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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Food Bar, a Hidden Gem at Dataran Cascades, Kota Damansara

Food Bar is a hidden gem at Dataran Cascades, Kota Damansara

Tucked away at level 1 of Dataran Cascades, this place is not easy to find. And Dataran Cascades seemed like a maze with multiple lifts that does not connect directly to level 1. I had to take the first lift I see to a level up, walk straight till the end and take another lift to level 1. Food Bar is right at the end. How I discovered this place? Ho!Ho!Ho! You will be so surprised. Dad was the one who took me and mom here. And how did he know so much about this place? It was through his friend working around the vicinity of Dataran Cascades. Well it seems that the Food Bar Cafe is really a hidden gem then. Therefore, it's no surprise that not many people have discovered this place. It positions itself as a Community Dining place, catering to the the residents and office workers around the vicinity. 

In short, Food Bar - Fashion Library at Dataran Casacades offers affordable buffet with a concept of community dining and honour system where after eating you clear your own plates. Before you dine, payment is made by putting it into the glass bowl. And you take your own change. Yes, it is based on trust and honesty.

Affordable fuss free buffet dining.
Breakfast RM7, Lunch RM15 and Tea time RM10.
Every alternate days the menu will change. 1,3,5 and 2,4,6.

Sundays are rest days. My parents loved this concept so much that last week I went there twice in a week. We even invited one of our neighbours there to dine with us during breakfast.

 The cafe is surrounded by beautifully decorated lush greenery and blooms everywhere that makes it a super cosy and chic dining atmosphere. It feels so peaceful in here.
I love the simple cage-like plant deco that adds a touch of class to the whole environment.

The deco planning is done tastefully and meticulously.

I'm seated at one instagramable corner.

And since Halloween is coming, the people at Food Bar dressed the place up with many Halloween deco items.

OK! Let's see what food they serve for breakfast. With just RM7, this is what you will get, free flow.

Fried noodles/ Mee Hoon. 

 Baked Beans and Sausages 

Nasi Lemak. What I love about this nasi lemak is the level of spiciness of the sambal and the fact that they kept the packs hot. The fragrant and aromatic santan rice is also to die for. 
 Sandwiches/ Toast Egg Bread
There was a day I went they served a generous amount of ham and vege sandwiches (which you can view in my video)
So every 1,3,5 and 2,4,6 these dishes may change.
 There's even cakes!
  For this kind of budget (Breakfast RM7) you will also get to toast your bread with this canggih toaster machine just like in the hotels. At the side there are jars on jam, butter and peanut butter. One item not to be missed is their half boiled eggs done to perfection. My dad loves those.
  There is also porridge
  Tong Sui (Red Bean/ Green Bean) on different days
Unlimited Coffee and Tea

Mom at the buffet spread 
 Just remember to clear your own table after eating. They have a designated area for you to put the plates and utensils after use.

In the mornings it can be pretty full at times. Breakfast starts from 8.00am - 10.45am. Well I heard for tea time on 1,3,5 you will get to sink you teeth in some sushi and on 2,4,6 they will have local kuih muih for tea time. So you if wanna have sushi remember to go on 1,3,5 (Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays). Teatime is from 3.00pm - 5.15pm, priced at RM10 per head. I have yet to try out their lunch but I heard it's usually packed with office workers. They usually serve rice and dishes for lunch. Lunch is priced at RM15 per head (Buffet style). So worth it, right?

If you take the stairs up, you will be amazed that the Food Bar Cafe houses, Max-Tino, a fashion brand that offers gowns, coats and beautiful dresses for rent and sale. Let's take a peek what's upstairs.

Chic coats (you know, I am attracted to the bulu ones)

Plentiful accessories 

 It's so spacious up here! And it feels like a bridal house with so many gowns. 
For those interested to check this place out, 
here is their full address.

 A-G-18 (Level One), Dataran Cascades, No 13A, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Alternatively you can check out their facebook page at:

And...oh...since this place is so gorgeous, it's also open for events. Yup! You can actually rent this place for your future events too. Cool huh?

OKIES, I hope you find this blogpost useful for a great place like this. I can't wait to introduce this place and bring more friends here to try. A cool place to dine, at an affordable price.

Updated 9th November 2018
My dear friend Nikki shared this piece of information to me today and I have double confirmed with the people at Food Bar. The earlier price offered was the promotion price. They have since reverted back to their buffet pricing as below.

Pic Credit: Nikki Ooi  of

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