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Saturday, February 23, 2019

A new discovery at ICC Pudu

Sunday morning, me and my parents decided to hunt for a place for breakfast. My father took me and my mom to a place that I have not been before. Hence, I discovered the ICC Pudu this morning.  Mom was born and bred at Pudu, so I can see her eyes lit up when my father mention bringing us to Pudu....where her old home was when she was a teenager. She used to tell me stories of that area and living there and how things have changed with new buildings here and old buildings and cinema gone. Mom tells me my grandmother used to walk to the market everyday and I vaguely remember my grandmother and my aunt taking me to a Pasaraya Hiong Kong back in the 80's while taking a mini bus! Oh! I miss those days. My aunt and grandmother loves visiting the Pudu market too and I have been there only when I was a kid. So when Pudu comes into the picture, I will always be reminded of my grandmother. I hardly roam around Pudu being a PJ girl. Father was the adventurous one and always bringing us to explore new eats. So today, he brought me and my mom to ICC Pudu.

The ICC Pudu houses vendors from the old Imbi Market. Plenty of scrumptious eats can be found here. A variety of local food. You name it, you've got it!

On the outside I noticed tons of senior citizens hanging around and I asked my parents why is that so. Old timers will find this place a pot of gold and a sanctuary for good local food that were close to their hearts for many years especially those who frequent the previous Imbi Market. 

The ICC Pudu is located just next to the Hotel Pudu Plaza

What is good here?
Bunn Choon Egg Tarts are one of my favorites. I managed to grab some Charcoal Egg Tarts and Green Tea Egg Tarts and they were all selling like hot cakes. I was lucky enough to get my order as I was lining up. I remember at one time in another branch (when I followed my Uncle), I had to place my order while lining up and ended up having to wait and coming back to collect after half an hour. yes, business is that good, really for these to-die-for egg tarts. Once you sink of teeth in these you will know why. The crust is crispy and the egg is smooth. 

If you love Nyonya Kuih, there is a stall here with tons of variety. Here are some that I bought today. Check out my video and you will see that stall.

Me and my mom's favourite has to be the Nian Gou. Sold at RM5  a packet, it is fragrant and aromatic, soft and does not stick to your teeth. This is highly recommended. Very fresh.

There is also a superb Curry Mee Stall that also sells Wantan Mee and Pork Ball Noodles that are sooooo goooood (you can view from my video above). I ordered one of each bowl to try. Me and my parents agree that the curry mee is the best! 3 bowls came up to RM23.50. That's average about RM8 per bowl. The queue was crazeeeee but it's worth the wait. Good luck in finding a table here. This place is super huge but finding a table is not easy. Come with at least 2 person so you can order and one "chup" a table.
I wanted to try more stuff but the amount of people in here on a Sunday morning was too overwhelming for me. 
Good Luck in your food hunt! 

More details on ICC Pudu's Facebook Page.
Yup, I was surprised they even have a facebook page!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Channelling my inner rainbow bird

It's after Chinese New Year and I am reborn with new hair colours, thanks to APT Salon at Starling Mall, PJ.  Credit given to the stylist , Jacky Chuah who created this look for me. It's something really vibrant and bold and I loved it! It speaks volumes about my bubbly personality and I felt it suited me well. So how many colours are there? I would say probably about 4-5.

This round, Jacky's work on my hair colour inspiration comes from rainbow birds and possibly from the plant called birds of paradise. The colours are rich and vibrant.

The finished "product" is presented in soft pastel hues, multicoloured and what is hidden beneath is most interesting. See my video above and you will get the idea.

Well, before the "finished product", I went through a round of bleaching at near the roots because my black roots were showing already after not having it bleached for the last 3 months. Hence some extra hours there. Well, to look good one must sacrifice. The number of hours I sat there to have this masterpiece done up was about 4.5 hours. 

After 2 rounds of bleaching, I began to look like Legolas from Lord of the Rings who looks even prettier than me! I am jealous! 

From a blondie to a colourful birdie......the transformation began!

And finally, the ultimate masterpiece, a rainbow haven is ready!

At APT, Jacky gave me some soft curls, but the very next day, I tried to tie my hair up half and the results were amazing! You can clearly see the rainbow streaks right beneath! 
And just to match the hair, I transformed into a Unicorn once more to "blend in" with the entire colourful look. What do you think?

If you are tired of your everyday hair, go give yourself a treat with a hair make over at sifus at APT Salon. They have the most number of salons in Malaysia, you know. Find one nearest to you. 

Visit their facebook page for more styles and works.

or visit their instagram page for more trendy hair styles and creative works.