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Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Memorable Mother's Day

Yup! That was me when I was still a baby. With super sexy mom holding on to me tightly.
This month of May, my mom and I had a very memorable Mother's Day Celebration because we did lots of activities together and mom had some awesome gifts too. Feeling Super Blessed already. We spent a great Saturday together at The Main Place who hosted a makeover giveaway and I took mom there. Here's a pic of us after our makeover session. Mom is a simple lady. She hardly wears any make up on normal days. So, it's a breath of fresh air seeing her all made up with make up and with her hair styled. She looks great, radiant and happy.

These are some of my favourite shots from that day!

Mom requested to pose with this sunglasses prop and I chose a Harry Potter looking glasses.
Later, I had mom pose with that round Harry Potter glasses. Ain't she cute?

We also had a great lunch deal at O'Briens at 1 Utama and took some memorable photos there and joined one of their contests. Guess what? We won!
The prizes were O'Briens discount coupons and 2 Hojicha Ice Blended drinks (which I have been looking forward to try soon) and a pair of TGV Indulge Movie Tickets which we will soon enjoy. These experiences were all priceless! 
 I will blog about my Indulge TGV experience later.

Also, look what came for mom on Mother's Day. 
A super kan-cheong mom open the surprise gift box and inside were pretty  handmade soap in the form of roses courtesy of Softlan Malaysia. I have joined one of their contest to win this for mom and I am so blessed to have won this for her.
Mom in all smiles receiving her blooms on Mother's Day.
The roses are just so lovely and it can last almost forever.....

Mom had not one but two bouquet this year for Mother's Day. She had both real flowers (that fades away) and fake flowers made from soap that lasts forever. 

This next bouquet of REAL flowers are from #mybotanecogarden and 50Gram Malaysia.
Doesn't this bouquet just bring sunshine to your doorsteps? 

It comes together with a Botaneco Garden Inca Inchi & Aloe Vera Hand Cream Set. 
I can feel all the positive vibes and happiness surrounding us just by looking at this lovely bouquet.

Next, for Mother's Day I arranged to dine at Enorme, a great place for wood fire pizza. And the pizza here is ENORMOUS, living up to its name! My besties joined me for our Enormous Pizza session, digging in together. Mom never felt so happy, having some of my girlfriends around to celebrate Mother's Day with her too. And I joked that suddenly she had 2 extra daughers this year for Mother's Day.

A lovely hamper for mom by Love Earth Organicfilled with organic goodies like coconut oil, dried raisins, dried cranberries, oat mix...etc which mom loves so much! 

If you love these items, you can order this hamper here too
I actually won this hamper for mom from a Mother's Day Contest. Here's sharing my winning photo with you. I hope you had a memorable Mother's Day too.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies and experiences. It means so much to me and mom.
Mom also won a hair makeover session which I will cover in my next blogpost. Stay tuned to see how she has "transformed"

Monday, May 28, 2018

1 Utama Moroccan inspired city of wonder

Have you been to 1 Utama lately?

Jump on to a magic carpet ride in 1 Utama's latest Moroccan inspired city. A city that is rich in heritage and traditions filled with arts and crafts of wonder.
Marrakech shopping aplenty, with a handful of arts and crafts and so much more to see.

 Beautiful architecture that has so many tiers, reaching high above the skies with drapes so colourful. With a 3D realistic looking carpet on the floor, I couldn't ask for more. Oh! What a pretty sight, to take more shots from morning till night.

Filled with palm trees, water fountains, a lively bazaar with lots to see. Isn't this is the cutest picture of the day? Where this little girl is at play, beside the water fountain feature with water so clear, around the concourse area of 1 Utama so full of cheer.

Get rewarded when you shop at 1 Utama this Raya season, 
With lots of perks and so much more.

Receive a complimentary set of dining bowls and a set of Raya packets with a minimum spend of RM700 (RM400 for ONECARD members) on the same day with a maximum of 2 cumulative receipts at any ONECARD participating outlets.

So much colour,so much joy,
Have a pleasant Raya and go all out to enjoy!

 Visit the souks, the maze of market streets, 
that stretches throughout with fun-filled treats.
 Shop til you drop with all things colourful in sight!

 This looks like a maze and it amazes me with construction at this scale! 1 Utama never cease to amaze me!

Tugu 1 Utama standing tall

The centre of the concourse is actually roomy with open spaces!

For avid Raya packet collectors, this one's for you. A glimpse of the Raya packet that is beautifully designed sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri ini.
 And I just love the intricate details of signages like this on display.

Have you found your perfect spot at 1 Utama this Raya for that perfect selfie?
When doing your rounds at 1 Utama, don't forget to take a photo of your dining experiences at any F&B outlets in 1 Utama too because it can score you some extra goodies from Marigold,.

Step 1: Snap your picture at any F&B Outlet in 1 Utama
Step 2:  Upload it on Instagram
Step 3: Follow @1Utama and add the hashtag #1URAYA18 with the restaurant's name.
(Applicable to Halal or Pork Free F&B outlets in 1 Utama)

10 weekly winners will stand a chance to win MARIGOLD dairy products and beverages, dining vouchers and movie tickets.

Week 1: 23 Mar - 27 May
Week 2: 28 May - 3 June
Week 3: 4 June - 10 June
Week 4: 11 June - 17 June.

Winners will be announced on a weekly basis.
The best part is you can enter as many times as you want because every picture is an entry!

Wanna see my winning entry?

Yes, I have won for week 1 and so can you. And it's not too late to join with 3 more weeks to go.  Keep those cameras rollin' and happy shopping!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.