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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Makeover


Schwarzkopf Professional, together with Monsoon-id Hair Salon has given mom a hair makeover last weekend and the results were amazing! Doesn't she look stylish and younger? 
See for yourselves the difference! A new hairdo with the right colorist can do wonders and takes 10 years off your age! Here is her BEFORE and AFTER Picture. 
And a quick look at her style from behind.
Flashback on to mom's previous hairdo.
Mom is a simple lady who hardly goes to a proper salon to
have her hair done. And she ties her hair up most of the time due to our hot weather. Her hair is turning white in most parts. 
Kelvin, evaluating and consulting on mom's hair and recommending the right hairdo and colour for her.

Enter Schwarrzkopf Professional and Kelvin Koh to the rescue. Kelvin Koh is the Group Director of Monsoon-id Hair Salon at One Utama who is also the Schwarzkopf Malaysia Ambassador . I know mom is in good hands with the super experienced Kelvin Koh who has styled numerous models and celebrities for magazine shoots. He also has his own TV programme on 8TV and NTV7. 

We are so fortunate to have a celebrity stylist to attend to mom's hair! Thank you Schwarrzkopf Professional and Monsoon-id for the opportunity!

I am pleased to share some memorable moments captured when mom had her hair done. Mom said she has never spent such long hours in the salon. Kelvin said "Kalau nak cantik mestilah sacrifice some time and put in some effort."
 Kelvin began working on mom's hair to give her a new look.
Mom is certainly having the time of her life, enjoying her hair wash. 
  Kelvin gave mom a bob! Mom has always complained of having flat hair. Kelvin said "You don't need to perm your hair to create that volume. The right cut will do the trick!"
Indeed this was so true after having seen Kelvin's masterpiece on Mom's new hair. She looks fresh and radiant. It's also because Kelvin gave mom some stunning red highlights to brighten up her whole look.
Kelvin and his team worked tirelessly with great effort and energy to make mom look beautiful.

Mom's hair being lightened and done with highlights to create more contrast.
Check out mom's bob!
Mom now looks so fresh and radiant!
Check out what Kelvin has to say about mom's makeover.

Mom was also presented with this set of goodies courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional. Look at how happy she is! All smiles until mata also cannot see. 

This is the  Oil Ultime’s premium product range which consist of Light Oil-In-Shampoo,Light Oil-In-Mousse TreatmentLight Oil-In-Spray Conditioner and Finishing Oils. 

Mom will now be able to maintain her hair as part of her daily regime to achieve soft, shiny and manageable hair with this luxurious home care range from Schwarzkopf Professional which was just newly launched.

It certainly was a memorable day with mom and I.

Thank you once again for the endless treats.
Mom's hairdo makeover session journey has been amazing. Check out the video I took here.

Makeovers are the best! 
Hey, I also came across another inspiring story which I wanna share. 
How a new hairdo takes years off this woman's age too!  

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