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Monday, January 14, 2019

Soleil Trinity X JGroup Feng Shui 2019

Dong Dong Chiang!
So are you in the Chinese New Year mood already? 
I am!
So as the Chinese New Year approaches, one of the thing that attracts me is Feng Shui and knowing how me and my family members will fare each year and hoping to learn some tips and tricks. 
I was fortunate to be invited to the following Feng Shui Talk- 2019: Don't let it be just another "BOARING" Year! by Thai Choon, my long time friend and Joanne of   JGroupshowcasing Jessie Lee of Soleil Trinity as the speaker.  
There I also met the beautiful Jennifer Yap who runs JGroup. 

Thai Choon and Joanne my trusted Prudential agents.

I attended the English session on a Saturday morning. The session was pretty long, from 10.00am - 5.00pm but I had so much fun. A well spent Saturday of learning I must say. It was full house!

Jessie Lee's aura and presence is super powerful I tell you. She was totally in control of the stage. 
Her talk was done in layman and easy for us to understand. We had a little bit of fun prior at the beginning of her presentation and it was unconventional! Jessie said, you can take anything you want from this stage (including me!) Hahahahaah she laughs...if you can lift this frail looking girl at the palm of your hand.
Everyone on stage (including me) was sporting enough to give it a go. Although secretly we know that it was not possible. But we all tried anyway.

 My turn to try!
 And finally, someone actually did it! Well it was not from the volunteers I tell you. What showmanship! And what a unique start as her opening! It was all staged and we were all caught off guard! Bravo! There, this girl was lifted high up and everyone cheered!

 And so for my effort trying and being on stage I was presented with this cute little piggy to welcome the year of the pig! This will be added to my collection of pigs 🐽

 The stage was set and filled with goodies such as hampers and more toy pigs to reward participants from Q&A and a lucky draw at the end of the day! Thanks to all the kind sponsors.
 Here are some notable sponsors who made this talk happen!

 Besides the Feng Shui talk, there were some rather interesting booths by sponsors around the event hall area.
Inside the Bentley Hall were these beautiful masterpieces - stunning candle holders to add "fire" or to "activate" your home feng shui.

Outside, there were tons of beautiful plants in auspicious pots by Taman Hati

 Auspicious pots in the form of a pineapple. Ong Lai in Chinese means attracting wealth. 
Another piece to compliment the feng shui at your home.

They even have smaller potted plants.

 Beautiful handmade purses called the #dignitypao

 One could also do some Chinese New Year cookies shopping here.

One can also stop by for a dose of caffeine fix at this specialty coffee booth for RM5 a cup only.

Women just love to shop. One of my favourite stalls at this event was an accessory stall called Jui Collections. So far they only have an instagram page. Stalk them here. Their designs are so interesting! This is my favourite piece there! After sharing this on my instagram, I have some friends who PM me and asked about their designs.
I nearly wanted to get my hands on these huge floral earrings but I could not decide on which colour! I kinda like white.

 Such unconventional designs. Perfect for Chinese New Year.
These cute packaging are actually nuts! Also from one of the stalls at the event.

 Here is a summary for a 2019 overall
And good dates to start work, which I have also shared (via a different souce) in my previous blogpost. You can do a comparison yourself. 
 Jessie talked about our own personalised bazi. She also touched a little bit on face reading and ended the second half of the presentation with feng shui at home. In between her presentation we were given short breaks to browse through stalls and have lunch.

I had my lunch break at Cafe Morsvel, located at the 4th floor of Wisma Bentley and just across the Bentley ballroom where the Feng Shui talk was.

As Jessie Lee's Feng Shui talk came to an end, attendees were rewarded with great prizes through their lucky draw session.

 2 huge golden tanglung was part of the prize.

 Lucky winners receiving their hampers sponsored by JGroup

 The bountiful hamper with tons of goodies won by a fellow participant sitting right next to me. How lucky!

A memorable picture with Jessie Lee
Thank you JGroup for your kind invitation and Jennifer Yap for your generosity with the gift of kam.

Looking forward for a bright 2019!

More pics from the event here and below:

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