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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quirky Items for me and my pet dog

I am an animal lover as you all know and I lurve dogs. I have a schnauzer by the name of Rascal. Yup! My dad actually named him Rascal. I even create a #RascalYong for him on instagram so that I could reflect back all the good times with him and silly poses he has done. I am proud to say that I have trained my dog well to pose for the camera. Yes, he is camera ready at all times. Tell me about it! Sometimes I love to kacau him and make him pose with some of his food. He would patiently let me capture his poses without disturbing the items in front of him. #dogwelltrained.
Ahhhh...but I have my secret of how to get him look into the camera and hold still. I would have his doggie biscuit in front of me of course! Hahahaaha! Now you know my secret!

RascalYong pandai berposing for the camera.

And I love to tease him all the time and even take his videos.

My dog, Rascal Yong sells fish. This scene was inspired by a story of cat named dog that helps his owner to sell fish in Vietnam. Hence I decided to order some real-looking fish (they are pillows actually)

and have Rascal pose with these real looking fishes. I didn't get to dress him up like that cat cause I did not buy any cute costumes for him. I just made him pose in front of all these fishes and make him look like he is selling fishes!

Rascal now has his own toy fish. An orange KOI fish. Looks real as if he is eating that fish!

You know how you love your pet and sometimes I do waste a little bit of money pampering my dog with "nonsense". After buying my fish, I aspired to get him a toast pillow like this and wanted to make him to a "hot dog", literally. 
But then the joke was on me. The toast bread cushion that I ordered cannot fit that fatty! It was rather to small for him. 
So it ended up as cushion for my butt instead.

Fried Egg Blanket
The fried egg blanket looks cute too. OK! I better not waste anymore money getting him nonsense. I actually love getting creative stuff to make the pics look more interesting. These pics I picked up from the internet while props hunting.
Egg pillows of all sorts. Flat and rounded. I ended up not buying these. But they are just too cute to resist!

I love quirky things. In one of my earlier post, I even bought fugly looking fish shoes
And this finally because some house slippers. 
I can't wear it out walking the streets. But they are fun looking and makes a great conversation piece.
What quirky and weird items have you found online so far? Do share with me in your comments below. I would love to see what else I miss out!

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