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Friday, May 31, 2019

Entering into the 2D realm


Stepping into a 2D realm almost gave me a surreal feeling. "Is this for REAL?" I asked myself. Me and my girlfriends visited this super unique place located at Sunway Geo Avenue. It is actually a cafe that sells BUBBLE TEA!!! Yup! You've heard me right! What a unique way to attract customers. I was the inquisitive type and hence decided to see for myself how this place turned out to be in REAL LIFE! Seeing it in photos is certainly not the same as stepping into this 2D atmosphere. If you have not been here, you must at least come once to see for yourselves. I am sure you will end up taking countless photos as every corner is super instagrammable! Most importantly have fun!

I purposely chose a 2D looking outfit to see how I would "blend in". As I see from various photos through their social media postings, almost everyone wears something that would make them stand out/ pop out but I tried the reverse- to blend in with a 2D Outfit. Hence, my caption for my IG post would be. What happens when a 2D outfit meets a 2D environment?
The answer is: I BLEND IN!
I also brought 2 of my favourite 2D bags as part of my OOTD. I was trying to create a BLEND IN Optical Illusion.

So it's back to school for me eh (with my matching 2D school bag at a 2D classroom)
The table and chairs somehow reminds me of a typical classroom. This is where customers sit and enjoy their bubble tea.
The open windows are really cute and adds a bit of depth to photos and gives it the perspective it deserves. 
Me striking a pose along a 2D corridor.
And I guess many of you would love this part! A 2D looking bathtub! You can see I was having a little fun soaking in the make belief bath tub with white balls.

And just for fun we took this photo with the REAL bubble tea!

Well in actual close up the bubble tea looks like this! 
It certainly is worth visiting. Arm your cameras and snap away guys! You won't regret it!

Some tips:
Wear plain coloured clothes. Best colour to stand out is red. Avoid wearing OOTD that has too many patterns or flower cause it will be too complex looking. You will blend in right away if you wear black and white, so it's best to avoid these colours if you wanna make yourself noticed! Happy snapping and enjoy the bubble tea while feeding your camera with tons of photos! The crowd may be overwhelming at times. Do be polite and let everyone have a turn for their photos. Do not hog a corner forever.

Visit their facebook page at :

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The pros and cons of Arte Plus

Last weekend I checked into Arte Plus at Ampang. I was attracted to what I see online with beautiful instagrammable facilities like these- The Lazy River Spa, The Swedish Garden, The Floating Fantasy Garden. Indeed they do live up to the expectation of being an beautiful arty place for the perfect picture but I must say the whole property has many shortcomings which I will share later below. For now let's enjoy some of the beautiful shots.
The Lazy River was what I was looking forward to. Many friends have also enquired about this place when I started posting beautiful photos on my social media. 

 The Floating Fantasy Garden by day and at night it looks like a scene from Avatar, lit up with changing colour lights that looked like fibre optics.
 I was captivated by the beauty of The Swedish Garden where it looked more beautiful when lit up at night.
  The waiting lobby interior of towers were done in good taste.
Each Tower seem to have their own theme. 

There are a total of 3 Towers at Arte Plus and at Level R (this open pool area) is where you can access each Tower with a short walk.

This egg looking structure is the Cloud Podium which is for events. It was not open when I visited. Hence I did not get to enter to view that place.

I booked 2 units. Now let's take peek at the rooms.
One of the Units I booked is a studio.

And the other located on Level 50 on another Tower.
 The view here is awesome.
 Now let's talk about some of the shortcomings after staying here for a weekend.
Firstly it took me quite a while to get adjusted on how they assign the lifts to the units. This causes many confusion for many first timers like myself. I was told to hunt for the tower with lifts to my unit number before pressing the floor. I entered into all possible entries and went pusing around with my luggage to find the right lift. You may end up frustrated because first you have to find the right lift that goes to your unit. I understand that the thinking and planning is done in such a way for privacy and safety but this could be a hassle. One lift service the entire floor (up to 50th Floor or 38th Floor for some towers) and the waiting time per lift can be horrible.

I remember when I first arrived for check in and we parked at the basement, there was no line or signal and to make matters worse, we waited and waited for the lift to arrive at basement to head up but it was always full. Imagine the trauma of waiting for the lift with minimal air conditioning and no line. Finally, we drove up again as my brother dropped me at the security area for me to meet the OYO team for check in. That was another mess! My check in took 40 mins trying to call and locate them! It was a pure mess and that was the start of my misadventures here. Even right up to the security door cards that you will have to have with you even when you take a lift down from your unit to the R Floor which I find it's rather unnecessary. 
Well also good luck in waiting for the lifts to the attractions housed in different Towers and on different floors. My most traumatic experience has to be the lift waiting time. I remember waiting for the lift at Level 35 Lazy River and wanting to go down to level R, there was no aircorn outside the waiting area and inside the lifts. I was suffocating. There were about 5 people making stops at different levels. And at level 35 there was no phone signal or service. I was expecting a gf to call on her arrival. That was another story. My gf was lucky to be able to find her way up to level R when she took the bomba lift. Other lifts without the access card you cannot access level R. A shocker for her was that I asked her to call when she reached. I totally forgot to warn here about the No service/ no line at the parking basement. I was only praying for her to find he way up to me at Level R as I have been waiting tirelessly for her. What an uneventful misadventure I had to succumb over this weekend of a supposedly fun staycation. 

From 2 months ago as I started researching this property to book a night, I found out they were handled by 3 different operators!!! Afflexia who manages the serviced suites, Arte Plus by Fifi Suite and OYO. I booked my room through OYO.

