tuned for Xiaomi’s special Shopee Live session showcasing the new Redmi Note 9S as well as other Xiaomi gadgets happening at 1PM and stand a chance to win a Limited Edition Redmi Note 9S! Mi Fans can also claim voucher from the store to enjoy RM10 off your bill with a min spend of RM100.

From 7 April onwards, celebrate Mi Fan Festival 2020 on Shopee via