 This parking entry point with a nice huge red lamp leads to the check in area for Afflexia and Fifi Suites. Unfortunately I booked through OYO that does not have a proper terminal like these yet. They mentioned in weeks to come they will have a proper terminal which will make it easier for check ins.
Will I stay here again? Thanks but no thanks. I may still book OYO's services but with another hotel. As they are still fairly new in Malaysia, saya #Bagichancelah! 

 I hope this has given you some fair views on Arte Plus, it's pros and cons and just be prepared to brave the lift waiting time and unit hunting. Good Luck!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Elevate your snacking and movie experience with JACK ‘N JILL CALBEE


Win tickets to Universal Studios Singapore, TGV Beanie Hall Access vouchers,
exclusive movie premiere tickets and more.

The new Jack ‘n Jill Calbee potato chips that has been offering big crunchy waves, is now treating consumers a chance to elevate their snacking and movie experience. This June, the wave will come churning the hearts of movie fans as Jack ‘n Jill Calbee will be leaving its mark with a movie inspired nationwide consumer contest, in-store roadshows and sampling as well as a superhero blockbuster movie premiere screening this early July.

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee was recently launched in January 2019 by the Joint Venture between URC Snack Foods Malaysia who is widely known of the “Jack ‘n Jill” mother brand, and “Calbee” – the leading potato chips manufacturer in Japan. Since its launch, the brand-new potato chips that comes available in Classic Salted, Smokey BBQ and Flamin’ Chilli flavours has been much sought after by snack eaters. Emmanuel B. Puno, SVP of URC Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore said “2019 is set to be a year for blockbuster flicks. While Malaysia’s young adults constantly seek for quality snack food that offer great flavours, we aspire to be their first choice as a “go-to” snack to complement their screen time. We definitely want our consumers to fully experience the best of our snacks when enjoying a nice film”.

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee is giving away TGV Beanie Access Vouchers for 2 pax to 200 lucky winners for a treat to an elevated movie experience and even better, the Grand Prize: an all-in travel package to Universal Studio Singapore for two.  Consumers stand a chance to win these amazing prizes with every purchase of Jack ‘n Jill Calbee worth RM8 and by just tagging their favourite movie buddy on Jack ‘n Jill Calbee’s Facebook contest post.

As an added bonus, Jack ‘n Jill Calbee is inviting its consumers to join them for a superhero blockbuster movie premiere night this July 2019, at IMAX TGV One Utama where they can truly experience what a movie night should be. To redeem a pair of these exclusive movie premiere passes, spot Jack ‘n Jill Calbee’s activation booth at selected Aeon outlets in the Klang Valley.

For more information on how to participate in these contests, check out their Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates.

About URC Snack Foods (M) Sdn Bhd
URC Snack Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of Universal Robina Corporation of the Philippines, is the producer and distributor of the highly popular Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips in Malaysia. The company was first incorporated in 1982 and started commercial operations in 1984. Over the years, it has successfully expanded its products from potato chips to a variety of other snack foods under the Jack ‘n Jill brand. Snack foods produce under the brand name includes “Roller Coaster”, “Potato Chips”, “Jigs”, “Corn Curls” and “Chiz King“. In addition to these, URC also produce other products such as “Cloud 9” and “NIPS” chocolates, “Cream-O” and “Magic” biscuits, as well as “Cloud 9” and “Dynamite” candies. URC Malaysia also exports its products to more than 15 countries across the Asia-Pacific and middle east.

About Calbee Foods Co. Ltd
CALBEE, Inc. is Japan’s leading snack and cereal foods producer and distributor. The company was incorporated in 1949 and began developing technology for wheat flour crackers in 1955. It expanded its products and markets to the United States in 1970, followed by Thailand, Hong Kong, and China. To date, the company has presence across the world and continues to develop unique products using a quality control system, ensuring safe, high-quality yet tasty and fun food to consumers around the world.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

My weekend staycation at Hilton Garden Inn Puchong

My weekend staycation at Hilton Garden Inn Puchong was a blast! Many friends asked me if there really is a Hilton at Puchong after seeing me post some of my staycation pictures. Many were surprised to learn that there is a Hilton located at Puchong area.  

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong is located at:
Jalan DM2, Desa Millennia, 47150 Puchong, Selangor

The room is spacious, nice and cosy and comes with a spacious work desk (where mom is sitting) and with a mini fridge at another end. Since there were 3 of us, we added an extra bed (where the unicorn float sits) Yup! I brought along my new Unicorn float to swim at the pool.

The toilet comes with a bath tub so you can soak all your worries away. The outer part is the dry area of the toilet and it's pretty spacious. Since this is a focused service hotel,  toiletries will be give to you upon request.

The bed is covered in fresh white duvets, crisp linen and the bed is so soft and comfy that once you jump in you don't wanna get up!

This budget friendly hotel is a good mix between luxury and affordability where you can get high quality yet affordable accommodation. Hilton Garden Inn Puchong is not a full service hotel and therefore is much more affordable. It is a focused service hotel that doesn't hurt your wallet.

The lake view from my room. 

Below: City View
There is a 24 hours fitness centre here to burn some of your calories. comes my favourite part in any hotels I stay in. 
THE POOL! What better way than to float along with my Unicorn float and laze the day away.

My brother and I had a splashing good time. 
Mom's relaxing moment.

Lush greenery surrounding the pool area.
The pool is facing the restaurant's open area. In the evenings the smell of food makes me hungry.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong offers an outdoor salt-water pool and a heated jacuzzi that is super nice! I felt so relaxed dipping in the warm water where the jacuzzi is. It almost feels like dipping in the hot springs. I felt rejuvenated thereafter.

Thank you for your 5 star hospitality, Hilton Garden Inn Puchong. The staff were awesome, courteous and very friendly. 

For more information, log on to their facebook